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Rockhampton Jockey Club Inc

Rockhampton Provincial | TAB

Tue 17 Apr Good 4


4m Entire Circuit.


Good 4 Pen Not available


8mm last 24hrs, 50mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:01AM Wednesday 18 April
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 17/4 - 7.45am. Rider Replacements R1 N5 & N6, R2 N9 & R7 N10.


Wed 11/04/18 11:00am


Thu 12/04/18 12:00am


Fri 13/04/18 09:30am


Fri 13/04/18 12:00pm


Tue 17/04/18 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                           TRACK RATING – GOOD 4          RAIL – 4M ENTIRE
Chairman of Stewards – Mr L Collins
Stewards – Mr P Zimmermann & M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – Mr W Welburn
Judge – Mr S Bryant
Veterinarian – Dr A. Williams
Swab attendant – Mrs Z Newman
Starter – Mr C Matthews
From Mackay 12 April 2018 – Race 7: Apprentice E. Smith stated that QUICK VERSE had begun well, however was positioned on the fence behind the leaders, and from the 600m had failed to finish off, which in her opinion was due to the rain-affected track surface.
W. D’Avila was unable to fulfil his engagements due to transport difficulties and C. Jokic was unable to fulfil her engagements for personal reasons. M. Bennett was unable to fulfil his engagements at 54kg today. Riding replacements were made as per the Stewards Race Day Summary.
Jockey M Bennett pleaded guilty to a charge under AR 120(b) in that he accepted rides in Races 2, 4, 6 & 7 when found to be overweight. Jockey Bennett was fined $300.
Race 1: Rockhampton Grammar School Raceday Sat 5 May BenchMark 70 Handicap 1300m
As L. Tilley, who was substituted as the rider of FUTUREAL, was unable to arrive on course by the required time, A. Sewell was subsequently substituted as the rider of the mare.
As N. Day was unable to arrive on course by the required time, P. Romeo was substituted as the rider of BRIALKA LODGE and was permitted to ride the gelding half a kilogram overweight.
MISTA BUSY – Made contact with another runner on jumping. Overraced in the early stages. Inclined to lay in on occasions in the straight.
LEGENDARY LUKE – Made contact with another runner on jumping. Overraced in the early stages.

Race 2: Celebrating 150 Years of Racing 2018 Maiden Handicap 1300m
Stewards accepted the explanation for the late declaration of A. Sewell as rider of SAGRE’S POINT.
Stewards permitted apprentice N. Summers to replace M. Bennett as the rider of BRILLIANT MISTAKE when no senior rider was available.
On arrival at the barriers, M. Hellyer requested a veterinary inspection of STARBEATS when it had blood in its mouth. The horse was inspected and was cleared to start.
The start of this race was delayed when MITCHELL GRASS was unable to be loaded. MITCHELL GRASS was declared a late scratching at 1:42 pm. On the declaration of correct weight stewards ordered that all monies invested on MITCHELL GRASS be refunded, with the following deductions to apply to successful wagers:

