Stewards Report

Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Provincial | TAB

Fri 06 Mar Good 4


True Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 6.5

Nil last 24hrs, 39mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 6mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:03AM Saturday 07 March
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 6/3 - 7:30am


Mon 02/03/20 11:00am


Tue 03/03/20 12:00am


Wed 04/03/20 10:00am


Wed 04/03/20 12:00pm


Fri 06/03/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE              TRACK RATING – GOOD 4           RAIL – TRUE         PENETROMETER – 6.49  

Chairman of Stewards – J. Williamson
Stewards –  E. Barron, L. Hicks, P. McLean
Clerk of Scales – B. Connell
Judge – P. Chilton
Veterinarian –  Dr S. Flynn
Swab attendants – E. Hodge, K. Warwick
Starter – R. Hanson
Supplementary Report
From Gold Coast, 29.2.20 – Race 4 – Red Vegas
Subsequent to this event trainer V. Coombes had tests performed which found RED VEGAS was suffering from severe ulcers, which she felt contributed to the horses poor performance. She further indicated RED VEGAS  would now be sent for a spell and undergo treatment for ulcers.
Race 1: Alex Surf Club QTIS 2yo Maiden H’cap - 1000
GAMBOA – Change of tactics.  Connections advised that the horse would be ridden in a position in the second half of the field from the wide barrier if circumstances permit. The horse was ridden accordingly.  Lost its off-side winker near the 700m.
STARS ‘N’ RICHES – Began awkwardly and lost ground. Was obliged to steady from heels at the 600m and shifted wider as a result, then overraced and was held up at heels until  leaving the 500m, and  raced greenly under pressure in the straight.
COURT ROCKING – Jumped away awkwardly and bumped another runner. Was steadied from heels near the 600m. Lost its near fore plate in running.
CELEBRATING – Slow to begin. Raced greenly throughout. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
BAUHINIA BEANS – Bumped by another runner on jumping away, slipped behind and lost ground. Steadied from heels near the 600m and shifted wider as a result. Raced wide throughout.
MISHANI UNSPOKEN – Slow to begin. Steadied from heels near the 600m. Had difficulty obtaining clear running over the final 200m.
STRAITOUTTAHARLEM – Near the 600m was placed in restricted room and shifted in abruptly, making  contact with the running rail and losing ground.  A post race veterinary examination of the gelding, which weakened in the home straight, failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
CHAMPAGNE TROUBLE – Overraced during the middle stages and had to be steadied near the 600m.
EVEREADY – Steadied from heels near the 600m and raced greenly under pressure in the home straight.  Lost its near fore plate in running.
DEJANOVA – Raced wide without cover and was forced wider near the 400m.
LADY LOWBURN – Apprentice Z. White reported her mount raced greenly throughout the event.
Race 2: Bassett Barks Pty Ltd Class 5 H’cap – 1200m
SAGRE’S POINT – Tightened for room shortly after the start.
MYMMING – Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
Race 3: Daisy’s Place Maiden H’cap – 1400m
PLUNGE – Slow to begin. Overraced in the early stages.
TOUCAN SAM – Overraced in the early stages. Hung out rounding the home turn.
SPIRITUAL – Raced greenly in the early stages and laid in for a short distance passing the 1200m.
BALLINGALL DUKE – Hung out throughout the event, and despite the efforts of its rider shifted wider on the track from the 800m and finished a distant last.  A post race veterinary examination found the horse to be making an abnormal respiratory noise.  Trainer S. Cole was advised BALLINGALL DUKE  must undergo an endoscopic examination prior to racing again, with  results to be provided to stewards, and the horse also must perform satisfactorily in an official trial prior to racing again.
Race 4: Easter Sunday Races CG&E Benchmark 62 H’cap – 1000m
NEWS DIRECTOR – Trainer G. Banks was fined $100 for failing to declare a rider for the horse by the prescribed time.
KIJITO – Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.
KING OF THE NORTH – Tightened for room on jumping away and had to be checked.  Trainer M. Mair advised stewards in light of today’s performance the gelding would be retired from racing.
CHILL THE BEER – Obliged to steady near the 750m when placed in restricted room.
NO BETTER MOMENT – Laid in badly from the 400m, causing its rider to be unable to pressure his mount.   A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities. Trainer K. Best was advised that given  the horse’s racing manners she must officially trial the horse prior to its next race start.
Race 5: TAB Open H’cap – 1000m
DAM WONDERFUL – Declared a late scratching at 5.46 pm after being inspected by the veterinary surgeon upon arrival at the barriers at the request of rider S. Cormack when found to be short in its action in front.
Subsequent to the event all monies invested on the horse were ordered to be refunded, with the following deductions applicable:
0 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
1 cent in the dollar on the face value of win bets for the place
2 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
2 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
Trainer G. Taylor was advised that a veterinary certificate would be required prior to DAM WONDERFUL racing again.
BOLD CHANCE – As jockey R. Wiggins was to be overweight, he was  replaced by jockey B. Appo.  At a subsequent inquiry, jockey R. Wiggins was pleaded guilty to  a charge under AR188(c), in that he manipulated the wearing of a safety vest by removing the front panels and attempting to weigh out with half of the safety vest in order to attempt to gain an unfair weight advantage when weighing out to ride BOLD CHANCE.  Jockey Wiggins was subsequently fined the sum of $1000.
SABKHAT – Reared when the start was effected, making contact with the cross-bar of the barriers, and losing significant ground.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no  abnormalities.
DRUMBEAT’S CHOICE – Was placed in restricted room near the 900m and had to be steadied.
Race 6: Hops & Horses Twilight Races 1st May Class 3 H’cap – 1400m
ME MUM’S FOXY – Slow to begin.
MUMMENTUM – Slow to begin.
VERTICAL  - Overrraced in the early stages.
STUDLY ROOSTER – Overraced badly in the early stages and raced wide throughout.
OSCARS LOT – Raced wide without cover and was forced wider rounding the home turn.
SVINDAL – Raced wide during the early stages before being permitted to stride forward  to a position outside the lead near the 800m. Jockey L. Cassidy was asked to comment on the overall performance.  He indicated it had not been his intention to lead, however as a result of being caught wide and overracing he allowed the horse to stride forward.  He added that the step up in class in tonight’s event affected the overall performance.  He indicated that a step back in Class and in distance would be beneficial for the horse in future starts.  Jockey Cassidy returned to scale overweight and was fined the sum of $100 under AR221.  In assessing penalty, stewards took into account jockey Cassidy’s exemplary record in relation to this rule.
Race 7: SCTC Membership Class 2 Plate – 1800m
TAKEITTOTHELIMIT -  Slowly into stride. Heavily bumped and forced wider near the 900 when CABOCHON LIL  shifted out to improve.  Jockey J. Orman, rider of  CABOCHON LIL, was reprimanded for this incident.
SID – Steadied from heels near the 700m.
IRON DUKE – Raced wide in the early stages before improving to a position outside the lead near the 1200m.
MISS SHANTI – When racing at the tail of the field was shifted wider on the track to  improve into the event and raced wide under pressure from that point onwards.
CALIBRATION – Raced wide throughout.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 7.           James Orman – Jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)

Race 4.           Graham Banks – Trainer - Late rider News Director - $100 – LR67
Race 5.           Ryan Wiggins – Jockey – Deceptive behaviour regarding the Clerk of Scales - $1000 – AR188(c)
Race 6.           Larry Cassidy – Jockey – Returned to scale overweight - $100 – AR211
Absent jockey
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Royal Warfare, Mister Ward, Ballingal Duke, Kijito,
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners and Consular
Race 3.           Ballingal Duke – Hung out/abnormal respiratory noise – ECG/Official trial – AR20(e)
Race 4.           No Better Moment – Laid in badly from 400m – Official trial - AR20(e)
Race 5.           Dam Wonderful – Short in action in front – Vet. Clearance – AR20 (e)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
Issued subject to correction upon revision.