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Stewards Report

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Rockhampton Jockey Club Inc

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WEATHER – FINE                                                           TRACK RATING – GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr L. Collins
Stewards –Mr G. Meek & M. Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – Mr W. Welburn
Judge – Mr I. Schultz
Veterinarian - Drs B. Newman/K. Thompson
Swab attendants – J. Summers
Starter- C. Matthews
Stewards inquired into a report from 8th February 2015 that disqualified person L. Dillon was present at a registered stable. After hearing evidence, making observations and taking statements from Mr Dillon he pleaded guilty to a charge under A.R. 182(1)(b) in that on 8th February 2015 he entered the training premises of trainer N. Mannion. Acting under the provisions of A.R. 182(5), stewards ordered that Mr Dillon's penalty re-commence from 8th February and will now expire on 8th February 2017. Furthermore, he was advised that stewards will forward a recommendation to the Licensing Committee that he show cause in relation to any licence for which he may apply.
Bluff-Blackwater Race Club: 22nd November 2016:
Jockey L. Attard pleaded guilty to a charge under A.R. 175(q) in that he made physical contact with the shoulder of Jockey J. Stephens in the scales area and that this conduct was improper. On this particular charge Jockey Attard was fined $500, $250 of which was suspended for a period of 12 months.
Jockey Attard pleaded guilty to a further charge, under A.R. 175 (j), in that he conducted himself in an improper manner towards a steward, for which he was fined $250.
Race 6 - Rockhampton 31st December 2016:
Stewards reconvened an inquiry into Jockey D Evans' riding of CASINO THOUGHTS in the straight. An examination of betting on the event did not reveal any abnormalities. Stewards established that near the 450 metres, when CASINO THOUGHTS was positioned one off the running rail, it commenced to shift out where there was no clear run and near the 400 metres continued to shift out where a run became available between THE THOMAS AFFAIR (Jockey S. Sheargold) and FASTNET FLYER (Jockey A. Coome). Stewards were of the opinion that Jockey Evans had erred in not taking advantage of the run which became available, however they were mindful of his explanation that he had elected to obtain a run to the outside of FASTNET FLYER, and had continued to shift out to obtain that run. Having given consideration to where CASINO THOUGHS obtained clear running and the way in which it was placed under pressure afterwards, Stewards did not find Jockey Evans' riding to be culpable under the rules.
Trainer J. Wehlow pleaded guilty to a charge under A.R. 175(q) in that he misconducted himself towards Rockhampton Jockey Club officials. Mr Wehlow was fined $400.
Race 1: XXXX Gold BenchMark 70 Handicap - 1050 metres
Stewards inquired into the scratching of FUTUREAL. Trainer R. Vale advised that the horse had developed a stone bruise on the near hind and a condition that was not able to be treated in time for today's race. He said that he also had concerns with regarding the prevailing weather conditions.
Stewards also questioned trainer Z. Hohn in relation to the scratching of SHIGERU MAHOGANY. She said that since its previous start it had failed to eat up sufficiently and had not pleased her in its work leading up to the event. She added that the horse will now be freshened up prior to its next race start.
HUMANISE - Was a little slow to begin.
RESETALENKO - Was a little slow to begin.
COVERT CHARMOUR - Jockey N. Day was fined $100 for using his whip on the gelding on 4 occasions more than permitted under the rule (A.R. 137A). In determining penalty stewards took into account Jockey Day's good record.
Race 2: Hahn 3.5 Maiden Handicap - 1100 metres  
ROUGISSANTE - When Jockey D. Simmons was ill, Jockey J. Taylor was substituted as rider of the mare. Jockey Simmons was advised that he must provide a medical clearance prior to its next race start.
When Jockey R. Plumb failed to arrive on course, substitutions were made as per the Stewards Race Day Summary. Stewards will interview Jockey Plumb in regard to his failure.
The start was delayed by approximately 5 minutes when NEON MAGIC (App. Q. Krogh) was fractious and became cast in the barriers. Stewards ordered the withdrawal of the gelding at 3.00 p.m.  CALL ME KEV (Jockey S. Sheargold) which had also became fractious was inspected. Stewards ordered the scratching of CALL ME KEV at 3.00 p.m. Subsequently they ordered that all bets made on CALL ME KEV and NEON MAGIC be refunded and that the following deductions apply:
             17¢ in the dollar for the win for the winner, HEAVENLY DREAM
            16¢ in the dollar for the place for the winner, HEAVENLY DREAM
             17¢ in the dollar for the place for 2nd, ROUGISSANTE
             28¢ in the dollar for the place for 3rd, CAUSING MAYHEM
Trainer Ms G. Bell was advised that she must obtain a further barrier certificate for NEON MAGIC.
CAPELLA GIRL - Slow to begin.
CAUSING MAYHEM - Slow to begin, raced greenly and shifted ground in the straight.
LIGHTNING ARTIST - Raced wide without cover throughout.
ENGAGE THE DUKE - Slow to begin.
Race 3: Bacardi Class 3 Plate - 1400 metres
1st  -  DOUBLE DRAMA  2nd  -  TAKINGS  3rd  -   ALL HOST  4th  -  KING MAX
TAKINGS – When Jockey A. Coome advised stewards that he was to be overweight. Jockey S. Sheargold was substituted as rider of the gelding. Jockey Coome was reprimanded. In assessing penalty stewards took into account his good record.
Jockey D. Hayse replaced Jockey D. Simmons as the rider of UNCANNY REASON.
Prior to the declaration of correct weight App. Z. White, the rider of ALL HOST, and her Master, trainer T. Cook, viewed the patrol films, in particular near the 700 metres. Having considered the margin between ALL HOST, which finished 3rd, and the winner, DOUBLE DRAMA, an objection was not lodged and correct weight was declared. Near the 700 metres DOUBLE DRAMA rolled out causing ALL HOST to make contact with the running rail, to be steadied and lose ground. Jockey Attard was advised to exercise more care. When ALL HOST shifted out, UNCANNY REASON was taken out onto KING MAX (Jockey B. Stewart).

