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Thu 20 Sep Good 4


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4mm last 24hrs, 28mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:01AM Friday 21 September
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 20/9 - 7.45am


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Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                     TRACK RATING – GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr N Boyle
Stewards – Ms B Connell, Mr M Heath & Mr G Meek
Clerk of Scales – Mr W Welburn
Judge – Mr S Bryant
Veterinarian- Dr A. Williams, Dr E. Ainsworth
Swab attendants –Ms J. Crompton
Starter- Mr C Matthews
Stewards opened an inquiry into the reason trainer T. Cook failed to notify stewards that ZOE IS THE BEST had bled after returning to his stables following its last start at Rockhampton on 18 January 2018. Mr Cook pleaded guilty to a charge under AR53A(2) for failing to notify the stewards that the mare had bled from one nostril and was fined $200.
From Dingo Race Club, 25.8.18
Stewards reconvened an inquiry that was adjourned from the Dingo Race Club on Saturday, 25 August 2018. After taking initial evidence from licensed stablehand and owner Dr P. Howard and licensed trainer Mrs A. Stephens, and noting that no further evidence has been tendered since the adjournment, stewards concluded no further action was warranted except to remind both parties of their obligations as licensees to act in a professional manner at all times.
Race 1: Button Brothers Racing Class 5 Handicap 1400m
BROKEN FINGER – Had some difficulty securing clear running after straightening until shifting out passing the 300m.  Then had a tendency to lay in under pressure over the final 100m.
NOW ASK ME – Began awkwardly.
HULK HENRY – Reared slightly as the start was effected.
CHIEF ADVOCATE – Momentarily held up and raced in restricted room from the 300m to the 150m.
MICKEY DAZZLER – Overraced in the early stages and had to be steadied away from heels passing the 900m.
Race 2: Kennas Chartered Accountants Open Handicap 1200m
MALKARA – Hung out during the middle stages of the event, and in the home straight raced greenly when placed under pressure.
ZIP TO THE MOON – Held up from the 400m to a point passing the 200m when shifted wider on the track to secure clear running.
CLATEAU – After leading in the early stages, weakened over the concluding stages and finished at the rear of the field. Jockey N. Day could offer no explanation other than the track may have been too firm today.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer R. Vale also agreed with jockey Day’s comments and added that the gelding is more suited to softer tracks which it appreciated at Mackay at its recent start.
Race 3: BFB Scaffolding QTIS Three-Years-Old Maiden Handicap 1200m
GENERAL’S BRIDE – Slow to begin.
MARWAY – Began awkwardly.
CRAIGLEA WARLOCK – Began awkwardly and ducked in shortly after the start.
LICKETY LACHIE – Bumped on jumping and then race greenly throughout.
SERIOUS CRIME – Hampered on jumping and lost ground.
ATTIQUE – Raced 3 wide without cover and then hung in rounding the home turn.
HEZAGIGOLO – Raced 3 wide with cover from the 800m.
Race 4: XXXX Gold Class 3 Plate 1200m
MYSTIC FORCES – Slow into stride. Jockey J. Stanley reported it was his intention to race in a more forward position but after being slowly away he elected not to over-pressure his mount and ride the horse where it was comfortable.
ENEMY OF MAN – Slow to begin. Passing the 800m put in an awkward stride and became unbalanced and shifted out abruptly.
LUCIFER’S ANGEL – Bumped by ENEMY OF MAN near the 800m.
INNOCENT LILY – Tightened between runners passing the 150m.
MAGMELLOU – Began awkwardly and laid in passing the 150m.
MAGIC SCENE – Had to be steadied away from heels passing the 150m.
CASSAVANCE – Had a tendency to lay out after passing the 150m, tightening runners to its outside. Jockey N. Day was advised to exercise more care when shifting ground.  Rider N. Day reported that it was not his intention to lead but after beginning well he allowed his mount to settle where it was comfortable.
Race 5: St Peter’s Caulfield Cup Packages On Sale Now! Class 4 Handicap 1050m
ANNIE’S OUR HERO – Slipped on jumping and lost ground, and then was disappointed for a run passing the 400m and was obliged to shift out to obtain clear running.
DESERT COWBOY – Had some difficulty securing clear running between the 400m and 200m.
OUR BOY PENDLES – Slightly held up and disappointed for a run passing the 400m.
BOUND TO ME – Raced 3 wide with cover throughout. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding had been galloped on and had sustained a laceration to the inside of its near hind hock and near hind heel.
CHICA PEEPS – Trainer T. Cook advised that from the wide barrier the mare would be ridden back in the field. Subsequently was ridden accordingly. Raced 3 wide with cover after passing the 800m.
Race 6:  Hamilton CQ Painting Services Maiden Handicap 1050m
STYLE LINE – Trainer T McMahon reported the mare has had a tie-back operation since its last start.  Proved difficult to load.  Mr T. McMahon was advised that a warning would be placed against the mare. Upon returning to the enclosure became cast in the placegetters stall. A veterinary examination revealed the horse had sustained a laceration to the inside of its near hindleg, which was subsequently treated by the club’s veterinary surgeon before leaving the course.
PHILY’S MARK – Raced 3 wide with cover, then hung out rounding the home turn and continued to hang out in the home straight. Trainer Z. Hohn was advised that a warning would be placed against the mare for its racing manners.
THE VOLTO - Bumped shortly after the start.
MAGIC WORD – Was held up for clear running from the 500m to the 300m.
SUJANI – After being loaded into the barriers the earmuffs were mistakenly removed and the filly raced without the earmuffs, which were part of its approved gear. Passing the 450m shifted in abruptly to avoid heels and then had some difficulty securing clear running over the final 150m.
GOLDEN MOUNT – Raced 3 wide with cover throughout.
Race 7: Michael Munns Memorial Class 2 Plate 1600m
WEAR THE FOX HAT - Slow to begin.
CHANGING CURRENCY – Slow to muster speed in the early stages.
GUISSOLA – Began awkwardly and shifted out.
COLORADO RIVER – Bumped on jumping.
DRUMSHOW – Bumped on jumping and then hampered between runners shortly after the start. Apprentice E. Bell was issued with a reprimand for her use of the whip prior to the 100m.  In determining penalty, stewards acknowledged her inexperience in riding at Rockhampton and also her good record regarding whip breaches.
MR RESETTI – Bumped on jumping and became awkwardly placed at heels of PATRIOTIC ROSE which laid in shortly after the start.
PATRIOTIC ROSE – Laid in shortly after the start.
Summary of action concerning licensees
From Rockhampton, 18.1.18
T. Cook – Trainer – Fail to notify Zoe Is The Best bled following its race – $200 - AR53A(2)
Race 7.         Emma Bell – A/jockey – Excessive use of whip prior to 100m – AR137A
Jockey absenteeism
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre race
Mickey Dazzler, Mr Resetti
Horses swabbed post race
All winners
Race 6.         Phily’s Mark – Hung out – Warning.
                     Style Line – Difficult to load - Warning
Late Scratchings
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3. Craiglea Lorelei – Dale Evans
Race 3. Craiglea Arion – Nigel Seymour
Race 6. Delcetto Syrah – John Stephens
Race7. Craiglea Cetina – Nigel Seymour