Stewards Report

Toowoomba Turf Club

Toowoomba Provincial | TAB

Sat 21 Nov Good 4


4 metres Entire Course.


Good 4 Pen 4.8


12mm last 24hrs, 46mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:08AM Sunday 22 November
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 21/11 - 7:45am - Rider Replacement Race 6 No. 9


Mon 16/11/20 11:00am


Tue 17/11/20 12:00am


Thu 19/11/20 09:00am


Thu 19/11/20 12:00pm


Sat 21/11/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

TRACK RATING – GOOD 4                 
Chairman of Stewards – W Hadley
Stewards – P McLean, J Childs, P Jenkins, L Carvosso
Clerk of Scales – A Cuckson
Judge – S Fahey, B Poelstra
Veterinarian – Dr G Johnson
Swab Attendants – R Burchmann
Starter – T Woodham
Apprentice E MacPherson advise Stewards, that she would not be able to claim her full 3kg allowance in Race 2 – THE OLD BIRD, Race 3 - BOILING, Race 4 – MADAM MAHAL, and Race 7 – PAGEN FLOKI. Apprentice E MacPherson was subsequently replaced in Race 3 and Race 7. After considering submissions from connections of her mounts in Race 2 and Race 4, Apprentice E MacPherson was granted permission to ride 1kg over her minimum riding weight and claim 2kg of her 3kg claim. Apprentice E MacPherson was fined $400 under the provisions of AR143(14)(a).
Race 1: MOORE TRAILERS RATINGS BAND 0 - 65 Handicap 1210 metres
KANAVU – Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
KEEP ON LOVING YOU – Performed below market expectations. Rider J Stanley stated his mount raced flat and was under pressure throughout. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
CINCINNATI RED – Held up rounding the home turn, over the concluding stages raced in restricted room between SIESTA KEY (M Palmer) which shifted out and SISTER KATHLEEN (G Goomany) which shifted in under pressure. Rider M Palmer (SIESTA KEY) and G Goomany (SISTER KATHLEEN) were both advised to exercise care.
SISTER KATHLEEN – Began awkwardly, Near the 800m whilst racing keenly had to be steadied away from the heels of QUART POT.
HALLSIDE HOT STUFF – Began awkwardly, raced wide throughout.
Race 2: FURNEYS Class 1 Plate 1000 metres
The start of this race was delayed when the barriers had to be repositioned.
ISAREADY – Inconvenienced at the start when URALBA shifted out. Raced wide with cover throughout.
SOLARCH – Began awkwardly, steadied shortly after the start when SNAP ON shifted in. Laid in for the majority of the home straight.
NO NO NINETTE – Raced wide without cover throughout.
SWEET VENOM – Held up rounding the home turn.
THE OLD BIRD – Began awkwardly.
Race 3: TAYLOR BUILDING GROUP BENCHMARK 62 Handicap 1875 metres
STEEL PIER – Performed below market expectations. Rider S Bogenhuber stated the gelding was not comfortable on the undulating track. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the off foreleg. Trainer Tony Gollan was notified that he will be required to provide a Veterinary Clearance, prior to the gelding racing or trialing again.
TACTICAL MANUEVER – Shifted out under pressure near the 200m.
BOILING – Bounded and began awkwardly, over raced and threw its head in the air in early stages. Continued to over race in the middle stages.
WEALTH'N'POWER – Prior to correct weight Rider K Yoshida viewed the Stewards footage of the home straight, after viewing the footage K Yoshida was satisfied and did not proceed with an objection. Near the 200m altered course away from the heels of TACTICAL MANUEVER which shifted out under pressure. Laid in for the majority of the home straight. Rider K Yoshida was reprimanded under AR132(5) for excessive use of the whip in that he used his whip 15 occasions in total.
Race 4: CARPETONE TOOWOOMBA BENCHMARK 55 Handicap 1640 metres
GOTTA BE FIRST – Slow to begin
PHOENIX FLYER – Near the 600m raced in restricted room between NO MORE BIDS which was giving ground and MADAM MAHAL.
MADAM MAHAL – Raced wide without cover for the majority, raced ungenerously in the home straight.
NO MORE BIDS – Began awkwardly, raced wide early before being permitted to stride forward and lead near the 1200m. Compounded from the 600m.
Race 5: SHEPPARD EARTHMOVING Class 3 Plate 1110 metres
LET'S PARTY MARTY – Apprentice K Wilson-Taylor was reprimanded under AR132(5) for excessive use of the whip in that he used his whip 15 occasions in total.

