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Sat 15 Jul Good 4


4 metres 1400-W/Post; 5 metres Remainder.


Good 4 Pen 4.5

Nil last 24hrs, 3mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:04AM Sunday 16 July
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 15/7 - 7:45am. Rider Alteration R6 N5


Mon 10/07/17 11:00am


Tue 11/07/17 12:00am


Thu 13/07/17 09:30am


Thu 13/07/17 12:00pm


Sat 15/07/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 2, 5

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

RAIL – +4M 1400-W/P; + 5M REMAINDER
Chairman of Stewards – I Brown
Stewards – D Aurisch, N Boyle, B Connell
Betting Steward – G Daly
Clerk of Scales – J Robinson
Judge – S McMahon
Veterinarian – A Murdoch
Swab attendants – K Kilpatrick, H Schodel
Starter – S Andrews, M Andrews
Stewards Secretary – L Stokes
As App. G Mitchell was indisposed today after being injured at Ipswich yesterday, 14 July 2017, replacements were made as per Stewards’ Race Day Summary.
App. J Woodhouse was unable to claim down to his riding weight of 53kgs in Race 5 and Race 7 and subsequently only claimed ½kg in Race 5 and 1½ kgs in Race 7.  App. Woodhouse was fined $200.
RACE 1: STA Travel Maiden H’cap – 900m
1st: Regnant    2nd: Splitlock    3rd: Commandeering    4th:  Teyssier
Stewards permitted Jockey L Cheshire to replace App. G Mitchell on DRAGONS ESPRIT as no other apprentice rider was available.
The start was delayed when GENERAL SIDEREUS proved difficult to load.
DATASTAR was declared a late scratching at 11:49am after the mare had failed to arrive on course by the prescribed time.  All monies invested on DATASTAR were ordered to be refunded.  Deductions applicable to bets placed on winner and place-getters prior to 11:49am:-
8 cents in the dollar for the Win #7 - REGNANT
6 cents in the dollar for the place of winner #7 - REGNANT
9 cents in the dollar the 2nd place #1 - SPLITLOCK
9 cents in the dollar for the 3rd place #3 – COMMANDEERING
SPs are not subject.
Stewards considered an objection lodged by Jockey D Griffin the rider of COMMANDEERING which finished 3rd against REGNANT (L Rolls) being declared the winner on the grounds of interference in the home straight.  After taking evidence from connections and reviewing the patrol footage, Stewards established that upon straightening REGNANT initially shifted out to improve and brushed COMMANDEERING.  From that point until leaving the 200m both runners shifted ground making contact on a number of occasions. Stewards did not believe that the minor interference in the early stages of the home straight had any effect on the placings. Furthermore, approaching the 150m REGNANT shifted out making contact with COMMANDEERING which was taken outwards.  Leaving the 100m REGNANT again shifted out at which point COMMANDEERING was obliged to steady from the heels of that runner.  Whilst conceding that REGNANT did cause interference to COMMANDEERING which resulted in that runner losing ground over the final 200m, Stewards could not be comfortably satisfied that had the interference not taken place, COMMANDEERING would have beaten REGNANT given the margin of 1½ lengths and subsequently dismissed the protest. 
Jockey L Rolls (REGNANT) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under AR137(a) for failing to make sufficient effort to prevent REGNANT from shifting out leaving the 200m when insufficiently clear of COMMANDEERING.  Jockey Rolls was suspended from riding in races for a period of 8 meetings to commence midnight 22/07/2017 and to expire midnight 30/07/2017.
DRAGONS ESPRIT – Connections advised that the gelding would be ridden with cover if circumstances permit.  After beginning awkwardly, shifted in and lost ground and as a consequence settled at the rear of the field.
SPLASH OF CRISTAL - Connections advised that the mare would be ridden with cover if circumstances permit.  From today’s wide barrier, forced to race in a mid-field position, wide without cover.
COUNTLESS ROCK - Slow to begin.  Approaching the 150m hampered by COMMANDEERING.
SPLITLOCK – Began awkwardly and bumped another runner.  Cast near hind plate in running.
COMMANDEERING - Bumped at the start.  Upon straightening was bumped on a number of occasions by REGNANT which shifted out to improve.  Approaching the 150m bumped heavily by REGNANT and shifted out.  Leaving the 100m obliged to steady away from the heels of REGNANT which shifted out.  Cast near fore plate in running.
RANGERZANE - Slow to begin.
GENERAL SIDEREUS - Raced extremely wide without cover throughout.  Approaching the 150m hampered by COUNTLESS ROCK which was taken out by another runner.
REINA DE HIELO - Raced 3 wide without cover throughout.  Bumped leaving the 700m.  Leaving the 150m steadied when tightened for room between runners.
DOUBLE LIGHT - Raced wide throughout.
RACE 2: Flavour Asia Class 4 H’cap – 1300m
1st: Bold Shot    2nd: Snapper    3rd: Navy Gal    4th:  Secret Code
CHOICE PRINCESS – Slow to begin.  Hampered when disappointed for a run near the 250m.
STAROCITY - Slow to begin.  When questioned as to the performance, Jockey J Oliver stated that after being slow to begin he was obliged to ride the gelding along in the early stages to obtain a handy position.  Jockey Oliver added that the gelding was under pressure rounding the home turn and was disappointing in its failure to finish the race off as expected.  A post-race veterinary examination revealed the horse to be suffering from the Thumps.
SNAPPER - Slow to begin.
SECRET CODE - Held up rounding the home turn.
RACE 3: Coffee Bug Maiden H’cap – 1200m
1st:  Count Cumani   2nd: So Invincible    3rd: Takarakka    4th:  Rosella Girl
SO INVINCIBLE - Slow to begin.  Raced wide without cover in the early stages.
TIME TO REMEMBER - Began very awkwardly, shifted outwards and bumped REAL ROMANCE.
REAL ROMANCE – Bumped at the start.
COUNT CUMANI – Over-raced during the early stages and as a consequence raced wide throughout.  When questioned as to the seemingly improved performance, stable representative H Julius noted that the gelding had been caught wide when first up at its last start and that a tongue tie had been applied today which she believes contributed to the improved performance.
LA MASCARA - Raced wide throughout.  Near the 250m hampered by SO INVINCIBLE which shifted out marginally.
BIG DEAL - Raced wide throughout.
FINEST SAILING - Raced wide throughout.
TAKARAKKA - Held up rounding the home turn.
SHELTIC - Had difficulty securing clear running in the early stages of the home straight.
ROCKY GAMBLE - When questioned as to the poor performance, Jockey J Mallyon stated that despite travelling comfortably behind the leader throughout, the gelding failed to quicken as expected when afforded a run inside the leader upon straightening and in his opinion was disappointing.  Trainer P Butterworth expressed his disappointment in the gelding’s performance and said it worked well leading in to today’s event and as such he had expected a forward showing.  The only explanation he could offer was the gelding was obliged to improve along the fence in the straight where in his opinion the going was inferior to that in the middle of the track.  Mr Butterworth undertook to report to stewards any abnormalities that may come to light over coming days which may have had an effect on today’s performance.   A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities at the time of examination. 
RACE 4: Student Guild QTIS 2YO Maiden Plate – 1400m
1st: Francisca    2nd: Drover’s Yarn    3rd: Supernormal    4th:  Fusspot
Trainer L Mayfield-Smith was fined the sum of $200 for declaring Jockey C Whiteley late as the rider of FIRST WITNESS when Jockey Whiteley did not accept the ride and subsequently was unable to make the weight.  Jockey K Yoshida subsequently replaced Jockey  Whiteley.
CHARMING PRINCE - Slow to begin.  Jockey L Cheshire reported that the gelding raced greenly throughout and leaving the 500m had to be steadied from heels.
PEAK HILL - Hampered at the start.  Failed to muster speed during the early stages despite the efforts of its rider.  Raced wide throughout.
BATTEN - Bucked during the early stages and lost significant ground.  Approaching the home turn improved onto the heels of CHARMING PRINCE and had to be steadied.  Stable representative M Curry was advised that the filly must trial prior to its next start.  A post-race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be suffering from the Thumps.
SHE’S UP BEAT - Raced wide without cover during the early stages.  Bumped leaving the 200m.
DROVER’S YARN - Raced wide throughout.
FUSSPOT - Raced wide without cover for the majority of event.  Shifted in under pressure in the home straight and approaching the 200m brushed SUPERNORMAL.
FRANCISCA - Held up approaching and rounding the home turn.
STAR STRYKER - Hampered at the start.  Held up rounding the home turn. 
APPRECIATED - Passing the 300m hampered by CHARMING PRINCE which shifted in.  Then held up on the heels of BOLD ‘N’ SASSY until approaching the 200m.  When questioned as to his riding over the final 200m, Jockey J Oliver stated that the gelding was under pressure for the majority of the event and despite being held up in the early stages of the home straight in his opinion was a beaten horse and therefore he elected not to ride it vigorously over the concluding stages.  Stewards advised Jockey Oliver that at all times where permissible, he should ride his horses out so as not to leave his riding open to question.  A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities at the time of examination.
SUPERNORMAL - Leaving the 200m shifted in and bumped SHE’S UP BEAT.
RACE 5: Griffith University Class 2 H’cap – 1100m
1st: Make Her Own Whey    2nd: Captain Eyche    3rd: Sweet Savannah    4th:  Givus a Cuddle
CAPTAIN EYCHE - Began awkwardly.
SWEET SAVANNAH - Slow to begin.
AMERICAN HERO - Raced wide without cover during the early and middle stages.
REMLAPS JOY - Raced wide throughout.
MR BELLAGIO - Steadied from the heels of CLARADINI approaching and passing the 600m.  Held up rounding the home turn and in the early stages of the home straight. Then elected to shift in to secure clear running to the inside of FAMOUS GROUSE but was unable to do so as GIVUS A CUDDLE had improved to his inside and as a consequence was disappointed for that run and was again held up until a point passing the 150m at which point it obtained clear running.
RACE 6: Coca Cola BenchMark 65 H’cap – 1800m
1st: Leprechaun Lad    2nd: Thermal Unit    3rd: Sidero Star    4th:  Idle Situation
SKYTASTIC - Slow to begin.
BOBBY BE GOOD - Caught wide during the early stages and had to stride forward to assume the lead.  Then over-raced for the remainder of event.
BERNIE OF BABYLON – Near the 400m, when weakening, had to be steadied when placed in restricted room.
SILENTO - A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities at the time of examination.
RACE 7: Uni Fitness F&M Class 1 H’cap – 1400m
1st: Stella Gris    2nd: Send us a Sign    3rd: Champagne Charlee    4th:  Boiling
SEND US A SIGN - Bumped at the start.
EFFECTIVE ASSASSIN - Bumped at the start.
BOILING - Hampered shortly after the start.
WARDEH - Shifted in at the start.  Near the 800m had to be steadied from the heels of WILY MISS.
STELLA GRIS - Began awkwardly and shifted out and bumped SEND US A SIGN.
WILY MISS - Near the 800m had to be steadied when bumped by SHUDA KNOWN BETTER and placed in restricted room.
SHUDA KNOWN BETTER - Near the 250m and again leaving the 200m hampered by EFFECTIVE ASSASSIN which shifted out. When questioned as to the disappointing performance, Jockey M Hellyer was unable to offer any explanation.  Stable representative for trainer B Smith expressed his disappointment in the filly’s performance and was also unable to offer any explanation.  The stable undertook to report back to stewards in the days coming if any abnormalities present which explain the disappointing performance.  A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities at the time of examination.
RACE 8: Gallery Trackside Tapas C,G&E Class 1 H’cap – 1400m
1st: Reset Me I’m Wild    2nd: The Sheepish Lion    3rd: Relaxed    4th:  Grey Steyne
MOGUL – Underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers after a small amount of blood was present in one nostril.  The gelding was subsequently cleared to start.  Began awkwardly and lost ground.  Obliged to steady away from heels over the concluding stages.
RELAXED - Connections advised that the gelding would be ridden closer to the speed today.  After beginning awkwardly and bumping another runner was obliged to settle towards the rear of the field.   Bumped near the 250m.
TRUE STEPPER  – Bumped at the start.
STORM ANCHOR – Began awkwardly.  Over-raced during the early and middle stages.  Trainer R Drysdale was advised that the gelding’s nomination at provincial meetings would be refused until it established improved performance at non-TAB venues.
THE SHEEPISH LION – Bumped near the 250m.

Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 1 – Jockey L Rolls, careless riding - 8 days, mid. 22/07/17 to mid. 30/07/17 [AR137(a)]
Race 4 – Trainer L Mayfield-Smith, late rider declaration - $200 [LR67]
Races 5 and 7 – App. J Woodhouse, failure to claim full allowance - $200 [AR92(12)]
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Bold Shot, Famous Grouse, Idle Situation, Star of Columbia, Relaxed
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners, Splitlock, The Sheepish Lion
Race 4 - Batten – Bucked – Trial [AR8(t)]
Race 8 – Storm Anchor – to race at non-provincial meetings only [AR8(t)]
Race 1 – Dragons Esprit - ridden with cover - began awkwardly, shifted in and lost ground, settled at rear of field
Race 1 – Clash of Cristal - ridden with cover - from today’s wide barrier, forced to race mid-field, wide without cover
Race 8 – Relaxed - ridden closer to the speed today – Began awkwardly, bumped another runner, obliged to settle towards rear of field
Race 1 – 3rd v 1st - dismissed
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1 – Dragons Esprit – L Cheshire
Race 4 – First Witness – K Yoshida
Race 4 – She’s Up Beat – B Appo
Race 5 – Miss Zinzin – S Sweeney
Race 6 – Leprechaun Lad – S Sweeney
Race 7 – Wardeh – J Woodhouse
Race 8 – Salt Flat – S Sweeney
Late scratchings
Race 1 – Datastar @ 11.49
Published subject to correction upon revision