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At The Heart Of Racing


Celebrating racing in Queensland, from our family to yours! 

For more than 150 years, the thrill and excitement of racing has echoed across our state and at the heart of racing is the Queensland community thriving with amazing individuals who drive the industry forward as quiet champions and passionate unsung heroes.

Across the Sunshine State, our towns and cities are brought to life each year with racing serving as the highlight of their social calendar, showcasing the best we have to offer in food, fashion and live entertainment. Racing really is at the heart of who we are - a community of passionate Queenslanders who know this is more than just a Saturday meet, it truly is a way of life.

Whilst we haven't been able to see you trackside as a result of COVID-19, we are very proud to have been able to continue racing during this trying period. Now as the restriction ease and we get ready to soon open the gates to our tracks, and welcome you once more - as we unite over the stories that have brought individuals from every walk of life together to share in witnessing the athleticism and power of these great creatures - to fall in love with the hear warming stories of the race.

Share your #AtTheHeartOfRacing story with us and find out more about your fellow Queenslanders, whose heart beats for the same thing yours does – great racing in Queensland. You are at the heart of racing and we want to hear your story!


Recognising outstanding members of the Queensland Racing Community.


Sarah Johnson, Nurse & Trainer


Sarah has worked diligently as a nurses' aid for the Red Cross, taking life saving blood donations. After she finishes work late at night - you'll find her at Albion Park helping out with the dogs. Sarah's story is one of thousands in the sunshine state, whose lives are brought together #attheheartofracing... READ MORE>


Recognising outstanding members of the Queensland Racing Community.


Melissa Kendall & Phil Chappenden, Owners & Trainers


"It's the little things that have been sacrifices in terms of racing, but we're happy to do it to keep racing going..." These words from Melissa Kendall and her partner Phil Chappende on the actions they have taken during COVID-19 in order to continue serving their community through their essential day jobs, and to keep training their beloved harness racing horses. READ MORE>


Recognising outstanding members of the Queensland Racing Community.


Michael Landsberg, Owner & Research Scientist 


Life since COVID-19 began, "it's the new normal but also the old normal because it's provided the opportunity to spend more time with your local community; spend more time getting to know your neighbours - it's the sort of things I remember really vividly from my childhood..." 


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