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Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre

The Queensland Government has announced the development of the new state-of-the-art Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre at Purga, west of Brisbane.


With animal welfare at the core of design and construction, the world-class venue will feature three tracks - a straight track, a two-turn track and a much needed one-turn track - which will reduce injuries, improve amenities and demonstrate the vibrancy of the greyhound code.

Importantly, the new home of Queensland greyhound racing will see the Brisbane and Ipswich Greyhound Racing Clubs co-locate at the venue once the $39 million project has been completed.

On an annual basis, the greyhound code is responsible for contributing more than $125 million to the Brisbane and Ipswich economies, whilst supporting almost 1000 full-time jobs.

In the Sunshine State, Ipswich region is the epicentre for greyhound breeding and rearing, with almost one in every two greyhounds in Queensland born locally.

Among the amenities to be established at the Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre include:

  • Construction of a large one-turn race track, two-turn track and straight track;
  • Track radius and surface banking to be designed in a way to reduce excessive limb forces acting on greyhounds while racing;
  • The implementation of modern cambers and a world-class racing surface;
  • Starting box positioning to reduce interference during race starts, including drop-on boxes where best suited;
  • Construction of best-practice starting boxes incorporating optimum spacing between contestants, grille heights and starting location alignment; and
  • Air-conditioned, sound-attenuated kennels with best practice pre and post racing support services.

Racing Queensland invites you to provide feedback on the Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre – and will update the current portal as the projects advances from design to construction – with key information.