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Wed 04 Nov Good 4


True Entire Course.


Good 4 Pen Not available

Nil last 24hrs, 46mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 12:29PM Thursday 05 November
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 4/11 - 7.45am. Late Scratchings R3 N14, R6 N7 & R7 N4. Late Rider R3 N16.
TRACK INFO: Track upgraded from Soft 5 to Good 4 at 11:45am


Mon 26/10/20 11:00am


Tue 27/10/20 12:00am


Wed 28/10/20 10:00am


Wed 28/10/20 12:00pm


Wed 04/11/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – Fine  
TRACK RATING – Soft 5, Good 4 @11:45am
RAIL – True
Chairman of Stewards – P Zimmermann
Stewards – W Hadley, J Hackett, K Daly
Clerk of Scales – J Robinson
Judge – S Fahey, P Dolan
Veterinarian – Dr T Raeburn
Swab Attendants – J Pedofsky
Starter – R Hanson
GENERAL: Trainer P Jenkins was fined $200 under LR68 for failing to scratch ATLANTIC ROYAL, HOSTILE STAR and GLOBAL CHOICE by the prescribed time.
Race 1: 1 KILCOY EXCHANGE HOTEL Class 4 Handicap 1060 metres
CHOCOLATE OREO – Began awkwardly, shifted out abruptly resulting in R Goltz losing use of his near-side iron and being dislodged. R Goltz was examined by QAS staff and stood down from his remaining engagement. R Goltz was advised he must obtain a medical clearance and pass a cognitive test before resuming race riding.
LOGAN'S BLADE – Forced wider by the riderless horse near the 500 metres. Inconvenienced approaching the home-turn by LA MAESTRA which hung out at that point.
LA MAESTRA – Disadvantaged by riderless horse near 250 metres. Trainer reported LA MAESTRA lost both hind plates in running and had also sustained minor abrasions to both hind legs. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no abnormalities.
TOUJOURS L'AMOUR – Carried wider on the track by the riderless horse in the home straight.
Race 2: KILCOY PICNIC RACES AUSTRALIA DAY 2021 Maiden Plate 1900 metres
CAPTAIN RIDDLE – Raced three wide in the early stages before obtaining the position outside the leader near the 1200 metres. Rider M Gray dropped his whip near the 100 meters.
EL RANCHOS – Performed below market expectations. Apprentice A Patis could offer no explanation for the performance. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a poor post-race recovery.
PAGEN FLOKI – Slow to begin, then hampered between runners a short distance later.
SYVEL GOLD – Elected to leave a rearward trailing position near the 900 metres and raced wide for the remainder of the event.
Race 3: TAB CREATE YOUR SPRING CALENDAR QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Plate 800 metres
FAV'S FLYER – Raced three wide throughout. Shifted in near 400 metres tightening both HALCYON DAYS and JENNEFICIAL. Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
GAVE US UP – When asked to comment on the performance rider T Marshall stated the gelding was not suited by the fast early speed of the race and would be better suited to races over a longer distance than today’s event.
JENNEFICIAL – Placed in restricted room near 400 metres.
LONGSHOT LIZZIE – Slow to begin. Raced three wide with cover throughout. Shied at the crossing on pulling up, dislodging rider G Goomany who was examined by QAS staff and cleared to fulfill his remaining engagements.
MISERY MISS – As R Goltz was injured, he was relaced by M Hellyer as the rider of that filly. Rider M Hellyer reported MISERY MISS kicked out just prior to the gates opening and consequently was slow to begin. Laid in under pressure near the 100 metres.
SILKAY – Fractious in barriers after being loaded. Hampered near 100 metres when MISERY MISS shifted in. Following the event rider T Wolfgram reported he was experiencing soreness in the rib area, however left the course prior to being examined by QAS staff.   
HALCYON DAYS – Tightened for room near 400 metres.
CHAMPAGNE TROUBLE – Raced four wide throughout.
Race 4: KILCOY NEW YEAR EVE CUP 31ST DEC Maiden Handicap 1200 metres
CALL ME BEL – Began awkwardly. Inconvenienced near the 100 metres when SAXON ROSE hung in despite the efforts of its rider.
GREY NOISE – Began awkwardly and shifted in. Raced wide throughout.
SAXON ROSE – Rider N Fazackerley reported the filly laid in throughout and raced on one rein placing its rider at a disadvantage. Shifted in sharply near the 100 metres. A post-race Veterinary examination revealed the need for some remedial dental work. Trainer N Luke was advised SAXON ROSE must trial satisfactorily prior to racing again.
MY BIG BROTHER – Began awkwardly and shifted out. Rider J Murphy reported the gelding raced greenly throughout.
CELTIC PRIDE – Slow into stride.
FLEUR DE JOUR – Buffeted between runners on jumping.
ROYAL SHEEN – Slow to begin.
FLIRTY MCCOY – Began awkwardly and shifted out bumping SLIGHTLY SHADY.
SERRIANO – Unable to improve when held up behind runners approaching the 600 metres.
SLIGHTLY SHADY – Inconvenienced at start when bumped by FLIRTY MCCOY
THE GOOD THE BAD – Raced three wide in the early stages before obtaining cover at the 800 metres.