 3 cents in the dollar for the Win #4
 4 cents in the dollar for place of winner #4
 4 cents in the dollar for 2nd place #6
 6 cents in the dollar for 3rd place #10
Trainer J. Wigginton was advised that the horse will require a further barrier certificate prior to its next race start.
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, D. Evans, the rider of 4th placegetter MILITARY PRINCE, viewed the film to determine whether he had grounds on which to lodge an objection against the 2nd placegetter BOLD AS ICE. After viewing the videos, jockey Evans indicated that he did not wish to proceed.
WHOOSH – Raced wide with cover.
POETIC HEART – Raced wide without cover throughout.
BOLD AS ICE – Shifted in under pressure over the concluding stages. Apprentice E Smith advised to stop riding and straighten in future.
MILITARY PRINCE – Tightened near the winning post.
STARBEATS – Held up in the early stages of the straight.
Race 3: XXXX Gold BenchMark 65 Handicap 1600m
KING MAX – Put its head down as the start was effected and was slow to begin. Inclined to lay in in the straight.
RUBY RAY – Slow to begin.
Race 4: NAB Agribusiness Class 1 Handicap 1100m
ROYAL RECEIVER – When questioned regarding the horse’s performance, A. Butler explained that he was instructed to get back over the distance of 1100m today, which in his opinion was too short, and work into the race. He said that the horse had begun fairly, however had failed to travel well and when placed under some pressure responded only fairly and he was of the opinion that with a step up in distance it may perform better.
THAT WILL DO ME – Lost the off fore and near hind plates in running.
BRUTAL BABE – Began awkwardly.
FAIRY WINGS – Overraced in the middle stages and leaving the 800m was steadied from the heels of OAKFIELD COSTA.
SHARP DIAMOND – Slow to begin.
Race 5: Milne Bros Equipment Class 4 Handicap 1050m
LUCKY CLOVER was a late scratching at 9:25 am when no suitable rider was available.
DAM WONDERFUL was a late scratching at 12:37 pm on veterinary advice when the horse was found to be lame in the near foreleg. A veterinary certificate of fitness will be required prior to its next start.
SHIGERU MAHOGANY – The saddled slipped on jumping and on pulling up rider A. Butler dismounted and was unable to be weighed in in a timely manner. Stewards acting under AR. 142 declared correct weight as Jockey Butler had weighed out correctly.
ANNIE’S OUR HERO – Stood awkwardly in the barriers prior to the start, sat down as the start was effected and lost ground. A warning will be placed on the mare.
STONE PHILOSPHER – Raced wide without cover throughout. Bumped with another runner near the 300m.
CYCLONE FUGITIVE – Bumped with another runner near the 300m.
SECURITY BELLE – Fractious in the barriers.
STRONG WILL – Laid out in the middle stages.
Race 6: The Green Eat QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap 1050m
As C. Whiteley was not riding at today’s meeting he was replaced at jockey declaration time by N. Day as the rider of WICKED EXPRESS.
During the preliminary J. Stanley was dislodged form HIDDEN MIRA, taking a harmless fall. After being recaptured and taken to the barriers, the horse underwent a veterinary inspection and was passed fit to start.
HIDDEN MIRA – Reared on a number of occasions prior to the start. A warning will be placed on the horse. A post-race veterinary examination revealed that the horse was slightly slow to recover, however no other abnormalities were detected.
WICKED EXPRESS – Raced wide without cover throughout.
HIDDEN GODDESS – Raced ungenerously near the 800m and threw its head in the air.
OKANAGAN MISS – Jumped awkwardly.
ROCK’N’ROLL BOBBY – Raced wide without cover throughout.
A LITTLEBITTAMAGIC – Jumped awkwardly.
A STAR BORN – When racing keenly near the 800m, appeared to clip heels of A LITTLEBITTAMAGIC and dip.
Race 7: Terrequippe Pty Ltd Open Handicap 1100m
IDANCE – Dipped on jumping. When questioned regarding the horse’s performance, apprentice E. Smith stated that it was disappointing, that the gelding today was over an unsuitable distance, and given the horse had had a month between runs, would derive fitness from the race. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a slow recovery.
FRENCH HUSSLER – Jumped in at the start.
JACK LANCASTER – Tightened between runners at the start.
APPLE THIEF – Slow to begin.
CHARCOAL MELODY – Jumped out at the start.
DUAN OSCAR – Tightened between runners at the start. Raced wide without cover throughout.
HEROISM – L. Tilley was fined $100 under AR. 145 for weighing in in excess of half a kilogram overweight on return to scale. In determining penalty, stewards took into account jockey Tilley’s good record in this regard.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Jockey M Bennett- $300- Overweight- AR 120 (b)
Race 7. L. Tilley - $100 – weigh in more than half a kilogram overweight – AR. 145 
Absent jockeys
W. D’Avila (transport difficulties) and C. Jokic (personal reasons)
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 2. MITCHELL GRASS – refused to load, late scratching – barrier certificate – AR. 8(t)
Race 5. DAM WONDERFUL – lame near foreleg, late scratching – veterinary clearance – AR. 8(t)
Race 5. ANNIE’S OUR HERO – barrier manners – warning
Race 6. HIDDEN MIRA – reared on a number of occasions prior to the start – warning
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1.           CHEEKY RED – S. Sheargold
                        FUTUREAL – A. Sewell
                        BRIALKA LODGE – P. Romeo
Race 2.           BRILLIANT MISTAKE – N. Summers
                        CHEEKY STAR – S. Sheargold
                        SAGRE’S POINT – A. Sewell
Race 4.           OAKFIELD COSTA – L. Tilley
                        FAIRY WINGS – Q. Krogh
Race 5.           STRONG WILL – L. Tilley
Race 6.           WICKED EXPRESS – N. Day
                        A LITTLEBITTAMAGIC – Q. Krogh
                        FORGOTTEN FEELING – A. Sewell
Race 7.           CHARCOAL MELODY – Q. Krogh
                        CLATEAU – S. Sheargold
Late scratchings
Race 2.          MITCHELL GRASS – 1:42 pm – refused to load
Race 5.          LUCKY CLOVER – 9:25 am – no suitable rider available
DAM WONDERFUL – 12:37 pm – lame near foreleg
Published subject to correction upon revision