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The Q unveiled as the home of Queensland greyhound racing.

The Q has been unveiled as the future home of Queensland greyhound racing. 

The project will see the Brisbane and Ipswich Greyhound Racing Clubs co-locate at its new home at Purga in Ipswich, with $39.15 million accessed from the Racing Infrastructure Fund.

In a nod to the industry’s past, the broader precinct at The Q, incorporating the gardens, walkways and community facilities, will be known as Parklands, while the track names will be known as:

  • Q1 Lakeside;
  • Q2 Parklands; and
  • Q Straight. 

Greyhound racing already contributes more than $196 million to the Brisbane and Ipswich economies each year.

A brand-new centre will be a game changer for the industry and assist the local economy, opening the door to hosting some of the world’s prestigious races.

Animal care is at the heart of The Q’s design and operation.

The Q will use the latest best practice standards for greyhound racing safety principles, including modern cambers and drop-on boxes.

It will also be one of the few centres in the world with a straight track, a one-turn track, and a two-turn track to suit the size, age, running gait and athletic abilities of different greyhounds.


At a glance

Among the amenities to be established at The Q include:

  • Construction of a large one-turn race track, two-turn track and straight track;

  • Track radius and surface banking to be designed in a way to reduce excessive limb forces acting on greyhounds while racing;

  • The implementation of modern cambers and a world-class racing surface;

  • Starting box positioning to reduce interference during race starts, including drop-on boxes where best suited;

  • Construction of best-practice starting boxes incorporating optimum spacing between contestants, grille heights and starting location alignment; and

  • Air-conditioned, sound-attenuated kennels with best practice pre and post racing support services.

Project timeline


Year Action
Jun-20 Government funding approval
2020-2022 Community and industry engagement
2023 Award contract
Feb-23 Commence construction
Late 2024 Commencement of trialling
Early 2025 Project completion

Further information

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