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Brisbane Racing Club@Doomben

Doomben Metropolitan

Tue 03 Nov Good 4


+10 metres Entire Course.


Good 4 Pen 5.8

Nil last 24hrs, 68.5mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 12:16AM Wednesday 04 November
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 3/11 - 7:45am
TRACK INFO: chance of good to Soft 6


Wed 28/10/20 11:00am


Thu 29/10/20 12:00am


Fri 30/10/20 09:00am


Fri 30/10/20 12:00pm


Tue 03/11/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 2, 3





WEATHER – Fine TRACK RATING – Soft 5 / Good 4 @11.40pm RAIL – Out 10 metres entire course


Chairman of Stewards – P Chadwick
Stewards – D Aurisch, C Fedrick, N Boyle
Clerk of Scales – J Hackett
Judge – R Thomas, I Schultz, A Redding
Veterinarian – Dr M Lenz, Dr K Caldwell
Swab Attendants – K Warwick, L Chaplin
Starter – H Anderson, P Cousins

Race 1: IPG MARKETING SOLUTIONS Maiden Plate 1050 metres

KABALEGA – Bumped on jumping. Disappointed for a run near the 300m and was unable to secure clear running over the concluding stages and went to the line without being fully tested.

BASIL JUNIOR – Began awkwardly. Raced in restricted room near the 100m.

DAINTREE DIVA - Raced three wide in the early stages before being restrained to a rearward position with cover near the 800m. Raced greenly when approaching the home turn. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

MISS MCKINLEY – Began awkwardly and unbalanced its rider. When asked to comment on the performance jockey L Tarrant explained that the filly travelled well throughout the event, however when placed under pressure upon straightening failed to respond and proved disappointing over the concluding stages. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

SHOOTING ROSES – Raced three wide without cover throughout.

KIKI COCO – Raced greenly throughout.

MAHOE GOLD – Bumped on jumping.

Following the running of this race the track was upgraded to a Good 4 @11.40pm.


MISS LOT WON – Slow to begin.

FIVE OXFORD – Hung out after passing the 500m.

SHE'S A TIGRESS – After being crossed by I AM SWERVING near the 900m, commenced to overrace, and got its head up whilst being restrained. Trainer C Anderson was reprimanded under LR36(6) for failing to scratch the horse as a dual acceptor by the prescribed time.

Race 3: LEXUS OF BRISBANE GROUP Class 6 Handicap 1660 metres

KEDAH – Disappointed for a run passing the 300m, before shifting wider on the course to obtain clear running near the 150m.

BATTLE PLANE – Blundered on jumping.

SMOKEY DIAMOND – Had to be steadied from heels approaching the 1200m. Momentarily inconvenienced near the 150m when KEDAH shifted out to improve.

Race 4: NOVA 106.9 QTIS 3YO Maiden Plate 1350 metres

HIGHLIGHTS – Slow to begin.

MOONSHINER – Bumped on the hindquarters on jumping and became unbalanced. Upon straightening laid in and near the 200m had to be eased away from the heels of THRASHER which shifted out to improve. Jockey L Cassidy rider of THRASHER was advised to exercise greater care when shifting ground in similar circumstances.

SIZZLING RIVER – Began awkwardly and shifted in.

WAY BEYOND – Bumped on jumping and then was crowded and lost ground.

BUILT FOR SPEED – After arriving at the barriers, had to have its near hind plate refitted. Over the concluding stages was inconvenienced and carried wider by GRAND which laid out.

GRAND – Laid out in the home straight.

ROMAN REIGN – Slow to begin.

Race 5: BNE'S SUMMER OF RACING - IT'S WHERE WE'LL BE Class 2 Handicap 1050 metres

Due to a float breakdown AUTUMN SPLENDOUR and TRIPLE THE FUN were late arriving on course and subsequently underwent a veterinary examination and both horses were cleared to start. Pre-race blood swab samples were taken.

STYLISH SAGA – Slow to begin. Near the 700m was bumped and crowded for room by FINAL DECLARATION which shifted in abruptly before being corrected by its rider.

FINAL DECLARATION – Began awkwardly and near the 700m shifted in abruptly and crowded STYLISH SAGA.

DON'TDIE WONDERING – Lost the near fore plate in running.

