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Procurement & Supplier Information

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Strategic Procurement and Supply

Racing Queensland is a statutory body operating under the government’s overarching policy for the procurement of goods and services.  The Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP) is mandated for application to budget sector agencies, government owned corporations, statutory bodies and special purpose vehicles. 

Racing Queensland’s Procurement Team supports the business to ensure that all activities associated with buying goods and services comply with the QPP and RQ’s Procurement Guidelines.  This Procurement & Supplier portal has been designed to support effective working relationships with all our valued suppliers.

For further information about the QPP, please refer to Procurement policy - Queensland Government.

Racing Queensland Procurement recognises the importance of building strong, collaborative relationships with our suppliers and identifying potential opportunities for innovation along the value chain.  Thus, we will continue working closely with our dedicated suppliers to develop effective measures towards continuous improvement and provide better coordination and communication to help drive efficiencies from our supply chains.

We also encourage suppliers interested in working with Racing Queensland to register in our VendorPanel system which enables access to RQ’s public market requests to provide goods & services.

For more information please contact Racing Queensland’s Procurement Team at

Our trusted Procurement Partners include: