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Attard’s four litter mates are reason for a golden glow

21 February 2024

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By Pat McLeod

Renald Attard, a 50 year greyhound industry veteran, knows better than to let his hopes hinge on potential.

However, even he allows himself a little leeway with his four-pronged attack on the Golden Chase Sprint series over 431 metres, which starts at the Ipswich club on Thursday.

“I just love them,” Attard says with genuine glee of the four Shima Shine and Miss Fernando litter mates he has across the 10 Golden Chase heats.

“From day one these four have done everything right.

“I couldn't believe it. They are the easiest litter that I have ever broken in and I have been doing this for a long time. All they want to do is chase.

“Some dogs you have to train to chase, but not these. They're just very keen chasers. I love them. They just always try so hard.”

Black Chrome in action.

The Golden Chase is a new name for the long-successful event – the Ipswich Auction Series - which began in 1989.

It’s new branding, but the format is the same.

Greyhounds who went through the Ipswich Auction in 2022 are eligible to contest two upcoming events, the Golden Chase Sprint over 431 metres and the Golden Chase over 520 metres.

The 520 metre showdown is the main event, this year worth a staggering $100,000 to the winner, with that Final to be held on Saturday, April 13.

The winner of this year’s 431 metre sprint will collect $14,000 after successfully navigating Thursday’s heats, the semi-finals (held on Friday March 1) and Final (held on Saturday March 9).

While Attard has his eyes across both Golden Chase distances for his foursome – Black Chrome, Shimmering Light, Mighty River and Cyclone Ranger - he is in no hurry for his youngsters to convert potential to performance.

“They are still young and learning,” Attard says.

“The most experienced is Mighty River with five starts. The majority of the greyhounds in these heats have had many more starts. There is one in one of my heats that has had 36 starts. But, each of my dogs is getting better with every start.

Cyclone Ranger runs to the line.

“Everything about them so far has been great, the rearing as well.

“My opinion is, I think they will be alright. But, you never know ultimately how good they will be until you get them up to 500 metres and that is where I hope they will end up. I'm not a real fan of sprinters. I prefer 500 metre dogs and beyond.

“But, so far I can't fault them. I'm hopeful that their potential does turn into something on the track.

“It would be great to make the Final in the 431 metres. However, three of my dogs have drawn the eight in the heats. They will have to do everything right to do well from there. They are all good beginners, so we will see how we go.”



Ipswich | Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club | 7:03 PM


The 67-year-old Attard, who has been based at his 30 acre property at Fairney View, in the Somerset Region, west of Brisbane, for about 30 years, said the Golden Chase was not only a proven success story, but also popular with trainers.

“It is one of the reasons I love what I am doing,” Attard said.

“The rewards are there for your efforts. I do all my breaking in, everything at home. So, it can be a lot of work, especially at the moment with flooding.

“I have lost a lot of fencing, which means a fair bit of repair work. But, you take it in your stride.

“The best I have done in the Auction Series was winning the Consolation a fair few years ago. I have no doubt these four will keep improving through the 431 metre races and hopefully be in an even better position when the heats of the 520 metre event comes around.”



Ipswich | Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club | 8:11 PM