MICK THE HAT – Passing the 150m was momentarily steadied when SNOW VALLEY shifted out. Apprentice K Cowan (SNOW VALLEY) was advised to exercise more care when shifting ground in similar circumstances.
AMERICAN CROWN – Began awkwardly and lost ground, tightened shortly after the start between INCOMPARABLE and SNOW VALLEY. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a throat abnormality, Trainer Michael Nolan was notifiedthat he was required to provide a veterinary clearance with results of an endoscopic examination prior to the mare racing or trialing again.
SNOW VALLEY – Slow to begin.
Race 6: WESTON KITCHENS Maiden Plate 1300 metres
TWO SMOKIN BARRELS – Slow to begin. Held up rounding the home turn and in the early stages of the home straight, before shifting in approaching the 250m to obtain clear running. After passing the 200m when laying in, shifted in before being corrected by its rider, then shifted out abruptly bumping REMEMBER BELLA approaching the 100m.
FRENCH WHISPER – Checked at the start between KIKI COCO which shifted in and TWO SMOKIN BARRELS which shifted out.
LET'S BOOM – Performed below market expectations. Rider S Bogenhuber stated the mare travelled well however failed to respond to her riding in the home straight. S Bogenhuber further added in her opinion the mare may have come to end of its preparation. Trainer K Kemp stated he was disappointed with tonight’s performance and would reassess the mares current preparation in the coming days.
MASSIE WHISPER – After passing the 200m was inconvenienced when tightened by TWO SMOKIN BARRELS which laid in.
REMEMBER BELLA – Inconvenienced approaching the 100m by TWO SMOKIN BARRELS which shifted out abruptly.
KIKI COCO – Laid in throughout.
Race 7:  TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY Maiden Handicap 1640 metres
JET ESPRIT – Slow to begin, steadied shortly after the start. Held up between the 600m and the 300m, before shifting in over the heels of DUSTINS to obtain clear running.
DUSTINS – Approaching the 1000m when the pace steadied was awkwardly place inside the heels of ANACHEEVA LAD. Apprentice Montanna Savva was fined $400 under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using the whip six times prior to the 100m, one more than permitted.
PLATINUM DEAL – Hung in severely and proved difficult to ride in the home straight. Rider R Palmer reported the gelding hung in severely in the early part of the home straight and after being held up in the home straight continued to hang in and locked its jaw. Near the 100m shifted out to obtain clear running. PLATINUM DEAL was unable to be vetted as it had left the course. Trainer M Boland was advised that the gelding must trial to the satisfaction of Stewards prior to racing again. Trainer M Boland advised Stewards that the gelding would now be spelled.
PAGEN FLOKI – Slow to begin, near the 900m commenced to improve wider on the track.
TEST THEROCK – Raced wide in early stages before being permitted to stride forward to take up a position outside the lead near 1000m. Compounded from the 600m. Rider N Masuda was reprimanded under AR132(6)(c) for using his whip when out of contention.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 3 – Kenji Yoshida – Excessive use of the whip – 15 occasions in total – AR132(5)
Race 5 – Kyle Wilson-Taylor – Excessive use of the whip – 15 occasions in total – AR132(5)
Race 7 – Noriyuki Masuda – Whip use when out of contention – AR132(6)(c)
Races 2,3,4,7 – Emma MacPherson – Unable to claim full allowance – $400 – AR143(14)(a)
Race 7 – Montanna Savva – Whip use prior 100m – 6 occasions – $400 – AR132(7)(a)(ii)

Absent jockeys
Jackson Morris
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 3 – STEEL PIER – Lame off fore – Veterinary Clearance
Race 5 – AMERICAN CROWN – Throat abnormality – Veterinary Clearance & Endoscopic examination
Race 6 – BLACK SUSPECT – Injured enroute to course (Late Scratching) – Veterinary Clearance
Race 7 – PLATINUM DEAL – Hung in – Trial prior to racing
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3 – BOILING – Kate Cowan(a) replacing Emma MacPherson(a) (unable to claim full allowance)
Race 5 – MICK THE HAT – Justin Stanley replacing Jackson Morris (injury)
Race 6 – KIKI COCO – Beau-Dene Appo replacing Jackson Morris (injury)
Race 7 – PAGEN FLOKI – Girish Goomany replacing Emma MacPherson(a) (unable to claim full allowance)
Late scratchings
Race 6 – BLACK SUSPECT – 5:50pm – Injured enroute to course
This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.