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Brisbane Racing Club@Doomben

Doomben Metropolitan

Wed 12 Jan Good 4


+8.5m Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 5.7

Nil last 24hrs, 23mm last 7days

Nil last 24hrs, 5mm last 7days


Track conditions update: 1:03PM Thursday 13 January
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 12/1 - 7.45am. Late Rider R3 N15


Thu 06/01/22 12:00pm


Fri 07/01/22 03:00pm


Mon 10/01/22 09:00am


Mon 10/01/22 12:00pm


Wed 12/01/22 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1





WEATHER – Fine TRACK RATING – Good 4 RAIL – 8.5 Metres


Chairman of Stewards – J. Williamson
Stewards – P. Chadwick, J. Adams, P. Kennedy, G.Goold
Clerk of Scales – D. Lane
Judge – R. Thomas, A. Ready, I. Shultz
Veterinarian – Dr I. Truman
Swab Attendants – J. Pedofsky
Starters – R. Smith, H. Anderson



Race 4 – MOTAMAYIZ – stewards approved an application by connections to replace Apprentice M. Potgieter with Apprentice A.Thompson as they wished to utilise the full claim of Apprentice Thompson. Stewards directed that Apprentice M. Potgieter be paid any fees that he would have been entitled.

Race 6 – MY SWEET HONEY - as Apprentice L. Kilner was unable to claim any of her allowance, Stewards permitted Apprentice W. Peel to ride the filly and claim 2kg of her allowance. Apprentice L. Kilner was reprimanded.

Race 7 – Stewards permitted R. Fradd to replace R. Stewart as rider of MERIMEE when R. Stewart advised he was ill. Stewards advised R. Stewart that a medical clearance will be required before being permitted to ride again

Rider Ryan Maloney was examined by the club doctor and cleared to fulfil his engagements as a result of being dislodged at the Sunshine Coast trials the previous day.

Race 1: SKY RACING QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 68 Handicap 1050 metres

RUBIQUITOUS – Laid out under pressure in the home straight.

MYSTIC GEM – Jumped awkwardly

SELF INDULGENT – Connections advised that from the outside draw the filly would be ridden further back in the field with cover if circumstances permit. Laid out under pressure in the home straight. Stewards questioned rider G. Cartwright regarding the filly racing in a forward position as opposed to the tactic change advised. Rider Cartwright advised that after beginning well and being caught wide in the early stages she permitted the filly to stride forward to the position outside the leader approaching the 800 metres.
Race 2: XXXX DRY Maiden Plate 1050 metres

AFROGINASOCK – Race three wide without cover throughout.

DUSTY DIAMOND – Jumped awkwardly, shifted in and bumped with A Call From Heaven.

THE BURGER – Over raced in the early and middle stages.

PRIVATE SECTOR – Began very awkwardly and lost ground. Raced ungenerously in the early stages. Stewards questioned rider S. Collett regarding the horse’s performance. Rider Collett advised that the horse proved difficult to ride in the early stages however travelled well from the 800 metres but proved disappointing over the concluding stages and attributed this to the horse’s racing manners. Stewards advised connections that a warning would be placed on the racing manners of the gelding. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. A post-race swab sample was taken for analysis.

A CALL FROM HEAVEN – Bumped on jumping.

DRAMMATICA – Improved onto heels approaching the 500 metres point and had to be steadied.

GOLDEEL – Raced three wide with cover throughout.

LA FEMME DE FORTE – Slow to begin.

CHIEFS AND MAHOMES (NZ) – Stewards permitted the gelding to race without a Nose Roll which was part of its registered gear. Trainer John Walk was subsequently fined $100 pursuant to AR 206(2)

Race 3: GIRLS DAY OUT MARCH QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Plate 1200 metres

CASUAL SUCCESS – Slow to begin. Over raced in the early stages. Approaching the 200 metres was obliged to steady from the heels of the tiring Our Rocketman.

Very Intoxicating – Slow to Begin. Raced three wide throughout.

Billy's Bro
OUR ROCKETMAN – Tired over the concluding stages. Rider reported that the gelding was making an abnormal respiratory noise during the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Stewards will follow up with trainer D. Vandyke in the following days regarding the condition of OUR ROCKETMAN.
Laylah's Wish
Gossip Column

VONZITHER – Steadied at the 900 metres when obliged to race in restricted.

HEAD DE VEGAS – Slow to begin. Eased at the 1000 metres when placed in restricted room.

Race 4: MOUNT FRANKLIN BENCHMARK 75 Handicap 2050 metres

The start of this race was delayed approximately 4 minutes due to HE’S THE DEEL requiring farrier attention after casting near fore plate.

SUGAR BUZZ – Over-raced in the early stages.

TAKEITTOTHELIMIT – Jumped awkwardly

LADY SOLERNO – Inconvenienced when obliged to race in restricted room approaching the 100 metres.
HE'S THE DEEL – Slow to begin. Laid in when weakening over the concluding stages.

Race 5: AQWA CONSTRUCTION BENCHMARK 75 Handicap 1110 metres

BESTIE – Bumped on jumping. Obliged to steady when placed in restricted room approaching the 900 metres. Raced three wide without cover throughout. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the near hind leg. Connections were advised a veterinary clearance will be required before BESTIE is permitted to race again.

TOOROOLOO – Connections advised the mare would be ridden more forward if circumstances permitted. The horse was ridden accordingly.
ROYAL BANQUET – bumped on jumping. Obliged to steady approaching the 900 metres when Toorooloo shifted in when not fully clear. Rider R. Maloney (TOOROOLOO) was reprimanded pursuant to AR 131(a) for this incident.

