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Greyhound Ownership

Being An Active Part Of The Greyhound Racing Scene Is Easy, Fun And Affordable.

Do you love the excitement of going to the races or thrill of placing a winning bet? Imagine how much more fun you could have owning your own greyhound! Instead of just watching the action, you could be part of the action.

Greyhound racing is the most affordable code of racing. A greyhound may be purchased for a few thousand dollars and once your greyhound is racing there are usually no on-going training fees as many trainers in Queensland will operate on a ‘50/50’ split where the trainer will cover all of the regular upkeep expenses related to the greyhound in exchange for half of the prize money.

Greyhound owners can also experience a close relationship with their racer like no other code of racing. Man’s best friend can be considered a jet-propelled pet, allowing you to enjoy the company of your greyhound during its racing career. Maybe one day your greyhound will transition from the race track, to your couch, as the family pet.

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Get ready to discover your kind of people (and animals)! This ownership selector has been created to help you determine what code of racing ownership may suit you best. Are you a thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing person? Perhaps you're a bit of all three! FIND YOUR RACING 'TRIBE'!