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Racing Advisory Panels

Racing Queensland values the significant contributions made by the many participants across all THREE codes of Racing and recognise the value of consultation for the betterment of the Industry.

Racing Queensland  announces the establishment of new industry advisory panels across the three codes of racing in the state.

Designed to play an important role in the future of the industry in Queensland, the industry advisory panels will meet quarterly to assist Racing Queensland in the process of formulating strategy and making recommendations on important industry matters.

Each advisory group is made up of a cross section of key industry representatives. The list of representatives on each panel is outlined below.

The groups will be chaired by Racing Queensland Directors with specific code experience and will be attended by representatives from Racing Queensland management.

Advisory Panel - Greyhounds

Dale Cartwright Panel Chair (RQ)
Les Bein Club
Gary Heath Club
Luke Gatehouse Club
Greg Sternberg Veterinarian
Casey Dargusch Breeder/Owner/Trainer
Ross Barnett QRIC - Commissioner
Steve Lennon QGBOTA President

Advisory Panel - Harness

Marg Reynolds Panel Chair (RQ)
Scott Neaves Breeder/Owner/Club/Participant
Greg Mitchell Breeder/Owner/Administrator
Anthony Collins Club/Media/Participant
David Fowler Club/Media
Bernie Ring Club
Ross Barnett QRIC - Commissioner
David Farquharson QRIC - Chief Steward
Brittany Graham Trainer/Driver/Owner/Media
Mark Dux Trainer/Driver

Advisory Panel - THOROUGHBRED

Graham Quirk Panel Chair (RQ)
Basil Nolan Breeder
Steve Morley Breeder
Liam Birchley Trainer
Toby Edmonds Trainer
Dave Whimpey Club
Brett Cook Club
Peter Boyce Club
Kent Woodford Club
Malcom Petrofski Club
Wayne Patch Club
Mark McLean Owner
Tony Carroll Owner
Glen Prentice Jockey's Association
Peter Laird Bookmaker
Vince Pennisi Owners Association
Cameron Partington Trainers Association
Ross Shannon Queensland Trainer's Association
Ross Barnett QRIC - Commissioner
Allan Reardon Chief Steward
Sean Scott TABCORP
Tony Gollan Trainer
Richard Morrison BRC
Simon Gleeson BRC
Matt Rudolph BRC
Steve Lines GCTC

Advisory Panel - COUNTRY RACING

Graham Quirk Panel Chair (RQ)
Ross Shannon Queensland Trainer's Association
Lyle Murray South East Region
Graham Rewald Eastern Downs Region
Peter Flynn Downs Region
Leon Roberts Capricornia Region
Gary Peoples Central West Region
David Woodhouse Leichardt Region
Sam Daniels North West Region
Don Scheffler Far North Region