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Yellow dog makes hay with $10,000 for farmers

Racing Queensland has joined with governing bodies across Australia to raise $10,000 for farmers through the Yellow Dog Makes Hay initiative on Thursday, September 27.

At race meetings held on the night, each time dog number 5 (yellow rug – yellow for hay) won, $1,000 was donated to Buy a Bale to purchase hay for farmers. Buy a Bale is run by Rural Aid Australia – an Australian charity founded in 2015, which operates across Australia.

There were eight number 5 winners on the night, which equates to $8,000 plus a contribution of $2,000 from Greyhound Clubs Australia.

The $10,000 contribution will buy 50 tonnes of hay and feed about fifty cows for three weeks.

Greyhounds Australasia CEO Scott Parker said: “the Australian greyhound industry is proud to support farmers in their time of need.  The support from each controlling authority was terrific to see.”.

The Yellow Dow Makes Hay initiative was possible thanks to cooperation and contributions from Greyhound Racing NSW, Racing Queensland, Greyhound Racing South Australia, Tasracing, Greyhound Racing Victoria, Racing and Wagering WA and Greyhound Clubs Australia.