SPIRIT HOUSE – Slow to begin.

Race 6: TRAPEZE ARTIST - 1ST YEARLINGS SELLING 2022 Class 1 Handicap 1650 metres

The start of this race was delayed approximately 5 minutes due to TRENCH WARFARE NZ requiring farrier attention after casting near fore plate.

TRENCH WARFARE (NZ) - Crowded on jumping.

AVENUE OF STARS – Bumped on jumping.

DIVULGE – Jump awkwardly. Raced three wide in the early stages before being ridden to obtain the lead nearing the 1100 metres.

KERCHAK (NZ) – Began awkwardly and shifted in. Laid out under pressure over the concluding stages

RATIONS (NZ) – Jump awkwardly. Held up for clear running approaching the home turn.

AGENT OF MAYHEM – Raced three wide without cover throughout

ATOMIC BOMB – Raced wide throughout. Near the 200 metres was steadied when tighten for room when weakening.

GIVEITALLALI - Crowded on jumping. Checked approaching the 1400 metres when tightened for room between MY SWEET HONEY and MANDEVILLE ROCKER NZ when both horses shifted ground. Stewards inquired into this incident and found that MY SWEET HONEY had shifted out as a result of its rider W. Peel attempting to relieve pressure to a runner to her inside. Stewards also found that MANDEVILLE ROCKER NZ had shifted in and away from KERCHAK, however also found that Rider A. Thompson (MANDEVILLE ROCKER NZ) could have made a greater effort to relieve pressure to GIVEITALLALI and as a result he was reprimanded pursuant to AR 131(a) for this incident. Commenced to over-race for a short distance as a result of this incident.

MY SWEET HONEY – Crowded on jumping. Became unbalanced in the early stages of the home straight whilst weakening. Connections advised stewards that following the event the mare had minor lacerations to the near hind leg

MANDEVILLE ROCKER (NZ) - Crowded on jumping. Shifted and bumped with GIVEITALLALI approaching the 1400 metres.

Handicap 1350 metres

STORMY ROCK – Bumped on jumping. Disappointed for clear running approaching the 200 metres and was obliged to alter course.

ISABELLA'S SPRING – Jumped awkwardly and lost ground. Raced three wide in the early stages.

CHEVYCHASER – Raced keenly in the middle stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a minor laceration to the off hind leg.

TITANIUM – Slow to begin

MERIMEE - Connections advised the mare would be ridden more forward if circumstances permitted. The horse was ridden accordingly.

WINTER VIOLET – Jumped awkwardly. Commenced to buck shortly after the start and lost ground. Connections were advised the filly would be required to officially trial to the satisfaction of stewards prior to racing again.

CHOIR – Slow to begin

Race 8: TAB VENUE MODE BENCHMARK 65 Handicap 1200 metres

DEJANOVA was declared a late scratching at 3:42 pm on veterinary advice after sustaining a laceration to its near hind leg on route to the course.

ALL TO DO – Over-raced in the early stages. Approaching the 300 metres was severely checked by a fallen runner and took no competitive part thereafter.

ALUF – Severely bumped on jumping and was checked as a result.

NAVAL STRIKE – Slow to begin.

KING'S RULE – Had difficulty securing clear running between the 300 metres and the 100 metres.

DARING BELLE – Began awkwardly and lost ground. Raced three wide throughout.

SUPER ONE SUSIE – Fell nearing the 300 metres point. Upon veterinary examination the mare was found to have sustained a serious upper limb injury and was humanely euthanized. Post-mortem swab samples were taken for analysis. After taking initial evidence from riders B. Thompson (JEEHAAN), R. Maloney (PRIVATE CHEETAH) and K. Wilson Taylor (ALL TO DO) stewards adjourned the inquiry until Apprentice M. Wishart is available who was transported to hospital.

I PROMISE YOU – Raced three wide throughout.

JEEHAAN – Slow to begin. Over-race in the early stages.


Summary of action concerning licensees

R5: R. Maloney – Careless riding – AR 131(a)
R6: L. Kilner – Failed to claim full allowance – AR 143(14)(b)
R6: A. Thompson - Careless riding – AR 131(a)

R2: J. Walk - $100 – Incorrect gear – AR 206(2)


Race day injuries/illness
M. Wishart – dislodged – medical clearance and COG test required

Absent jockeys
R. Stewart – Illness – Medical clearance required.

Adjourned inquiries

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed pre-race

Horses swabbed post-race
All winners plus Private Sector, Super One Susie

R2: PRIVATE SECTOR – racing manners – Warning
R5: BESTIE – lame near hind – Vet Clearance
R7: WINTER VIOLET – bucked – Official trial



Adjourned inquiries

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
R3: OUR ROCKETMAN – R. Maloney
R3: LAYLAS WISH – A. Spinks
R4: MOTAMAYIZ – A. Thompson replacing M. Potgieter
R6: MY SWEET HONEY – W. Peel replacing L. Kilner
R7: MERIMEE – R. Fradd replacing R. Stewart (medical clearance required)

Late scratchings
R2: IMPRESSIVE – Stewards Orders.
R8: DEJANOVA – Vets advice.

The matters contained within this Stewards report may be subject to an internal or external review. The outcome of any internal review is published on the Commission’s website immediately after the release of the internal review decision to the Applicant. External reviews are managed by QCAT and are not published on the Commission’s website.

This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.