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QOTT Nutrition Education Hub

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Welcome to the Queensland Off-The-Track Nutrition Education Hub


As part of the Queensland Off-The-Track (QOTT) Program’s commitment to supporting retired racehorses and their owners, the QOTT Nutrition Education Hub has been developed to educate owners on the optimal nutritional management of OTT (Off-The-Track) horses. 

QOTT has partnered with world-renowned equine nutrition specialist Dr Nerida McGilchrist from Equilize Horse Nutrition to produce a range of free education resources, including informative and easy to understand equine nutrition videos and accompanying digital e-books that focus on the importance of understanding how to feed OTT horses.  

Nerida holds a Bachelors Degree in Rural Science with First Class Honours and a PhD in Equine Nutrition. With almost 40 years experience as a horse owner and 20 years experience as an equine nutrition specialist, Nerida has worked with everyone from Olympic level performance horses and Group One racehorses to kids ponies and everything in between.

The QOTT Nutrition Education Hub is dedicated to empowering OTT owners, offering a suite of free education resources designed to support your OTT ownership journey.

Additionally, QOTT Clubhouse members receive free access to live Q&A nutrition webinars with Nerida, four times per year. QOTT Clubhouse members are provided with the opportunity to submit their questions for Nerida to answer during the webinar, as well as hear Nerida talk about specific nutrition topics in more detail.

QOTT Clubhouse members also receive discounted access to Equilize Horse Nutrition’s online course “How to Feed Better. Safter. Smarter”. This is a self-paced course which consists of 8 video-based learning modules presented by Nerida. The course normally costs $199, but QOTT Clubhouse members only pay $49!

It is important to remember that the information provided by the QOTT Nutrition Education Hub is not a substitute for assessment by your veterinarian. If you have concerns about your horse’s health or wellbeing, QOTT strongly recommends seeking professional veterinary advice without delay. 

While diet and feeding practices can be an important part of managing some health conditions, it is important that any health concerns are first assessed by your veterinarian to ensure that an accurate diagnosis is made, and appropriate treatment or management is discussed.

To learn more about Equilize Horse Nutrition and the services they provide, click here:




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