Stewards Report

Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Provincial | TAB

Wed 29 Apr Soft 5


+6m Entire Course


Soft 5 Pen 6.5

4mm last 24hrs, 6mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 13mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:03AM Thursday 30 April
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 29/4 - 7.45am


Thu 23/04/20 12:00pm


Fri 24/04/20 12:00am


Mon 27/04/20 09:30am


Mon 27/04/20 12:00pm


Wed 29/04/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 4

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                TRACK RATING – SOFT 5         RAIL – 6M      

Chairman of Stewards –  J. Williamson
Stewards – D. Aurisch, J. Hackett, L. Hicks  
Clerk of Scales – P. Zimmermann
Judge – P. Chilton
Veterinarian – M. Lenz
Swab attendants – L. Chaplin. J. Pedofsky
Starter – R. Hanson
Race 1:  Supaview Security & Sunscreen QTIS 2yo H’cap – 1200m
THUNDER MANIA – Significantly slow to begin.
SHE’S A TIGRESS – Overraced when the pace slackened passing the 800m.
SQUARE DANCE – Overraced near the 800m and then had a tendency to hang out rounding the home turn.
STARFILLY – Overraced and was steadied from heels near the 800m.
VALLETTA KNIGHT – Obliged to steady when awkwardly placed at heels near the 400m as a result of THE SILVER LADY  shifting out to obtain clear running. J. Bayliss, rider of THE SILVER LADY, was reprimanded for this incident.
THE SILVER LADY – Raced greenly under pressure in the home straight.

Race 2:  Design By Danni Maiden Plate – 1000m
FORENSIC AUDITOR – Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Improved onto heels near the 500m and was obliged to steady.
I AM SUMI – Began awkwardly and lost ground. Raced extremely wide without cover.
TRIP THE LIGHT – Reared as the start was effected and lost ground.
RED RIVER LAD – Raced wide without cover.
PHAT BEATS – Raced wide without cover.
Race 3:  Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration QTIS 3yo Maiden H’cap –
THE POWER OF ONE – Tightened for room on jumping away. Raced very greenly throughout the event. Hung out rounding the home turn and shifted out abruptly under pressure near the 200m. Trainer P. Gardner was advised that the horse  must trial satisfactorily prior to starting again.
LOVE OVER GOLD – Tightened for room on jumping away. Raced greenly throughout.
MS SPICY – Began awkwardly, losing ground.
EXPERT EYE – Began awkwardly and was tightened for room shortly after the start and had to be steadied.
SCANDINA – Bumped near the 600m and forced wider. Raced wide throughout.
MISS MAGNOLIA – Raced wide throughout.
GIDEONS – Raced wide without cover.
Race 4:  Garrards Horse And Hound Benchmark 65 H’cap – 1800m
STANDING OVATION – Slow to begin. Forced wider near the 600m.
SHEEZINAJAM – Co trainers S. Laxham/J. Symons were reprimanded for presenting the horse late to the enclosure. Commenced to weaken badly from the 700m and finished a distant last.  A post-race veterinary examination  failed to reveal any to reveal any abnormalities.  Connections were advised that the horse must trial to the satisfaction of stewards prior to racing again.
KIRIANA – Steadied from heels near the 650m. Inconvenienced when placed in restricted room near the 350m and was obliged to race in restricted room until leaving the 200m.
DASHING SPECIAL – Forced wider near the 600m.
CERTAIN DOUBT – A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
Race 5:  The Pump House Benchmark 62 H’cap – 1300m
ALPENDURADA – Began awkwardly. Overraced in the early stages and was obliged to steady from heels near the 800m.
PRIVATE DETECTIVE – Slow to begin.
ALLUDERE – Near the 550m laid in and was steadied as a result.
YU LONG SHENG HUI – Placed in restricted room near the 500m. Raced greenly under pressure in the home straight.
TREASURE GALLERY – Held up during the early stages of the home straight, and shifted out near the 250m to obtain clear running and bumped with SIR MAGIC.
ZILITOR – Bumped by TREASURE GALLERY near the 250m.  Raced wide throughout.
HELL ON TURF –  Rider D. Griffin dropped his whip over the concluding stages. Raced wide.
ROGUE DRUMMER – Raced wide without cover.
SIR MAGIC – Raced wide. Bumped near the 250m by TREASURE GALLERY, which shifted out.
Race 6:  Sommer Petroleum Benchmark 62 H’cap – 1300m
HE’S IMPOSING – Slow to begin.
CATMOSPHERE – Began awkwardly.
BROKEN WINDOWS – Slow to begin. Shifted out near the 400m to obtain clear running and in doing so bumped WHODUNNIT.
LUVACTION - Began awkwardly.
GET OUTA UTAH – Slow to begin. Overraced badly during the middle stages and was checked from heels on a number of occasions prior to the home turn.
WHODUNNIT – Bumped by BROKEN WINDOWS near the 400m.
GOT MY THRILLS – Bumped passing the 400m when BROKEN WINDOWS shifted out to improve.  
Race 7:  International Animal Health Class 1 H’cap – 1600m
ZAMZARA – Change of tactics. Connections advised the horse will be ridden in a more forward position if circumstances permit.  Slow to begin, therefore ridden back in the field. Overraced in the early stages. Had a tendency to hang out rounding the home turn.
PRINNY’S SUCCESS – Slow to begin.
BOLD DELAGO – Slow to begin.
FLIRTY MCCOY – Overraced during the early stages.
DON’T DISPAIR – Laid out under pressure over the concluding stages.
HOPEFUL STAR – Raced wide without cover throughout.
Race 8: TAB Benchmark 72 H’cap – 1000m
FUSSDINADO – Jumped away awkwardly.
ROTHMAN – Slow to begin.
LIPS ‘N HIPS – Began awkwardly.
WIRNPA – Eased near the 700m when placed in restricted room to the inside of OUTBACK STORM, which shifted in.  Apprentice M. Kennedy, rider of  OUTBACK STORM, was reprimanded for this incident.  Held up rounding the home turn and steadied from heels near the 400m before shifting wider to secure clear running.
STELLAR POWER – Shifted out under pressure over the concluding stages.
TOTALLY CHARMED – Obliged to race in restricted room near the 300m.  Steadied from heels near the 200m after improving onto the heels of the tiring CHEVA NOVA. Bumped by ROTHMAN   near the 150m.
CHEVY NOVA – Raced wide without cover.  Steadied whilst weakening over the concluding stages when placed in restricted room.
JAGGED EDGE – Raced wide throughout. Jockey J. Orman was questioned regarding the performance of the horse. He stated that he would have preferred to settle in a more forward position, however the horse began awkwardly. He then stated at no stage of the race did the horse travel strongly and he was obliged to niggle the horse in an attempt to hold a position in the middle stages. He added whilst the horse was positioned wide on the track he was disappointed with the horse’s finishing effort.  A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormality, and a swab sample was taken.
Race 9:  Workplace Central Class 3 H’cap – 1200m
CONQUER MEE – Declared a late scratching at 4.40 pm after becoming cast in the barriers.  Subsequent to the event all monies invested on the horse were ordered to be refunded with  the following deductions applicable. 
6 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
3 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets for the place
11 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
10 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
Connections were advised that  a barrier certificate must be provided prior to the horse’s next race start.
SO DAPPER – After having a  pre-race blood sample taken, it was noted that this had resulted in  there being some swelling and the presence of blood on the horse’s near-side neck. The horse subsequently  underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to take its place in the field.  Tightened for room on jumping away and lost ground. Overraced approaching the 800m and was steadied from heels.
ELLA DIVINE – Jumped away awkwardly and shifted out, making contact with BROCKY.
HIGHFALUTIN GAL – Began awkwardly and shifted in, bumping SO DAPPER.
CHARWAY – Blundered on jumping away.
BROCKY – Tightened on jumping away.
PLENTY – Improved onto heels near the 500m and was steadied.
ZOUCARA – Laid out under pressure in the home straight.
ME MUM’S FOXY –  Rider A. Fancourt reported that her mount felt awkward in its action. A post race veterinary examination  revealed the horse to be short striding.  Stewards will follow up with trainer G. Hay regarding the horse’s recovery. 
TEAGZ – Which finished  a distant last was examined by the veterinary surgeon  which revealed the horse to be sore behind. Trainer M. Mair was advised that a veterinary certificate will be required prior to the horse racing again.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 1.           Jake Bayliss - Jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)*
Race 4.           John Symons/Sheila Laxon – Present Sheezinajam late to the enclosure – AR194*
Race 8.           Minonette Kennedy – A/jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Valetta Knight, All Too Good,  A Top Chance, Warset, Sir Magic, Catmosphere, Flirty McCoy, Stellar Power, So Dapper
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners, Jagged Edge
Warnings/ Bars
Race 3.           The Power Of One – Hung out on home turn/shifted out abruptly near 200m – Trial – AR20(e)
Race 4.           Sheezinajam – Weakened badly from 700m/finished distant last – Trial – AR20(3)
Race 9.           Conquer Mee – Barrier manners/Late scratching - B/cert – AR20(e)
                        Teagz – Sore behind – Vet. Clearance – AR20(e)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3.           Miss Magnolia – J. Huxtable
                        Scandina – A. Spinks
Race 9.           Me Mum’s Foxy – A. Fancourt
                        Conquer Mee – S. Cormack
Late scratchings
Race 9.           Conquer Me – 4.40 pm
Published subject to correction upon revision