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Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Provincial | TAB

Fri 09 Oct Good 4


+3 metres Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 6.5

Nil last 24hrs, 1mm last 7 days

5mm last 24hrs, 29mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:04AM Saturday 10 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 9/10 - 7:45am - Late Rider Race 3 No. 20


Mon 05/10/20 11:00am


Tue 06/10/20 12:00am


Wed 07/10/20 10:00am


Wed 07/10/20 12:00pm


Fri 09/10/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – Fine    TRACK RATING –   Good 4           RAIL – 3m Entire
Chairman of Stewards – J Williamson
Stewards – D Aurisch, P McLean, L Hicks
Clerk of Scales – J Robinson
Judge – P Chilton
Veterinarian – T Doherty
Swab Attendants – A Challen, L Chaplin
Starter – R Hansen
Race 1: CMBM TOOWOOMBA Colts, Geldings and Entires Maiden Handicap 1400 metres
KARBORS – Slow to begin
MAGNATE –When questioned regarding his riding tactics, as he lead by a significant margin in the middle stages of today’s event. Jockey L Tarrant stated that he had ridden the gelding to cross the runners to its inside and at a point near the 1200m the gelding commenced to over race  and raced with head in the air. He further added that he elected to allow the gelding to stride forward rather than fight the horse in an attempt to have the horse settle. It was at this stage the horse had established the significate lead. Stewards in reviewing the footage of the event accepted the explanation tendered.
MOB BUSTER – Over raced in the early stages and checked from heels near 900m.
RECALL EVENTS – Stewards inquired in to the geldings seemingly improved performance. Trainer S Field stated that he was surprised with today’s forward showing however the gelding had been working well leading up today’s event and had impressed with the horses recent official barrier trial. He further added the addition of pacifiers may have benefited the geldings performance today.
JIMMY NEUTRON – Three wide without cover
Rider J BAYLISS (MAIN DE FOI) was examined by the on-course Doctor post race and passed fit to fulfil his future engagement.
Race 2: CMBM GOLD COAST Class 4 Handicap 1600 metres
MUMBLES – Became fractious in the enclosure. Dislodged rider prior to the start. Trainer W Hulbert was advised that a warning will be placed on the gelding pre-race manners.
SCARE CAMPAIGN – Over raced in the early stages.
Race 3: CMBM SUNSHINE COAST Maiden Handicap 1000 metres
DOUBLES CHOICE – Rider S Cormack reported in returning to scale the gelding raced greenly throughout. Near the 700m improved onto the heels of RILASATO and blundered. Had to be steadied from heels approaching the 500m when racing ungenerously. Was disappointed for clear running over the concluding stages.
MARCHEKY BOY – Rider S Thornton reported on return to scale that her mount raced greenly throughout. Was awkwardly placed at heels over the final 100m and went to the line without being fully tested.
SHOPPINGWITHSOPHIE – Raced wide without cover throughout. Trainer T Thomas was fined a sum of $100 under LR67 in which he failed to declare a rider by the prescribed time.
DAULAT MACHTIGAMOR – Raced three wide with cover throughout.
DUNNERS – Shifted in shortly after the start and hampered MISS DISS.
TACTICAL ILLUSION – Jockey D Smith was reprimanded under AR132(7)(a)(ii) for his use of the 7 times prior to the 100m which is 2 more than permitted.  
NOKONDI – Near the 700m improved onto the heels of AWESOME POWER and had to be steadied. Had difficulty obtaining clear running rounding the home turn.
CROWN WAR – Began awkwardly and lost ground. Raced three wide with cover throughout.
TRIP THE LIGHT – Began slowly. Had some difficulty obtaining clear running round the home turn.
DREAMFULLY – Raced three wide with cover throughout.
RILASATO – Bumped by DREAMFULLY and became awkward and lost ground as a result.
CORBIN – Raced three wide without cover throughout.
MISS DISS – Hampered shortly after the start when DUNNERS shifted in.
Race 4: CMBM WIDE BAY Colts, Geldings and Entires BENCHMARK 58 Handicap 1200 metres
