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Brave Boomsara hands Munce Millions

By Isaac Murphy

The Munce name is already synonymous with the Magic Millions with the one-time hoop winning his first two-year-old crown in 1989.

Thirty years on the now trainer tasted success of a different kind guiding the brave Boomsara to a Magic Millions three-year-old Guineas crown, in a thrilling three way finish with Bondi and Outback Barbie.

Munce said the feeling of winning a Magic Millions race as a trainer exceeded all expectations and would never get tired of the rare experience.

“No comparison (to riding) this is 100% better, you look after and care for your horses so much and for everything to come together is incredible,” he said.

“It’s something not everyone gets to experience, but that feeling when they hit the finish line it’s just so exhilarating.”

Known for his bold front running style Boomsara defied the track pattern forging forward from barrier eighteen before fighting them off in the straight.

Munce said he believed throughout the gelding would be hard to run down with a ripping ride from jockey Tim Clark.

“I knew they wouldn’t get by him the way he was travelling at the 1200 metres,” he said.

“Timmy (Clark) rated him beautifully and just started to coax him up from about the 600 which was the right thing to do on him.”

Despite his years in the industry Munce admitted nerves got to him pre-race.

“I was actually feeling a bit crook earlier on in the day and kept telling myself I wasn’t nervous, but I think that’s a load of bull,” he said.

The trainer paid tribute to all those behind the scenes that made the stable run, with a special mention for Boomsara’s original booked jockey who is on the mend in hospital.

“I’d like to thank all my staff back home, my family all the people behind the scenes that put in for us to turn out a horse like this,” Munce said.

“A big shout out to Damian Browne, who was set to ride the horse up until yesterday.”

“He’s obviously crook in hospital and I would have loved to of had him ride today, but we’re certainly thinking of him and wishing him well.”

The trainer thanked the twenty to thirty owners who were all a part of the horse, the feeling reciprocated by owner Michael Ford.

“We can’t thank, Chris, Tim and of course the star of the show Boomsara, he’s already given us so many memories and hopefully there are more to come.”

Replacement hoop Tim Clark, who also won the jockeys challenge on the day was rapt to be a part of the team effort.

“It’s a great thrill to win this race, I came very close a couple of years ago and I took a huge sigh of relief when I crossed that line today,” Clark said.

“To be given the last-minute call up on a horse in such magnificent order is a real credit to Chris and his whole team.”

“I’m sure there’s plenty more wins for Boomsara.”

A protest was lodged by third placed jockey James Mcdonald on Outback Barbie against Kerrin McEvoy’s second placed Bondi, with contact made at the 50m mark.

Stewards deemed the contact insufficient dismissing the protest.