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QBRED Bonuses continue to flow

As the end of the financial year approaches QBRED bonuses have been flowing freely.

During May a total of $164,000 in QBRED bonuses were paid out to connections including breeders. A total of 24 QBRED race-winning bonuses worth $145,000 were distributed with an additional $19,000 in QBRED Cash Bonuses paid out.

While full details of the financial year QBRED expenditure will be available for publishing in a future edition of PACE it is expected that QBRED bonuses payouts for FY17/18 will exceed $1.1 million.

Five four-year-olds were fortunate enough to collect both a QBRED racewinning bonus and QBRED Cash bonus on the same race they each won including Ipanema Beach, January, Bumper, Took Your Time and How We Roll.

Eleven two-year-olds earned a QBRED first win bonus including six colts or geldings and five fillies with Capitalize for the Dux family winning his QBRED bonus on top of the winning prizemoney in the 2YO Breeders Classic Final at Albion Park on May 12.

Both Hipstar and Goddess Jujon who also won QBRED bonuses on May 12 were winners of the QBRED Breeders Classic Consolation in each sex division that night. As the new racing season approaches full details of the 2018/19 QBRED Scheme will shortly become available.

Once ready a QBRED brochure including nomination form will be forwarded to all registered owners of a QBRED horse.

Racing Queensland encourages owners who have not yet completed a transfer of ownership for their QBRED’s to do so before the brochure is mailed out to ensure we are reaching the correct connections with our communications.

QBRED race winning bonuses are set to continue at the same amounts as they are currently with QBRED Cash Bonuses of $1000 offered on selected races throughout the 2018/19 racing season. Pay-up deadlines are likely to be set as August 31.