DEFACTOR – Stewards questioned rider J Guthmann-Chester regarding the tactics adopted, in that he took hold of his mount and settled at the tail of the field, which was in contrast to the horses most recent start. He indicated that he was obliged to make a decision to go forward or back during the early stages from the wide barrier and after beginning only fairly he elected to steady and take up a trailing position. He also stated that when under pressure in the home straight his mount was inclined to lay in. Stewards noted the explanation.
MAHRATTA – Slow to begin
HALLSIDE HOT STUFF - Jockey A Spinks pleaded guilty to a charge under AR 132 (5) in that he used his whip in an excessive manner, that being 17 times. Jockey A Spinks license to ride in races was suspended for a period of 7 days, to commence midnight 17/10/20 and to expire midnight 24/10/20.
DURUNDUR LAD – Held up for clear running rounding the home turn.
LONDON FAME - Trainer T Thomas was fined a sum of $100 under LR67 in which he failed to declare a rider by the prescribed time.
KOTA FLYER – Slow to begin. Held up for clear running approaching the 200m before altering course to the inside.
OUR ROCKY – Raced 3 wide without cover.
Race 5: CMBM CENTRAL QLD Class 2 Handicap 1600 metres
AMAZINGLY – Reared significantly on jumping away, missing the start by a considerable margin. The gelding then took no competitive part in the event. Stewards, prior to declaration of correct weight, reviewed the video footage and ruled that other than for the horses manners the horse had been afforded a fair start and was declared a runner. Trainer J Smerdon was advised that the horse will be required to perform in an official barrier trial to the satisfaction of Stewards prior to the horse racing or trialing again.
MAIN DE FOI – Held up for clear running rounding the home turn.
GOLDNEALA – Weakened noticeably over the concluding stages. A post-race veterinary examination of GOLDNEALA did not identify any abnormal findings.
JOY'S REWARD – Held up for a short distance near the 600m
THE WARDSMEN – Slow to begin
CASH BUNDLE – Over raced in the early stages. Forced wide near the 700m and raced wide without cover for the remainder.
Race 6: CMBM FACILITY SERVICES Class 2 Handicap 1000 metres
EASY COME – Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
FLYING EDDIE – Began awkwardly and bumped with METRO TRAMP. Rider S Tomlinson reported that the gelding dipped near the 500m and became awkward in its action. A post-race veterinary examination of FLYING EDDIE identified the gelding to be lame in both front legs. Trainer K Kemp advised that he will be considering the geldings future with the stable, however was notified that he will be required to provide a veterinary clearance prior to the horse racing or trialing again.
LYRICAL GIRL – Laid in under pressure under pressure in the home straight.
ABDICATING – Raced wide with no cover.
METRO TRAMP –Shortly after the start bumped by FLYING EDDIE.
OUR ARIANA – Began awkwardly, reared slightly and lost ground. Laid out from the 600m and raced wide for the remainder.
Race 7: CMBM CAIRNS QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 1400 metres
UNCOMPLICATED - A post-race veterinary examination of UNCOMPLICATED identified the presence of blood in both nostrils, 1st occasion. UNCOMPLICATED shall not without the permission of the Stewards : (a) be trained, exercised or galloped on any racecourse for a period of two months; (b) start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after a satisfactory gallop of at least 1,000 metres in the presence of a Steward. AR79(4)
KING OF THE COAST – Slow to begin
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 3 Jockey D Smith – Excessive use of the whip – 7 times - AR132(7)(a)(ii)
Race 3 Trainer T Thomas – Failed to declare rider by the prescribed time – LR67 - $100
Race 4 Trainer T Thomas – Failed to declare rider by the prescribed time – LR67 - $100

Race 4 Jockey A Spinks - Excessive use of whip – 17 times - AR132(5) – Suspension 7 days – Commence m/n 17/10/20 conclude m/n 24/10/20.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 2 – MUMBLES – Poor Pre Race Manners – Warning
Race 5 – AMAZINGLY – Poor Barrier Manners – Official Trial to satisfaction of Stewards
Race 7 - UNCOMPLICATED – Bled both nostrils 1st time – 3 month ban & complete 1000m gallop – AR79(4)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Published subject to correction upon revision