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Mackay Turf Club

Mackay Provincial

Fri 26 Nov Soft 7


+2 metres Entire Course


Soft 7 Pen 5.4

5mm last 24hrs, 83mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 24mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:02AM Saturday 27 November
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 26/11 - 7:45am. Rider Alterations R3 N7 & R5 N10
TRACK INFO: Track downgraded from Soft 5 to Soft 6 at 12:30pm


Mon 22/11/21 11:00am


Tue 23/11/21 03:00pm


Wed 24/11/21 10:00am


Wed 24/11/21 12:00pm


Fri 26/11/21 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

WEATHER – Showery                TRACK RATING –  Soft 6 races 1 – 5, Soft 7 races 6 - 8     RAIL – +2m entire
Chairman of Stewards – C Allison
Stewards – P Lane, C Warren, P Kennedy and T Pelling
Clerk of Scales – A Warry
Judge – S Bryant
Veterinarian – Dr B Pullen
Swab Attendants – N Paull
Starter – J Cullen
With the current Covid restrictions the following weight alterations were permitted.
Race 2: J Stanley – MAGNETIC DRIVE - +1kg
Race 2: S Sheargold – ALEYS’A QUEEN - +1kg
Race 2: C Whiteley – JUNGLE BEAT - +1kg
Race 4: N Day – PROANE - +.5kg
Race 7: J Stanley – MONTANA KNIGHT - +1kg
As Jockey L Tilley was to be overweight on his mounts in Races three and five respectively rider replacements were made as per Stewards race day summary. Jockey L Tilley was subsequently fined the sum of $400 under the provisions of AR190(3) for accepting rides when overweight.
Race 1: TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY Maiden Handicap 1100 metres
KASINOVA KID – Reluctant to load.
ENUFF FOR ME – Slow into stride. Made contact with the inside running rail becoming momentarily unbalanced rounding the home turn.
JIMBO JONES – Inclined to race keenly in the middle stages when being restrained in an effort to obtain a position with cover. Inclined to race greenly in the home straight. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
SECLUSION – Shifted in and away form another runner which was laying in approaching the 200m.
MISHANI PATRIOT – Shifted out abruptly on jumping.
TIDEWAY – Slow to begin. Post-race was found to have lost an off-front shoe in running.
Following reports from Jockey L Tilley and Apprentice C Collis that their mounts had taken the crossing post-race  awkwardly Stewards inspected the track with a delegation of senior riders and remedial action was taken.
Race 2: MODURE CONSTRUCTIONS QTIS Three-Year-Old Handicap 1100 metres
The start time of the event was amended to 1:40pm to allow for the remedial work being conducted on the course proper section of the crossing to be completed.
AHOOSHU – Inconvenienced passing the 900m.
ISIS CARMELLA – Inclined to layout under pressure down the running.
MAGNETIC DRIVE – Raced wide with cover throughout. Jockey J Stanley advised that his mount failed to let down as expected and was overall disappointing.
ALEYSA'S QUEEN – Inclined to lay out under pressure over the final 100m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer N Walsh advised of an intention to seek follow up blood test on the filly and undertook to advise Stewards of the results.
JUNGLE BEAT – Inclined to lay out soon after the start. Inconvenienced passing the 900m.
WHOSHOTTHEMAGICIAN – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
HALLSIDE HAMMER – Raced wide for the majority. Took the 900m turn awkwardly and inconvenienced runners to its outside.
BETTER THAN BAMS – Slow into stride.
GOLD TRICKLE – Crowded for room passing the 900m.
Race 3: MANDY ATHERTON - PROFESSIONALS Class 4 Handicap 1100 metres
KAHAYLAAN – Momentarily stood flat footed as the start was effected.
CAPTAIN FOX – fractious in the barrier.
CABALO ESCURO – Inclined to lay in under pressure down the running. Stewards questioned Trainer A Mules regarding the seemingly improved performance, Mr Mules advised that the mare which had only recently arrived at his stable had benefited from a recent gear change and he was expecting a forward showing today. Stewards noted the explanation.
KARENO – Began very awkwardly.
THE SWELL – Raced wide in the early stages.
BILL 'N' TED – The tongue tie became dislodged behind the barriers and was unable to be refitted by the barrier attendants. Stewards permitted the gelding to race without that piece of gear. Inclined to lay in throughout. Raced wide for the majority.
Race 4: BRIGHT LIGHT MARKETING OPEN Handicap 1300 metres
MORENO (NZ) – Apprentice A Donald was reminded of her obligations under the provisions of AR131(b) to fully ride her mounts out to the finish.
AMERICAN GENIUS – Slow into stride.
FRATELLINO – Bumped with another runner soon after jumping. Bumped with another runner on entering the home straight.
MASON'S CHANCE – Bumped with another runner soon after jumping. Stewards questioned Jockey C Jokic’s riding over the concluding stages. Jockey Jokic advised that passing the 80m her mount had become crowded for room by runners either side of her and was improving onto the heels of MORENO (Apprentice A Donald) which was tiring on its run. She therefore elected to stop riding and was then obliged to restrain her mount passing the winning post to avoid that runner’s heels. Stewards accepted Ms Jokic’s explanation.
SUCH A WHIT – Inclined to lay out rounding the home turn and over the concluding stages.
PROANE – Slow into stride. Inclined to lay in over the concluding stages.