PLAIN 'N' SIMPLE - Slow to begin.
ROCKCHESTA - Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.
Race 4: Callaghan Park Functions and Events Class 1 Handicap - 1200 metres
COSTA LITTLE - Due to the heat, the nasal strap could not be applied to the mare.
MON CLINTON - When Jockey L. Attard reported that he was to be overweight, Jockey N. Day was substituted. Jockey Attard was reprimanded, having regard to mitigating factors. Slow to begin.
THAT'S HER I THINK - Raced 3 wide without cover throughout.
CHICA PEEPS - Shifted out under pressure over the final 200 metres, and inside the 100 metres made contact with ZATORIO.
ZATARIO- Contact with another runner which shifted out under pressure in the final 100 metres and also struck over the head with whip of another rider.
CAPTAIN ADRIATIC - Slow to begin.

Race 5: Become a Club 150 Member Class 1 Handicap - 1200 metres   
SIR TRUSTICE - Jockey D. Evans was substituted for Jockey R. Plumb as rider of the gelding. Over the final 50 metres was held up for clear running on the heels of CELTIC SPELL and shifted in.
FOREST GAZELLE - Began awkwardly. Over-raced in the middle stages.
RUSTY SCOOTER - Began awkwardly. On returning to scale Jockey J. Taylor reported that his mount had failed to back up from its previous run. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.
Stewards will inquire into an incident that occurred near the winning post, involving Jockey S. Sheargold, which had to be checked, and SIR TRUSTICE, which was steadied.
Race 6: Bacardi Oakheart Open Handicap - 1300 metres   
CASINO THOUGHTS – Trainer S Sigvart was fined $100 for the late declaration of rider in Race 2 and 6.
Slow to begin, then raced keenly near the 600 metres and had to be eased from heels.
FASTNET FLYER - Began awkwardly and lost some ground.
JUST CALL ME LOUIE - Raced 3 wide without cover throughout.
Race 7: 2017 Cap Sales- Sunday 2 April BenchMark 55 Handicap - 1050 metres  
1st  -  SHROUDED  2nd  -  COURT LANE  3rd  -  DRAGON FIRE  4th  -  NOOR DROPPER
NOOR DROPPER - Slow to begin. Apprentice J. Brand reported that her mount wanted to hang out and had speedy cuts to its legs on returning to scale.
ACCEPTING -  Made contact with another runner on jumping.
QUICK ASSAULT - Contacted by another runner on jumping.
DRAGON FIRE - Raced 3 wide without cover throughout.
COURT LANE - Near the 400 metres attempted a run to the outside of DRAGON FIRE and made contact with SHROUDED and was held up until near 250 metres.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Jockey L. Attard $500 ($250 suspended) improper conduct
Jockey L Attard $250- improper conduct towards a Steward- $250 (from Bluff 26/11/2016)
Trainer J. Wehlow - $400: Improper conduct (A.R.175(q))
Jockey N. Day: $100 - use of whip 4 more than permitted
Trainer S Sigvart- $100- Late declaration of rider

Jockey absenteeism
Jockey D Simmons- Illness- Medical required.
Jockey R Plumb- fail to arrive on course.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All Winners
Race 2 NEON MAGIC- Fractious and cast in barriers- B/cert required.
Late Scratchings
RACE 2: NEON MAGIC  - At barriers 3.00 p.m.
               CALL ME KEV - At barriers 3.00 p.m.
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
RACE 2 NINO GOLD- D. Hayse for R. Plumb
RACE 3: TAKINGS - S. Sheargold replaced A. Coome (overweight)
               UNCANNY REASON - Jockey D. Hayse replaced Jockey D. Simmons (ill)
RACE 4: MON CLINTON - Jockey N. Day replaced Jockey L. Attard (overweight)
RACE 5: SIR TRUSTICE - Jockey D. Evans replaced Jockey R. Plumb

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