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Tue 24 Jul Good 4


+7m Entire Course.


Good 4 Pen Not available


Nil last 24hrs, 26mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:02AM Wednesday 25 July
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 24/7 - 7.45am


Wed 18/07/18 11:00am


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Late Nominations

Races: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                    TRACK RATING – GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr P Zimmermann
Stewards – Mr G Meek, Mr C Albrecht & Mr M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – Mr W Welburn
Judge – Mr S Bryant
Veterinarian - Dr A. Williams
Swab attendants – Mrs Z Newman & Miss N Boyle
Starter- Mr C Matthews
Stewards approved the following gear changes due to clerical error.
Race 2.  Yes Say Yes – Winkers off, blinkers on.
Race 3.  Replacement – Blinkers on.
Race 5.  Tuxedo Boy – Winkers off. Visor on.
Race 6.  Now Ask Me – Tongue-tie on.
Race 7.  Pay Back – Nasal strip added.
Race 8.  Belorum – Concussion plates front only
Race 1: Diplock’s Collision and Repair Centre QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap 1200m
ROSENDAHL RED – Stewards questioned apprentice R. Goldsbury regarding the tactics adopted in today’s event, in particular in the early stages of the race.  Apprentice Goldsbury explained that whilst no specific riding  instructions  were issued, the filly has been ridden in rearward positions at its prior 2 starts and thought the filly would be best suited racing with cover. Apprentice Goldsbury also stated that when attempting to move away from the rail near the 200m, the filly hung in noticeably, which inhibited her from gaining a run to the inside DIAMOND ACCOUNT which was racing tightly to her outside until the latter stages of the event. Whilst noting her explanation, stewards were of the view that apprentice Goldsbury may have erred in her judgement when electing to take cover in the early stages when there was an opportunity to maintain the lead in a modestly run race.
Race 2: Ubet QTIS Two-Years-Old and Three-Years-Old Maiden Handicap 1100m
YES SAY US – Apprentice A. Spinks was fined $100 under AR92(12) for failing to claim his full allowance. Apprentice A. Spinks  was reminded of his obligations to fully test his mounts to the finish line.
CRAIGLEA CELERIO – Began awkwardly.  Held up for clear running between the 400m and 200m.
GAP THE FIELD – Slowly away. Steadied from heels and had difficulty obtaining clear running near the 400m and was obliged to alter course.
TARAKI – Had difficulty obtaining clear running entering the straight, then obliged to ease wider on the course to find clear running.
LONG DRIVE – Jumped away awkwardly. Overraced and steadied from heels leaving the 800m.
HOT CHOCOLATE – Slipped on jumping away. Raced 3 wide with cover.
GASPARINI – Inconvenienced shortly after the start.
OUR DESERT ROSE – Inconvenienced shortly after the start and then was obliged to race 3 wide with cover.
LADYEYE – Blundered as the start was effected, almost dislodging its rider and losing considerable ground.
MATE’S RATE – Raced 3 wide throughout.
Race 3: Mark Bunt Menswear Maiden Handicap 1300m
NICQUILITY – Apprentice A. Spinks was fined $100 under AR92(12) for failing to claim his full allowance
STRADIFY – Stewards delayed the All Clear when jockey R. Payne, rider of the 3rd place getter, STRADIFY, requested to view the patrol footage over the final 400m of the event. Once satisfied, the All Clear was declared on the Judge’s placings.  Hung out at various stages in the home straight, despite the efforts of its rider.  Momentarily placed in restricted room close to the finish line.
BIG SHAKA – Slowly away.
DUAN DUGAI – Slowly away.
DAUNTING QUEEN – Slowly away.
SOUTHERN SPECIAL – Apprentice Z. White reported her mount was inclined to hang throughout the event, and suggested to trainer Mr C. Russell that the horse may benefit from a gear change.
A LITTLE BIT MORE – Checked and lost ground near the 900m. STARBEATS – Clipped heels and blundered badly near the 900m. REPLACEMENT – Severely checked and lost ground near the 900m. Natalie Summers pleaded guilty to a charge under AR 137 (a) in that approaching the 900m she was careless in allowing her mount to shift in and check A LITTLE BIT MORE which was racing to her inside .REPLACEMENT and STARBEATS which were trailing were also severely checked and lost ground. Jockey Summers license to ride in races was suspended from M/N 2.8.18 until M/N 10.8.18.
Race 4: RCR Haden BenchMark 60 Handicap 1100m
FRENCH JET – Apprentice R. Goldsbury was dislodged leaving the enclosure and again approaching the barriers. FRENCH JET underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was cleared to start.  Trainer M. Kropp was advised that due to today’s unruly actions exhibited by the gelding, a warning would be placed on its pre-race manners.
RAPT IN BLACK – Slowly away.
TOECANARGIE MAN – Had difficulty obtaining clear running near the 200m.
DANGEROUS DESIRE – Steadied from the heels of VAN WINKEL near the 800m. Jockey N. Day, rider of VAN WINKEL, was advised to exercise more care when crossing near the 800m.