QUART POT – Proved difficult to load. Bumped with another runner on entering the home straight.
Race 5: NQ WATER PUMPING & IRRIGATION RATINGS BAND 0 - 65 Handicap 1300 metres
CUBIX – Reluctant to load. Began awkwardly and shifted in bumping with another runner. Restrained approaching the 600m when another runner shifted outwards when insufficiently clear.
NUREMBURG CASTLE – Tightened for room on jumping after being bumped by another runner.
GRACIOUS GARCON – Shifted ground to obtain clear running approaching the 200m.
SEQUABLUR – Reluctant to proceed to the start.
Stewards inquired into the reason Apprentice T Felon was obliged to restrain her mount approaching the 600m. After taking evidence from the riders involved and viewing the patrol footage Stewards determined that passing that point Jockey B Pengelly (NUREMBERG CASTLE) permitted his mount to shift out when insufficiently clear of CUBIX (App T Fenlon) which was obliged to be restrained and shift out to avoid that runners’ heels. Jockey B Pengelly was subsequently found guilty of a charge under the provisions of AR131(a) with his license to ride in races being suspended for a period of nine days to commence midnight the 5th of December to midnight the 14th of December 2021.
Following the running of this event the Track was downgraded to a Soft 7.
Race 6: LEKOTEK Class 6 Handicap 1560 metres
CAVELLTON – Stewards permitted the scratching of the gelding at 3:33pm subsequent to the down grading of the Track to a Soft 7. Stewards advised Trainer A Coome that they would expect connections to avoid racing the gelding on similar surfaces in the future.
MOCIAL CHIEF – Over-raced in the early stages. Brushed by another runner over the concluding stages. Jockey C Whiteley dropped his outside rein passing the 50m.
ANCIENT ECHOES – Trainer B Johnson was fined $100 pursuant to LR67(1) for the late rider notification of D Smith. Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Inclined to layout under pressure down the running. Shifted out brushing with another runner over the concluding stages. Jockey D Smith was reminded of his obligations to stop and straighten his mount in similar circumstances.
NECESSITAS (NZ) – Inclined to over-race in the early stages placing rider E Bell at a disadvantage. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Declaration of correct weight was delayed to allow connections of 2nd place getter MOCIAL CHIEF (C Whiteley) to view the footage of the concluding stages to ascertain whether grounds for an objection against 1st placegetter ANCIENT ECHOES (D Smith) existed. After viewing the patrol footage connections elected not to proceed and correct weight was declared on the Judges placings.
SALSA DREAMING – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Inclined to shift in under pressure over the concluding stages.
MARTO – Inclined to race keenly in the early stages.
ATTIQUE – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Inclined to over-race in the early stages.
LADY SNITCH – Reluctant to load. Raced wide in the early stages.
TAKEN ON CHANCE – Raced wide in the early stages.
TAVI MCBRIDE (NZ) – Held up for clear running approaching the 200m before shifting in to obtain clear running.
COMMANDER'S WATCH – Inclined to race keenly leaving the 600m.
BETTER DAYS AHEAD – Jockey C Jokic advised that, in her opinion, her mount may have resented the softer going of todays racing surface.
LASTOFTHE MOHICANS – Began awkwardly and shifted in bumping with another runner.
CINDERELLA MAN – Began awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. Trainer A Jones advised he would notify Stewards of any issues with the gelding after it gave ground over the concluding stages.
PLUCKERCARN – Slow to begin. Bumped with another runner on jumping and crowded for room losing ground. Held up in the early stages of the home straight before shifting out to obtain clear running. Inclined to lay in under pressure passing the 100m inconveniencing another runner. Apprentice C Collis was advised to exercise greater care in similar circumstances.
CELEBRATION DAY – Inconvenienced passing the 100m.
CHAMPAGNE AT DAWN – Raced wide for the majority.
CORPORAL – Slow into stride.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Races 3 and 5: Jockey Les Tilley - Overweight - AR190(3) - $400
Race 6: Trainer Bevan Johnson – Late rider notification – LR67(1) - $100
Race 5: Jockey  Brad Pengelly - Careless riding- AR131(a) -suspended 9 days midnight 5/12/2021 – midnight 14/12/2021
Race day injuries/illness
Absent jockeys
Adjourned inquiries         
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Adjourned inquiries
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3: CHILL THE BEER – L Tilley
Race 3: KARENO – S Sheargold
Race 5: ACADEMY HILL – D Smith
Race 6: ANCIENT ECHOES – D Smith
Race 8: JOHNNY WHITESOX – S Sheargold
Race 8: CORPORAL – T Fenlon
Late scratchings
Race 6: CAVELLTON – 3.33pm – track downgrade
The matters contained within this Stewards report may be subject to an internal or external review.  The outcome of any internal review is published on the Commission’s website immediately after the release of the internal review decision to the Applicant.  External reviews are managed by QCAT and are not published on the Commission’s website.
This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.