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Sat 30 Dec Good 4


Out 4.5m Entire Circuit


Good 4 Pen Not available

Nil last 24hrs, 2mm last 7 days

6mm last 24hrs, 63mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:07AM Sunday 31 December
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 30/12 - 7:45am


Tue 26/12/17 11:00am


Wed 27/12/17 12:00am


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Thu 28/12/17 12:00pm


Sat 30/12/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 4, 5

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.





Chairman of Stewards – Mr. L Collins
Stewards – Mr G Meek, Mr B. Nalder & M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – W. Welburn
Judge – S. Bryant
Veterinarian – A. Williams
Swab attendants – Z & M Newman
Starter- C. Matthews


Trainer J Manzelman reported that horses which were scratched from Calliope, had exhibited signs of an upper respiratory tract viral infection. Having regard to the performance of horses which raced on Saturday 23 December, he was of the opinion those runners may also have been affected.


Jockey D. Evans was found guilty to a charge under AR 175 (t) in that when involved in the inquiry into the incident in Race 4, he hindered the Stewards in the exercise of their powers or duties. Jockey Evans was fined $400.

Race 1: Livinadream Syndicate BM70 Handicap- 1600 Metres

PERSISTENT SHADOW – As D. Evans was to be overweight, D. Simmons was substituted as the rider of the horse. Jockey D. Evans was reprimanded for being overweight. Slow to begin.

HULK HENRY – Began awkwardly and raced keenly in the early stages. Laid in near the 350m onto LIKE ‘EM SASSY.

OPTION – A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer M. Attard indicated that the horse would now be spelled.

OZEIN- Checked near the 300 metres. Jockey P Romeo, rider of SWINGAHINCH, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding in that near the 300m he permitted his mount to shift out when not sufficiently clear of OZEIN which resulting in that horse clipping its heels and losing its rightful running. Jockey P. Romeo’s licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of 10 days, to commence at midnight, 31 December and to expire at midnight, 10 January 2017. Stewards took into account this was a mid-range offence, his guilty plea and exemplary riding record.

Race 2: Stevens Hay Supplies Maiden Handicap- 1200 Metres

SCUTARI – Jumped outwards at the start onto SWEET NOTE.

SWEET NOTE – Bumped at the start. Raced wide.

TRUSTIN DREAMS – Slow to begin.

CHANGEINTHEVALLEY – Laid out near the 1100m and made contact with CAUSING MAHEM.

CAUSING MAYHEM – Bumped near the 1100m.

STRADIFY – Was taken out by SWEET NOTE approaching the 900m when that horse shifted ground slightly.

EMMEGAN – Over-raced approaching the 900m and had to be restrained from the heels of SCUTARI.

BUD RICKS – Raced wide.

Race 3: DC Motors QTIS 3YO Maiden Handicap- 1200 Metres

RAPT IN BLACK – Slow to begin and raced wide with cover.

DAUNTING QUEEN – Slow to begin.

TRICKY SAGA – Slow to begin. Raced wide with cover.

THE SCOOP – Laid in over the concluding stages, obliging its rider to stop riding, taking GOLDEN MOUNT in onto SPRING CREEK, which had to be eased.

GOLDEN MOUNT – Taken inwards over the final stages.

SPRING CREEK – Obliged to ease over the concluding stages.

DUAL PERSONALITY - Apprentice T. Williams was advised of the rules relating to use of the whip prior to the 100m.

Race 4: Tony Madden Architects Class 1 Handicap- 1050 Metres

AMAHERO – Began awkwardly and lost ground.

BELS IMPACT – Trainer J. McConachy contacted stewards to advise that the submitted gear change of blinkers on and tongue-tie off had not been enacted. Acting on that information, stewards permitted the horse to wear such gear, however will follow up and seek further information in relation to this matter. Public announcements were made to this effect. Lost its off fore plate in running. Stewards questioned jockey W. D’Avila with regard to the riding out of his mount over the concluding stages. Jockey D’Avila stated that inside the final 100m the mare changed stride and he lost his near-side rein, and when attempting to regather, the horse hung in approaching the winning post, causing him to stop riding.

LE JEU – Checked near 900m. Jockey W. D’Avila, rider of BELS IMPACT, was found guilty of a charge of careless riding in that near the 900m he permitted his mount to shift in and dictated BRING ME LUCK inwards, and as a result caused LE JEU to be tightened and lose its rightful running. Jockey D’Avila’s licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of 8 days, to commence at midnight, 6 January and to expire at midnight, 14 January 2018. Stewards considered this a low-range offence and took into account his plea and good record.

BRING ME LUCK – Shifted out abruptly leaving the 300m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the horse had been galloped on its off hind stifle. In light of the veterinary report, a warning was placed on the horse.

HOURGLASS TIME – Raced wide without cover throughout.

Race 5: Beef Australia 2018 BM65 Handicap- 1200 Metres

TAMBO’S HEART – Began awkwardly.

MISTA BUSY – Trainer L. Wanless was fined $100 for presenting the horse to the enclosure with incorrect gear. Jumped in the air at the start. Lost its off hind plate in running.

DOUBLE DRAMA – PARTY PARDEE shifted in marginally over the concluding stages, causing DOUBLE DRAMA to be tightened onto MISTA BUSY, which caused it to shift out and resulted in DOUBLE DRAMA being steadied.

MONO LAD – Raced wide without cover throughout.

TUXEDO BOY – Raced wide without cover throughout.

Race 6: Celebrating 150 Years of Racing 2018 MM Country Cup Qualifier Open Handicap- 1200 Metres

TURKEY BEACH – Trainer J. Wehlow was fined $100 for failing to declare a rider for the horse by the prescribed time.

CHIVADAHLII – Slow to begin.

CONCA DEL SOGNO – Made contact with JACK LANCASTER near the 700m and shifted inwards.

JACK LANCASTER – Bumped near the 700m and became unbalanced. Raced wide with cover.

RISE TO FAME – Raced wide without cover.

DECONSTRUCTED – Raced wide with cover.

CASINO THOUGHTS – When questioned regarding the performance of the horse, apprentice E. Smith stated that her mount had raced keenly near the 700m and was steadied from the heels of MISS ANNA and from that point the horse lost momentum and was unable to sprint again when placed under pressure in the straight.


Summary of action concerning licensees

Race 3. Pietro Romeo – Jockey – C/riding – 10 days – M/n 31.12.17 to m/n 10.1.18 – AR137(a)
Race 4. Wanderson D’Avila – Jockey – C/riding – 8 days – M/n 6.1.18 to m/n 14.1.18 – AR137(a)

Race 1. Dale Evans – Jockey – Overweight – AR120(b)

Race 5. Leigh Wanless – Trainer – Present Mista Busy with incorrect gear – AR140A
Race 6. Jared Wehlow – Trainer – Late rider - $100 – LR67

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed post-race
All winners & FIELDS OF AVENUE (3rd), CONCA DEL SONGO (2nd)

Horses swabbed pre-race
Race 1 SWINGAHINCH (urine)

Race 4. Bring Me Luck – Shifted out abruptly near the 300m - Warning

Late Scratchings

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications