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Ban on injectable products containing cobalt salts

From 1 May 2021, the Australian Rules of Racing will prohibit:

  • the possession of injectable products containing cobalt salts; and
  • the administration of cobalt salts by injection.

These bans are set out in new rules AR 252A (possession) and AR 254A (administration). Penalties apply for failure to comply with these rules.

Racing Australia reiterates its view that there is no place for injectable supplements containing cobalt salts in racing when there is no therapeutic rationale for their use. This is because (among other things):

  • a typical daily diet of a racehorse meets their daily dietary cobalt requirement;
  • there have been no reported cases of cobalt deficiency in horses; and
  • there is no nutritional, medical or welfare justification for the administration of cobalt by injection to a horse at any time.

There are four injectable veterinary products that have been either previously or currently registered and/or available for use in horses that contain cobalt salts.

  • NV V.A.M Injection;
  • Troy Hemoplex Injection;
  • Hemo-15 Vitamin-Amino Acid Injection; and
  • NV Haemo Injection.

Possession and/or administration of these products (and any other registered or unregistered injectable products that contain cobalt salts) are prohibited under the new rules from 1 May 2021.

Trainers are advised to check the active constituents of all injectable veterinary supplements they currently hold.

Further, it is advised that trainers carefully check the active constituents of any injectable veterinary supplements at the time of purchase to ensure that no injectable products are purchased or held that would be an offence under the new rules.

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