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Ownership calculator

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This is the distance your horse will travel directly from the sale (to the breaker, spelling farm or trainer), which calculates the approximate cost of initial transport of your horse from the sale.


This is the approximate cost of the initial transport of your horse from the sale to the breaker, spelling farm or trainer, as calculated from distance traveled.


This may be a separate cost incurred in addition to purchase price or it may be included in your trainer’s initial bill. This is an approximate cost and may vary.


Scoping is a veterinary procedure that needs to be done on all racehorses following purchase. Scoping involves the insertion of a flexible endoscope with a camera attached, through one nostril of the horse to the back of its throat. This technique allows a visual examination of the structure and function of the back of the throat while the horse is breathing and swallowing.

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Total cost of ownership

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Total Estimated cost of ownership
For the first year

*Per animal based on % share of ownership, costs are estimates only and are to be used as guides.