ALL PICKLED:  Raced 3 wide throughout.
MYSTIC LAD – Stewards questioned trainer J. Crane regarding the perceived form improvement of MYSTIC LAD.  Mr Crane stated that MYSTIC LAD usually performs best when able to lead as it did today, and at its most recent engagement it missed the start and was obliged to race wide throughout. Stewards noted the explanation provided and would expect that MYSTIC LAD is ridden in a similar pattern in future events.
Race 5: Mel Slade BenchMark 65 Handicap 1600m
TUXEDO BOY – Held up for clear running between the 600m and 400m.
DELANEY’S DESIRE – Began slowly.  Held up near the 400m and obliged to change course.
EXTRA COVER – Slow to begin. Caught wide in the early stages, allowed to press forward and race on the speed. When questioned regarding her ride, apprentice Smith advised that her instructions were to ride EXTRA COVER forward as it performs best when racing near the lead. Apprentice Smith  added the gelding resents being restrained due to a soft palate issue. Trainer R. Vale, confirmed the instructions and whilst the explanation was noted Stewards would expect that it be ridden consistently in future events.
MAC’S METTLE – Failed to muster early speed despite the efforts of its rider.
PLAIN ‘N’ SIMPLE – Raced 3 wide with cover throughout.
DANE CHEVAL – Raced 3 wide with cover throughout.
Race 6: XXXX Gold QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap 1200m
POETIC HEART – Slowly away.
HIDDEN MIRA – Difficult to load and delayed the start. Connections were advised that a warning would be placed on the horse’s barrier manners. Jumped awkwardly and raced 3 wide throughout.
NOW ASK ME – Jockey N. Seymour pleaded guilty to a charge pursuant to Rule 137A(5)(a)(ii) in that he applied his whip 13 times prior to the 100m and 11 times after.  After considering his recent record regarding whip breaches, he was fined $200.
JAY JAY – Trainer C. Garland advised that following the disappointing performance today he would attempt to try the gelding over distances greater than today’s event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a slightly elevated heart rate but no other apparent abnormalities. Mr Garland also reported that JAY JAY  dislodged its tongue-tie, which may have contributed to today’s disappointing performance.
HIDDEN GODDESS – Trainer T. Cook indicated he was disappointed with today’s performance and the filly would now be sent for a spell.
Race 7: Book Your Christmas Party! RJC 150th Anniversary BenchMark 75 Handicap 1050m
PAYBACK – Slowly away. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a slow post-race recovery, but no other apparent abnormalities.
FRENCH HUSSLER – Slowly away and lost ground.  Hung in over the final 200m. Stewards questioned  apprentice L. Dodds  regarding the riding tactics adopted on the gelding today. He stated that after beginning reasonably, his mount drifted back to a rearward position and failed to muster early speed, which resulted in the gelding being some distance off the second-last horse.  Apprentice Dodds added that FRENCH HUSSLER performs best when ridden quietly and allowed to improve over the final 400m.   Stewards, after considering recent performances of the gelding, noted the explanation. 
APPLE THIEF – Hampered after the start.
SHROUDED – Bumped near the 400m.
EJAY ATOM – Held up when trailing CLATEAU approaching the 400m before shifting out, making contact with SHROUDED to its outside in order to obtain clear running.
EKKLESTONE – Obliged to steady when tightened for room near the 150m.
SWEET REPEAT – Shifted in abruptly near the 150m before being corrected by its rider.
RISE TO FAME – Raced 3 wide throughout.  
Race 8: Callaghan Park Functions & Events Centre Class 6 Plate 1300m
ELLE THE MODEL –  Was re-handicapped to 57 kilograms due to being awarded a race and reassessed as a Class 6 runner. Slowly away.
LE DUDE – Stumbled on jumping away. Raced 3 wide throughout.  Stewards questioned jockey L. Tilley regarding tactics adopted. Jockey Tilley stated that initially he had intended to restrain and take cover on the gelding, however shortly after the start LE DUDE began to over race, refused to settle, and was then obliged to race wide .  Stewards noted his explanation.
BELORUM – Raced 4 wide throughout.  
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 2/3.      Adam Spinks – A/jockey – Fail to claim full allowance - $200 - AR92(12)
Race 6.         Nigel Seymour – Jockey – Use whip 13 times prior to 100m, 11 times after - $200 – AR137A(5)(a)(ii)
Race 3          N Summers – Jockey- Careless Riding – suspended M/N 2.8.18 thru M/N 10.8.18
Jockey absenteeism
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed post race
All winners and Daunting Queen, Dangerous Desire, Tuxedo Boy, Now Ask Me
Horses swabbed pre race
Southern Special, French Jet, Tuxedo Boy, Jay Jay, Ekklestone, Malkara
Race 4.         French Jet – Dislodged jockey leaving enclosure and again at barriers – Warning
Race 6.         Hidden Mira – Barrier manners – Warning
Late Scratchings
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications