Stewards Report

Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Metropolitan | TAB

Sat 11 Jul Heavy 8


True Entire Course


Heavy 8 Pen 6.8

5mm last 24hrs, 55mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:07AM Sunday 12 July
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 11/7 - 7:45am
TRACK INFO: Please note: Track is rated Heavy 9 on Main Circuit and Heavy 10 in 1000m Chute


Mon 06/07/20 11:00am


Tue 07/07/20 12:00am


Wed 08/07/20 09:00am


Wed 08/07/20 12:00pm


Sat 11/07/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 4, 5, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.





Chairman of Stewards – P. Chadwick
Stewards – D. Aurisch, J. Williamson, J. Hackett, L. Hicks
Clerk of Scales – J. Robinson
Judge – P. Chilton
Veterinarian – M. Lenz, K. Caldwell
Sample Collection Officer – A. Schofield, L. Chaplin
Starter – R. Hanson


Race 1: Butler McDermott Lawyers Bruce McLachlan Classic QTIS 2yo H’cap – 1000m

The start was significantly delayed when COUNTRY SHOWGIRL required both front shoes to be replaced behind the barriers.

The start was further delayed when KISUKANO proved difficult to load. Trainer M. Nolan was advised that a warning would be placed on the filly’s barrier manners.

MISHANI MISS – Jumped away awkwardly.

BAD BARISTA – Jumped away awkwardly.

ASPEN LAD - Began awkwardly and was steadied to avoid heels near the 700m and again passing the 600m.

COUNTRY SHOWGIRL – Slow to begin, and then blundered near the 700m. Hung in under pressure in the straight.

DARK SON – Commenced to weaken after passing the 800m and finished tailed off. A post race veterinary examination revealed the horse had soreness across the pelvic region. Trainer T. Sears indicated the horse would now be sent for a spell.

YOURJOKINGME RIGHT – Laid in significantly under pressure in the home straight, placing its rider at a disadvantage.

MISHANI FRAUDSTER – Raced wide outside the lead throughout, and hung in under pressure in the home straight.

Race 2: XXXX Dry No Metro Wins H’cap – 1200m

NO REFUND – Slow to begin. Checked from heels near the 800m when following SOCIALISING, which was steadied.

LEROYTHECONQUEROR – Slow to begin. Laid in when placed under pressure from the 400m onwards.

BOLD XAVVI – Steadied when placed in restricted room near the 1000m and then overraced until after passing the 900m.

BEAT THE BEAST – Shifted to a 3-wide position near the 1000m to improve to the outside of SOCIALISING, which had commenced to shift towards the fence. Shortly after this SOCIALISING shifted back to a one-off position and as a result BEAT THE BEAST was obliged to race 3 wide for the remainder of the event. Steadied to avoid heels near the 900m when placed in restricted room between SOCIALISING and ALDERMAN, which shifted in. Jockey M. Cahill, rider of ALDERMANNNN, was reprimanded for this incident.

SOCIALISING – Had difficulty securing clear running from the 400m until leaving the 200m.

ROTHABYE – Steadied when placed in restricted room near the 200m between BEAT THE BEAST and LEROYTHECONQUEROR, which shifted in.

Race 3: Reed Racing Qld Class 3 Plate – 1400m

CANAPES – Examined by the veterinary surgeon prior to the event and cleared to take its place in the field after becoming fractious in the tie-up stalls.

MOOD – Slow to begin.

GENZAI THE WOLF – Raced 3 wide for the majority of the race.

CLOAK – This horse’s crossover noseband became loose during the event.

Race 4: Stanley River Thoroughbreds Benchmark 80 H’cap – 1400m

MORENDI – Slow to begin.

FABULOHN – Whilst being restrained to obtain cover had a tendency to overrace and became awkward near the 1200m when bumped by PRINCE OF TIE, which shifted in.

PRINCE OF TIE – Blundered on jumping away and shifted out, making heavy contact with OCEAN WAVES. Near the 1200m was obliged to shift in to avoid the heels of VOULAIT, which shifted in.

OCEAN WAVES – Jumped away awkwardly and was heavily bumped by PRINCE OF TIE and as a result lost significant ground.

ZOULOU DANCER – Jockey M. Cahill was reprimanded for excessive use of his whip.

HAPPY PLUCKY – Lost its near fore plate in running.

HANOVER SQUARE – Lost its near hind plate in running.

Race 5: Fuji Xerox Business Centre Class 6 H’cap – 1600m

Correct weight was delayed whilst apprentice J. Huxtable, rider of ZAUNKONIG, viewed the video footage to see if he had grounds to lodge an objection. Subsequently he declined to proceed.

PROMETHEUS – Shifted in over the concluding stages and bumped ZAUNKONIG.

ZAUNKONIG - Apprentice jockey J. Huxtable was fined $200 for raising his whip hand above shoulder height. Bumped by PROMETHEUS over the concluding stages.

LUCKY JACKSON – Jockey Cassidy was reprimanded for excessive use of the whip. Jockey Cassidy reported his mount travelled comfortably throughout the event and failed to respond to his riding over the concluding stages and, in his opinion, was disappointing.

Race 6: Access Insulation Sunshine Coast QTIS 3yo H’cap – 1000m

SAY HAYA – Declared a late scratching at 1.46 pm on veterinary advice after becoming fractious in the horse float en route to the track and subsequently being found to have blood in its near-side nostril.

Correct weight was delayed when the connections of the 2nd placegetter, GIDEONS, wished to question the Judge’s decision to declare BOLD STYLE the winner. After stewards reviewed the photo-finish they were satisfied that there was a margin between the 2 runners and declared correct weight on the semaphored numbers.

BOLD HUNTER – Checked when tightened for room at the start.

HOWWONDERFULLIFEIS – Jumped away awkwardly and made heavy contact with BOLD HUNTER. After improving onto the heels of GIDEONS shifted out and forced a run where there was insufficient room, making heavy contact with LET’S CHEER AGAIN. Apprentice B. Nothdurft was reprimanded for this incident.

BOLD STYLE – Jumped awkwardly and shifted in, tightening CLEVER MISS in on to BOLD HUNTER.

GOLLY HUTT – Lost ground at the start when bumped by MAD IRISH TYCOON. Near the 400m was obliged to shift out to avoid the heels of DYNAMIC VERSE.

DYNAMIC VERSE – Inconvenienced when bumped by MAD IRISH TYCOON near the 400m.

MAD IRISH TYCOON – Inconvenienced when bumped by BOLD STYLE near the 400m.

BOLD STYLE – Near the 400m was forced wider and inconvenienced by LET’S CHEER AGAIN.

LET’S CHEER AGAIN – Was bumped heavily and forced wider by HOWWONDERFULLIFEIS, which shifted out in an attempt to secure clear running.

Race 7: Winx Guineas – 1600m

STAR OF MICHELIN – Slow to begin.

KNIGHT MARINER – Slow to begin.

AL JOOD – Was steadied from heels when the pace slackened near the 1200m and as a result was obliged to race 3 wide for the remainder of the event. Jockey L. Cassidy was fined $200 for using his whip more than 5 times prior to the 100m.

KNIGHT MARINER – Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Following this event KNIGHT MARINER pulled up sore behind in the off hind leg. A veterinary examination found a suspected pelvic fracture. The horse was sedated and given pain relief before being transported to a local veterinary practice for further diagnosis. Stewards will follow up with trainer T. Gollan in the coming days in relation to the horse’s injury. Trainer T. Gollan was advised that a veterinary certificate would be required prior to its next race start.

Race 8: TAB Glasshouse H’cap – 1400m

BOLD ASSASSIN – Slow to begin.

OUTRAGED – Slow to begin. Raced wide throughout.

RIVER RACER – Overraced approaching the first turn. Held up rounding he home turn.
Race 9: Kendrick Racing Class 6 Plate – 1000m

PAPER TRADE – Slow to begin.

DITMAS – Slow to begin.

TULLIO – Slow to begin.

MALVERN ESTATE – Steadied when placed in restricted room near the 150m.

ONE STRYKE – Raced wide.

LUCKY FIX – Raced wide. A post race veterinary examination revealed the horse to have an elevated heart rate and was also striding short in front. Trainer B. Ahrens was advised that a veterinary certificate would be required prior to racing again.

BOMBARDING – A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.


Summary of action concerning licensees

Race 5. Justin Huxtable – A/jockey - $200 – Raise whip hand above shoulder height - AR132(6)(b)*
Race 7. Larry Cassidy – Jockey – Use whip 8 times prior to the 100m/total 10 - $200 – AR132(7)(a)(ii)*
Race 8. Norma King -trainer– failed to have SILENT FLYER on course by the prescribed time – LR 30 - $200

Race 2. Michael Cahill – Jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)*
Race 4. Michael Cahill – Jockey – Use whip 7 times prior to 100m – total 10 – AR132(7)(a)(ii)*
Race 5. Larry Cassidy – Jockey – Use whip 7 times prior to 100m – Total 9 – AR132(7)(a)(ii)*
Race 6. Baylee Nothdurft – A/jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)*

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed pre -race
Aspen Lad, Magic Delta, Rothabye, Leroytheconqueror, Canapes, Arthur In Charge, Happy Go Plucky, Prince Of Tie, Prometheus, Zaunkonig, Mad Irish Tycoon, Howwonderfullifeis, Samuari, Wapiti, Soxagon, River Racer, Malvern Estate, Ditman

Horses swabbed post-race
All winners and Special Missile.

Race 1. Kisukano – Difficult to load.


Late Scratchings
Race 3. Say Haya – 1.46 pm

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications

(Issued subject to correction upon revision)