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Event Sponsorship Program

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The Queensland Off-The-Track (QOTT) Event Sponsorship Program is an initiative to create more competition opportunities, drive demand and support the visibility of retired racehorses in their post-racing careers.

The QOTT Program is committed to creating competition opportunities and stimulating the demand for retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses via sponsorship of equestrian and domestic horse sport Events, Series and Clinics across all disciplines.

The QOTT Event Sponsorship Program has been designed to provide support to Associations and Organisations who wish to host Events, Series and Clinics that provide competition opportunities for all levels of Off-The-Track horse and rider combinations to participate in, from beginners to advanced. 

QOTT welcomes applications from all Queensland Associations and Organisations across any equestrian or domestic horse sport discipline to apply.


Sponsorship Tiers

Please read the QOTT Event Sponsorship Booklet prior to completing the online application form to ascertain which tier of sponsorship is suitable for your Association/Organisation.




Pre-Qualification Conditions

To be eligible to apply for any tier of sponsorship, the Event, Series or Clinic must meet the pre-qualification conditions:

  • The Event, Series, or Clinic must be coordinated by an Australian registered Association or Organisation and have a representative with authority to sign a QOTT Event Sponsorship Agreement on its behalf.
  • The Event, Series, or Clinic must be held in Queensland within six (6) months from the date of Application.
  • The Event, Series, or Clinic must provide classes, rings, or activities for retired thoroughbred and/or standardbred racehorses to enter, compete or participate.
  • The Association or Organisation must acknowledge and commit to delivering on all Terms and Conditions of the Event Sponsorship Program.
  • The Association or Organisation must share QOTT’s Vision, Mission, and Values and proactively support the QOTT Program and its initiatives.
  • The Association or Organisation has a COVID-19 Safe Plan.
  • The Association or Organisation must effect and maintain at their own expense appropriate insurance cover. At a minimum, a public liability insurance policy for an amount of not less than $20 million is required.


Terms and Conditions

Prior to submitting the online application form, please click on the sponsorship tier image below to read the Terms and Conditions relevant to the sponsorship tier you are applying for:



We are not currently accepting Event Sponsorship applications. Please check back soon!