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Team Brett ready to Fire for Group Glory

By Isaac Murphy

With races like the Group Two Queensland Derby, The Dashing Corsair Final, The Group Three Winter Chase Final, The Group One Gold Cup Final, The Group Three Flying Amy Classic and the Group One Winter Cup all within the next three months it comes as little surprise 2018 Australian Greyhound Trainer of the Year Tony Brett is building a formidable team.

The champion trainer took the time to give us a runner by runner analysis for Thursday the 28th’s meeting, which shapes as a key lead in for potential feature and group race dogs.

Brett has taken out the Group One Winter Cup with Fast Times and Jury the last two years and will be looking for a hattrick with a host of talent. Read below where we can expect to see them in the lead up to their respective Grand Finals.

Exciting Times – Race 2, Box 1 – Thirty Talk @ Stud 520m

“It’s his first go off the red box, so it’ll be interesting.”

“I’m hoping we get a dry track because he’s one that runs out the 520 but that last 20 isn’t the strongest part of his race, he’ll need to lead I can’t see him coming from behind.”

“I think he’ll like the inside and come out, but the big question mark is Spotted Wolf who got the best of him in the Vince Curry, but with the boxes reversed hopefully we can change the result.”

“He’s improving with time the more racing he gets and the older he gets he’ll keep getting better, to where he’ll run a strong 520.”

Regal Recall – Race 5, Box 2, Grade 4 520m

“I certainly didn’t expect it (track record Ipswich 431m 24.54), he has run 24.74 there recently and when he jumped I thought he’d be around that 24.7 mark, but to get the track record was a massive bonus.”

“You’ve pretty much got to have everything aligned to get a track record, the track was fast and did everything right and bang it’s his.”

“We’ve had two or three dogs have it in the past before Bubble Guppy took it, so it’s nice to have it back.”

“He runs the bend a bit like a cyclist on a velodrome, he actually gains speed rather than loses it and his Mum’s the same Regal Lauryn, when she won the Ipswich Cup it’s nearly a spitting image the way she comes around that turn and slingshots home.”

“He’s won a few times over the 520 at Albion, but probably does his best racing at Ipswich, he’s won around there in about 30.3 and yet his best time at Albion is 30.11.”

“The way he’s going it’s time for him to step up and knock that time off similarly to She’s a Sort last week.”

She’s a Sort – Race 6, Box 1, Mixed ¾ 520m

“She’s got the red which is an advantage, but she really needs to jump because she has the tendency to drift out off the fence, if she misses it could be trouble.”

“She’s just been bulletproof the last five starts, she’s just loving racing and pinging the lids and running the times, so we’ll look to strike while the iron’s hot and keep it going.”


Hara’s Dazza – Race 7, Box 3, 5th Grade 710m

“If there was a 600 race this week he would have been in it, but he’s fit and ready and if we didn’t put him in the 710 he’d be sitting at home in the kennels.”

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing because the 600 fields have been stacked running in the 34 seconds range, he managed to finish off well and break 35 that first week but it was a baptism of fire.”

”710 is the long-term goal with him and with just a Fifth Grade on we get a chance without all the seasoned dogs in to see if he’s up to it.”

Valentino Fox – Race 9, Box 1, Grade 5 520m

“He’s been the surprise package all along, when you talk about dogs improving he’s at the top of the pile, he’s just thrived on his racing.”

“His main trouble is his box manners and he did miss it again last week, but when you’ve got the red as he does again this week he will just sit on the fence and if they pan off he’ll get to the line nicely.”

“He comes up against Kendall and Blue Diva as he did last week who are both 30 dead dogs, so he won’t be able to put a foot wrong.”

“Going into the Vince Curry I would have said Exciting Times was the better dog by far, but the improvement in this guy he’s won in 30.15 which Exciting Times hasn’t done, I’d have to favour him.”

Charming Chaos – Race 10, Box 6, Grade 5 520m

“He gets a little bit stirred up and he’s missed the start the last couple of times out, I really have to keep him as cool as possible before his races.”

“If he jumps the last two weeks he wins comfortably, but instead we’re looking at a second and third, I’ve done a little bit of extra box work with him this week, so hopefully he takes that to the track.”

“I thought he was my best bet the last two weeks and all the others have stood up while he’s been beaten, luckily I’m a better greyhound trainer than tipster.”

“Of all of them he’s got the biggest upside, if he can just mend his ways a little bit I can see him getting down well below 30 seconds.”

Brett outlined who and where we can see his talented kennel in the coming months.

Derby Dogs – Exciting Times, Valentino Fox, Painted Picture, Bad Benny

Dashing Corsair – Hara’s Dazza

Group Three Winter Chase Final – Hara’s Dazza

Group One Gold Cup Final – Hara’s Dazza

Group Three Flying Amy Classic – Exciting Times, Valentino Fox, Painted Picture, Bad Benny

Group One Winter Cup – Charming Chaos, Regal Recall, She’s a Sort