HALLSIDEHANKYPANKY – Bumped near the 900m by GLOBAL FACTOR. Passing the 150m had to be checked when crowded for room by STYLISH SAGA which shifted in to obtain clear running. At a subsequent inquiry it was established that as STYLISH SAGA was attempting a narrow run to the inside of GLOBAL FACTOR, which laid in, and HALLSIDEHANKYPANKY which was racing to the inside, whilst weakening shifted out slightly and made contact with STYLISH SAGA turning that gelding inwards and crowding HALLSIDEHANKYPANKY. Apprentice Huxtable rider of STYLISH SAGA explained that he had established a run and was inside the heels of GLOBAL FACTOR and unable to come out and away as GLOBAL FACTOR had shifted in and obtained a position to his outside. In considering the evidence Stewards determined that Apprentice Huxtable had committed to the run and with the shift from both inside and outside, and the result of contact were contributing factors to the crowding of HALLSIDEHANKYPANKY and in the circumstances couldn’t apportion blame to any rider and therefore took no further action.

GLOBAL FACTOR – Near the 900m laid in despite the effort of its rider and continued to lay in for the remainder of the event.

Race 6: LEXUS BM65 Handicap 2060 metres

FORT WAYNE –Bumped shortly after the start. Jockey G Cartwright reported that in her opinion the gelding failed to run out a strong 2060m and may be better suited to races shorter than that of today’s event.

WARP SPEED – Bumped shortly after the start and overraced in the early stages and got its head when being restrained.

JUMEIRAH TRIANGLE – Was restrained from the wide barrier to obtain a position on the rail at the rear of the field. Passing the 450m was held up and had to eased away from the heels of the weakening PHOENIX RAIDER.

PHOENIX RAIDER –Near the 1000m had to be steadied away from the heels of BRINKMANSHIP.

Race 7: JIM BEAM Class 4 Handicap 1200 metres

ADORADANCER – Momentarily held up near the 200m.

GREEN JACKET – Began awkwardly.

V J DAY – Raced three wide without cover throughout.

REST OF THE WORLD – Rider B Thompson reported that he settled further back than anticipated.

Race 8: CANADIAN CLUB OPEN QUALITY Handicap 1110 metres

JUST ORM – Held up rounding the home turn.

SPURCRAFT – Laid in over the final 300m.

FREDDIE FOX TROT – Held up rounding the home turn.

HARD EMPIRE – Dislodged the rider en route to the barriers, cantered a short distance before being captured and underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to start. Bumped on jumping, became unbalanced and blundered.

JAMI LADY – Held up rounding the home turn.

SOXAGON – Raced wide rounding the home turn.

COOL SEQUENCE – Raced three wide without cover throughout.

MASTER JAMIE – Began awkwardly and shifted out.

GYPSY TOFF – Held up rounding the home turn.

REMOVAL – Passing the 500m had to be steadied away from the heels of JUST ORM, was held up rounding the home turn and had some difficulty securing clear running in the home straight.

MS CATHERINE – Bumped on jumping.

Race 9: TAB VENUE MODE BM68 Handicap 1350 metres

TOOMAI – Jockey L Dittman was fined $300 under AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using the whip 6 times prior to the 100m, one more than permitted.

ALPENDURADA – Near the 600m and again near the 500m, had to be restrained from the heels of EXPLOSIVE QUALITY. Held up over the final 350m and went to the line without being fully tested.

BEACHBREAK – Passing the 600m when racing keenly, had to be steadied from the heels of ALPENDURADA.

HOPEFUL STAR – Raced three wide without cover throughout.


Summary of action concerning licensees

Race 2. Trainer C Anderson was reprimanded for failing to scratch SHE’S A TIGRESS as a dual acceptor by the prescribed time - LR36(6)

Race 9. Jockey L Dittman – used the whip 6 times prior to the 100m, one more than permitted – AR132(7)(a)(ii) - $300

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed pre-race
She’s A Tigress, Battle Plane, Grand, Fort Wayne, Jami Lady, Poetic Choice, Autumn Splendour, Triple The Fun.

Horses swabbed post-race
All winners and Shooting Roses, Miss Lot Won, The Tax Accountant, Bold Executive, Don’tdie Wondering, Schappose, Invincore, Spurcraft, Toomai.

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications

Race 1. KIKI COCO – Mark Du Plessis
Race 4. GRAND – Georgina Cartwright
Race 8. REMOVAL – Mark Du Plessis
Race 9. HOPEFUL STAR – Andrew Spinks

This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.