TIZ – Slow to begin.
TWOGOBOOM – Began awkwardly before being steadied a short distance later. Raced three wide in the early stages before obtaining the position outside the leader near the 900 metres.
Race 6: BUTLER MCDERMOTT LAWYERS BENCHMARK 55 Handicap 1900 metres
Stewards delayed the declaration of correct weight to view an incident shortly after entering the home straight when HOT SOCK and LILY OF CHINA came together and bumped. After viewing the patrol footage correct weight was declared on the semaphored placings.
HE'S THE DEEL – Tightened between runners on jumping and had to be steadied. A post-race Veterinary examination of the gelding revealed a laceration to the near foreleg which was treated on-course. 
HOT SOCK – Began awkwardly then shifted in and bumped PIPEMAJOR on the hindquarters. Shifted in soon after entering the home straight and bumped with LILY OF CHINA.  Lost off fore plate in running. Rider J Bayliss reported the gelding laid in for majority of the event.
LILY OF CHINA – Hung out rounding the 1400 metre turn. Shifted out soon after entering the home straight and bumped with HOT SOCK.
LEGS UNBARRED – Weakened from the 600 metres. A post-race Veterinary examination of the mare revealed lameness in the off for tendon and slight dehydration. Trainer W Bannerot advised stewards LEGS UNBARRED would now be retired, however if circumstances were to change a Veterinary certificate would be required before its next race start.
NO MORE BIDS – Slow into stride. Rider M Castle lost use of her nearside iron on jumping placing her at a disadvantage for a short distance. Near the 400 metres inconvenienced by the tiring LEGS UNBARRED.
PIPEMAJOR – Began awkwardly. Raced in restricted room and inclined to lay in between the 400 metres and the 300 metres.
Race 7: SEARLES GARDEN PRODUCTS Fillies & Mares BENCHMARK 55 Handicap 1200 metres
MISS DAIQUIRI – Raced three wide throughout. Carried wider on the home turn when HEART OF AUSTRALIA laid out.
PETITE PROMISE – Steadied when placed in restricted room near 300 metres.
HEART OF AUSTRALIA – Displaced tongue tie after arriving behind barriers and raced without that piece of gear. Rider reported mare was inclined to hang out for majority of the event. Made the home turn awkwardly and shifted out. A post-race examination of HEART OF AUSTRALIA revealed no abnormalities. 
THAT'S HER I THINK – On arrival at the barriers examined by Veterinary surgeon and declared a late scratching at 5:00pm after found to be lame in the near hind leg.
On declaration of correct weight Stewards ordered all bets on THAT’S HER I THINK be refunded in full with the following deductions to apply on face value of all winning bets:
1st SUZI BEL – 12 cents win, 15 cents place
2nd PETITE PROMISE – 13 cents place
Trainer G Lane was advised THAT’S HER I THINK would require a veterinary clearance before racing again.
Race 8: KILCOY CHRISTMAS CUP SUNDAY 29 NOV Colts, Geldings & Entires BENCHMARK 1200 metres
KOTA FLYER – Trainer B Gorman was fined $100 for the late declaration of rider on the gelding.    Bumped heavily on jumping between UNRESOLVED and RINGO’S MAGIC. Rider J Bayliss reported KOTA FLYER never travelled from that point onwards and was disappointing. Laid out making the home turn and shifted wider on the track. A post-race Veterinary examination revealed KOTA FLYER to have an ulcerated tongue.
SNAP ON – Shifted in near 350 metres.
RINGO'S MAGIC – Began awkwardly shifted in and made heavy contact with KOTA FLYER. Raced three wide throughout the event.
HARRY'S STAR – Blundered on jumping.
UNRESOLVED – As M McGillivray was to be overweight, he was replaced as the rider on that runner by N Tomizawa. After taking into account his good record in this regard M McGillivray was issued with a reprimand. Began awkwardly, shifted out and made heavy contact with KOTA FLYER. Near the 350 metres steadied away from the heels of SNAPO ON which shifted in marginally.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 8: M McGillivray – overweight - AR190(3)
Race 3, 6 & 7: Trainer P Jenkins – Fail to scratch ATLANTIC ROYAL, HOSTILE STAR and GLOBAL CHOICE by prescribed time $200 - LR68
Race 8: Trainer B Gorman – late declaration of rider. LR67 $100

Race day injuries/illness
Race 1: R Goltz – Medical clearance and cognitive test prior to resuming race riding.
Absent jockeys
Riding Changes
Race 3: M Hellyer – MISERY MISS
Race 3: R Palmer - JENNEFICIAL
Adjourned inquiries          
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 4: SAXON ROSE – hung in throughout. Trial prior to racing again AR20(e)
Race 6: LEGS UNBARRED – lame off foreleg. Vet cert prior to next race start. AR20(e)
Race 7: THAT'S HER I THINK –lame near hind leg. Vet cert prior to next race start. AR20(e)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
Race 3 – ATLANTIC ROYAL @ 7.58am – Stewards
Race 6 – HOSTILE STAR @ 7.58am – Stewards
Race 7 – GLOBAL CHOICE @ 7.58am - Stewards
Race 7 – THAT’S HER I THINK @5pm – lame near hind leg.
Published subject to correction upon revision