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Ownership privileges


There are many benefits of owning a racehorse, from the privilege of naming your horse, choosing jockey silks and sharing an exciting journey with an amazing animal, right through to the huge thrill of competing in races and being a prospective winner!


  • The biggest benefit of direct racehorse ownership is obviously prize money, bonuses and trophies earned by your horse. Did you know that one Saturday win in the Metropolitan area could cover training costs for a year or more?
  • Prize money earnings are tax-free if ownership remains a hobby.
  • Prize money is paid weekly directly into owners’ bank accounts by Racing Queensland.
  • There is a 10% deduction for the trainer and 5% deduction for the jockey.


Jockeys Silks

Naming rights

  • A huge highlight of ownership is naming your young racehorse. Coming up with a clever and unique name can be quite a challenge but is a lot of fun.
  • Remember that your horse’s name will be shouted by a race caller and if you’re really lucky, chanted by hordes of admirers!

Behind the Scenes Access

When you become a racehorse owner, you are opening the doors to racing’s elite. When your horse races you gain backstage access to racing royalty, and you may even end up in the headlines if your horse wins!

Ticketing & Race Day Privileges

As a named owner you are eligible for two tickets to the racecourse when your horse is running, including tickets to the Members' Enclosure and Winning Enclosure. This access will ensure you are standing with your trainer as the last words of advice are given to the jockey before they mount your horse. You can then watch the race in the members stand for a great view, or stand by the rails in the enclosure, as close to the action as you can get. If you are lucky enough to win the race, you will get your picture taken with the horse, receive the trophy in a presentation (if applicable for bigger races) and then you and the horse’s connections are invited to the Winning Owners room to celebrate in style.

Brisbane Racing Club, Gold Coast Turf Club and Sunshine Coast Turf Club recognises the contribution made to the racing industry by owners and offers a range of privileges on days when your horse is racing. For more details, please visit their website.

Associated Costs

Becoming a racehorse owner requires a sound judgement of investment. Your level of investment will affect what percentage share you can afford to purchase, and the location of where your horse will be trained