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LIVE COVERAGE: Eagle Farm Saturday 27 July

Eagle Farm hosts a Picnic at The Races Day with plenty happening off the track for families and just as much on the track with a nine-race Metropolitan meeting featuring The QTIS Two-Year-Old Sprint (1200m) and the QTIS Three-Year-Old's over the Middle distance(1840m). 

Follow our live blog for all the comments for jockeys and trainers, photos and race replays as the Spring approaches. 

Race 1 - 11:48AM TAB OPEN Handicap (1840 METRES) 

1st - Boom Boom Epic - Anderson & Heathcote Racing - Tegan Harrison

2nd - Victory Eight - Trevor Miller - Jim Byrne

3rd - Master Zephyr - Tony Haydon - Ryan Maloney


Trainer - Chris Anderson

"The race set up really nice for us, Haradify put a bit of pace into in for us and was able to drag us into it at the right time."

"I think she's got more in her this filly hopefully she can make it to Stakes grade, but for now I'm just really happy to see her winning a Saturday Metro."

"The owners and breeders and we're on a mission to add to her resume, top result all round."

"If she's allowed to be put to sleep like she was today I can't see why she wouldn't run a strong 2000 in the near future."

Jockey - Tegan Harrison

"I can't thank the owners enough for what they've done for me from an apprentice right up until now they're always giving me good rides."

"I think she needs to learn to settle a touch more before she steps up in distance, the tempo of the race really gave us a soft run and she was entitled to win as she did."

"The track felt slightly on the firm side we found good running on the rail we'll have to wait and see if that's the pattern of the day."

Eagle Farm

TAB OPEN Handicap 1840m

Race 2 - 12:23PM ASCOT GREEN QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap (1200 METRES)

1st - Ginger Rock - Danny Bougoure - Dale Smith

2nd - Karaja - Matthew Dunn - Jim Byrne 

3rd - Champagne Jet - Toby Edmonds - Corey Bayliss


Trainer - Danny Bougoure

"Everything worked out today, she came in great condition and was given a beautiful ride by Dale (Smith) and scored her first city win probably a bit ahead of schedule."

"I'm not sure if we'll keep her going now, if we put her away I think we'll bring her back a serious filly in six months time."

"She was all at sea first up at Caloundra, drifted back out of the gates and it didn't get much better from there, but obviously the run improved her and she won't be back to the 1000 any time soon."

Jockey - Dale Smith 

"She looks a really promising filly, she's not much to look at but she was pretty professional with how she went about it today and should only get better."

"We managed to drop into the box seat and she was a little green getting off the rail, but responded when I asked her the question."

Eagle Farm

ASCOT GREEN QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap 1200m

Race 3 - 12:58PM NEVER FORGOTTEN Fillies and Mares Class 6 Plate (1200 METRES)

1st - Adoradancer - Barry Lockwood - Dale Smith

2nd - Malahide - Michael Costa - Michael Cahill

3rd - Tardis - Toby Edmonds - Ryan Maloney


Trainer - Barry Lockwood

"She just needs to get cover that's all, even at the start today we looked like we might be posted before slotting in."

"She had the front brigade covered a long way out, only Malahide could have beaten her from the back, but she'd got away with it by then."

"She's only had thirteen starts for a pretty handy record, we've got no aspirations to do anything with her post racing so we'll keep her ticking over."

Jockey - Dale Smith

"It's been a bit of a lean month but we're out the other side now and getting some nice results it's good."

"She's a funny hose she bounced too quick for herself at the Sunshine Coast last week and got pipped on the post, she's a far superior chaser and had it won a long way out from home."

"This is her first campaign where Barry (Lockwood) has had her at one hundred percent, I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do."

"The track is probably a bit on the firm side, but winners and grinners and the rest please themselves."

Eagle Farm

NEVER FORGOTTEN Fillies and Mares Class 6 Plate 1200m

Race 4 - 1:33PM WORKFORCE SUCCESS OPEN Handicap (1400 METRES)

1st - Manaya - Michael Costa - Jag Guthmann-Chester

2nd - Morendi - Darren Graham - Michael Cahill

3rd - After All That - Rodney Northam - Robbie Fradd


Trainer - Michael Costa

"I was a little bit nervous when Jag took the run on the rail, she's normally a get back horse who likes to get to the outside, but good to see her win in different fashion."

"She's for sale as a brood mare she's a two-year-old stakes winner and a sister to Hot Danish, so she has a bit going for her, but if the owners don't get the right money i'd be rapt to have her back."

"They are trying to seel her privately, but she's advertising on the Inglis online catalogue as well."

Jockey - Jag Guthmann-Chester

"She travelled too well not to be confident coming into the corner I just had to wait for the leader to roll off the fence and once it did she really let down well."

"She's usually a hose that gets back and travels strong late, but in a small field I didn't want her too far off the speed and it panned out nicely."

Eagle Farm


Race 5 - 2:12PM REDKITE Class 3 Plate (1840 METRES)

1st - Borazon - Chris Waller - Ryan Maloney

2nd - Miss Shanti - Chris Waller - Robbie Fradd

3rd - Kemsrey - Tony Gollan - Baylee Nothdurft


Trainer - Paul Shailer

"I thought both jockeys summed it up well early, Borazon had the better draw and was able to sit up on the speed, Miss Shanti had an awkward gate and looked to go back, but Robbie got her in nicely."

"Barrier draws are vital and that was evident today, had Miss Shanti drawn soft she probably wins the race but Robbie had to make that long sustained run on her and Borazon had a little more in the tank."

"His carnival wasn't bad at all and he trialled nice and sharp leading into this he carried that residual fitness well."

Jockey - Ryan Maloney

"He was probably the class of the race today and once we got a nice spot near the front I just didn't want to be the first one to pop out early and fortunately Robbie put a bit of speed on around the 700 and we picked up well from there."

"Miss Shanti actually headed up in the straight, it was a really tenacious effort to buckle down and come again."

"I thought earlier in the day it might harden right up by now, but I don't think it's changed much from the start of the day."

Eagle Farm

REDKITE Class 3 Plate 1840m

Race 6 - 2:52PM THE BRISBANE BULLETS ALLEY-OOP CLUB QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap (1840 METRES)

1st - Red Stina - Rex Lipp - Tegan Harrison

2nd - Plumaro - Kevin Kemp - Nick Keal

3rd - Blue Comet - Noel Doyle - Brad Stewart


Jockey - Tegan Harrison

"Her run last week was very promising she just needed that extra furlong and she probably would have won and she found that this week."

"Big thanks to Rex (Lipp) for keeping me on the horse he coud have easily tipped me off after getting back last start, I'm glad to reward the faith."

"The gate dictated that we'd have to go back and run on again this week, but I wasn't neraly as concerned I knew we'd get our chance and she did the rest after I got her to the outside."

Eagle Farm


Race 7 - 3:32PM NAT MCCALL RACING BenchMark 70 Handicap (1500 METRES)

1st - Red Doulton - Natalie McCall - Ron Stewart

2nd - Seentoomany - Michael Costa - Robbie Fradd

3rd - Great Powers - Les Ross - Michael Cahill


Trainer - Natalie McCall

"I thought she was back up to her old tricks running up the back of tiring horses, I was cursing her a little bit but she found a way to get there in the end."

"It was only a benchmark seventy today, but we'll probably step her up to a proper metro race now she's always had the ability, she's finally got the confidence to go on with it now."

"She's always been a really nice filly but looks to have found that will to win, hopefully onwards and upwards from here."

Jockey - Ron Stewart

"She's one of those unlucky horses, the owners have showed great faith sticking with me because she's thrown away a few races, but it's nice to see her put two together."

"I was just held up for a run at the two hundred and had to skip over heals it was a tough win in the end."

Eagle Farm

NAT MCCALL RACING BenchMark 70 Handicap 1500m

Race 8 - 4:12PM JOBCOACH Colts, Geldings and Entires Class 6 Plate (1200 METRES)

1st - Freddie Fox Trot - Les Kelly - Baylee Nothdurft

2nd - New Horizons - J & C Meagher - Tegan Harrison

3rd - Tisani Magic - Kevin Kemp - Nick Keal


Trainer - Les Kelly

"He's had a lot of issues this horse, the sky was the limit as a three-year-old when he strung a few together, but I think he's finally back to where he was he's put it all together today."

"If we'd have drawn a gate in the Ramornie I reckon we could have won, but he was just unlucky at that occasion."

"I was never confident all the way to the line it looked like New Horizons might have our measure, but Baylee rode her a treat we didn't have to go around a horse."

Jockey - Baylee Nothdurft

"It's a pleasure to ride a class horse in a race and coming off his Ramornie run I thought he was my best chance today and he didn't let me down."

"He travelled beautifully in the run, we had the run of the race and he's got a bit of bulldog in him he really fought to get his head in front."

"He's been running in the top grade of late without luck and a little drop in class today he was too good for them."

Eagle Farm

JOBCOACH Colts, Geldings and Entires Class 6 Plate 1200m

Race 9 - 4:47PM ASTROJUMP INFLATABLES QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap (1200 METRES)

1st - Hold The Line - David Vandyke - Robbie Fradd

2nd - Pennino - Darryl Hansen - Ryan Plumb

3rd - Epic Girl - Anderson & Heathcote Racing - Tegan Harrison


Stable Rep - Gary Baker

"The instructions were pretty simple from David today, sit back off them and tough it out."

Jockey - Robbie Fradd

"She pinged the gates well and travelled quite nicely."

"I always wanted to get her out three wide and track the speed and when i pressed the button she just went bang, I thought we might have gone too soon but she toughed it out."

"If today's any sign she's back to her best and should be in for a big prep."

Eagle Farm

ASTROJUMP INFLATABLES QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap 1200m