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Stewards Report

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WEATHER – FINE                        TRACK RATING – GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr L Collins
Stewards –Mr G Meek, Mr B Nalder & Mr M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – Mr W Welburn
Judge – Mr S Bryant
Veterinarian- Dr J. Rickards
Swab attendants – Mrs Z Newman & Ms N Boyle
Starter- Mr C Matthews
As D. Simmons was ill, riding changes were made as per the Stewards Summary Sheet. A medical clearance will be required prior to his next riding engagements.
Race 1: RCR-Haden Air-Conditioning Maiden Plate 1100m
DEBBIE’S DREAM – Made contact at the start. Apprentice D. Graham was fined the sum of $200 for using her whip on 9 occasions prior to the 100 metres.
BOY IN A MILLION – Made contact at the start. Slow into stride.
CELESTIAL SON – Raced wide without cover throughout.
ISIS DE VEGA – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 2: Champ Resources QTIS Three-Years-Old Maiden Handicap 1300m
MISS MILES – Began awkwardly and laid in onto MAGIC EIGHT BALL shortly after the start.
MAGIC EIGHT BALL – Soon after the start was hampered when MISS MILES laid in. Commenced to over race near the 1050m, shifted out and raced wide from the 900m, and shifted ground in the straight.
GAI OF THE GALAXY – Jockey D. Evans  was advised with regard to the use of his whip prior to the 100m.  Stewards considered the totality of use.
Race 3: The Capricornian QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap 1200m
RAPT IN BLACK - Made contact at the start and lost some ground.
CRAIGLEA CETINA – Made contact at the start.  Threw its head in the air near the 900m. Laid in from the 300m.
JAY JAY – Bumped twice with ANA’S IDOL after the start. Trainer advised the gelding would now be spelled.
ANA’S IDOL – Bumped another runner twice after the start.
LEND ME A TENNER – Apprentice Z. White reported that when her mount was challenged in the early stages, it commenced to over race and she was unable to settle it in the early and middle stages.
Race 4: Thomo’s Betta Home Living BenchMark 70 Handicap 1400m
I CAN I WILL I AM – Slow to begin.
DENNIS DENUTO – Began awkwardly.  Raced ungenerously near the 1000 metres for a short distance.  Rider lost his whip near the 100m.
RISE TO FAME - Raced ungenerously near the 1000m for a short distance. 
STAR FURY -  Near the 900m was restrained when placed in restricted room, and near the 700m became unbalanced when again placed in restricted room.
GYPSY SECRET – Raced wide without cover throughout.
MONO LAD – Jockey N. Day was reminded of his obligations regarding use of his whip prior to the 100 metres and consecutively. Given the totality of his whip use over the race distance and the way the horse finished the race, no direct action was taken.  
Race 5:  Garrads Horse and Hound Open Handicap 1100m

DESTINED FOR WAR – Jumped in onto JUST ONE WISH at the start.
JUST ONE WISH – Bumped at the start.
Race 6: Celeste Hinton Hair and Makeup BenchMark 60 Handicap 1500m
TAKINGS – Fractious in the barriers prior to the start.
UNDER THE WEATHER – Fractious in the barriers prior to the start.
KING MAX – Began awkwardly and was slow to begin.  Near the 600m had to be eased from the heels of TAKINGS.
DUDOOMP – Slow to begin.
Race 7: XXXX Gold Class 2 Handicap 1200m
Prior to the declaration of correct weight,  Jockey A. Coome and Trainer T. Button (2nd placegetter, MYSTIC FORCES) viewed the patrol film to ascertain if they had grounds to lodge an objection against STAR HERO being declared the winner. Subsequently, Mr Button and Jockey Coome declined to lodged an objection and correct weight was declared on the Judge’s placings.
STAR HERO- Stewards intend to seek an explanation into the seemingly improved performance of the gelding.
MYSTIC FORCES – Slow to begin.  Leaving the 400m was held up momentarily.
MISTY MONTANA – Slow to begin.
MONACO DREAM – Slow into stride.
HIDDEN THUNDER – Raced wide without cover.
WINSOMEMORE – Raced wide with cover.
APPLAUSE A STAR – Raced wide with cover.  Apprentice N. Keal was reminded of the rules relating to the use of his whip when his mount is out of contention.
LE CHIFFRE – Pressured early and commenced to over race in the early and middle stages.  A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 1.D Graham – A/jockey - Use whip 9 times prior to 100m - $200 - AR137A*
Jockey absenteeism
D Simmons – Illness – Clearance required*
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All winners & Race 7 MYSTIC FORCES (2nd)
Late Scratchings
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 4.          Macho Tycoon – D. Evans
Race 6.          Roethlisberger – D. Evans
Race 6.          Prince Of Baroda – B. Grylls

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