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Meet the trainers: Bob Murray

Bob Murray

Location: Eidsvold

What is your background in Queensland Racing?

I have been training for probably just 10 years but I’ve been in the racing game all of life because my grandfather was a trainer and my father was. I was a strapper to my father and just got a license when he retired.

How big is your operation? How many horses do you have in work?

We’ve only got the family’s horses. There’s only me and my two sons and nephew help out. We as a family have 5 or 6 horses most of the time.

What do you love about racing?

I just enjoy the sport and all that comes with it. I just love the horses and love the sport. No specific thing I’ve just been in it all my life.

Tell us about the horse you have qualified for the final?

Better Idea - Career: 58-13:8:6

He’s a nice quiet old horse and easy to train. He’s got no vices and he goes alright. I think the race might be a little bit short for him there but he’ll go alright, he wont disgrace himself.

What do you think of the Battle of the Bush concept and what would it mean to win?

Oh it would be terrific if we could win it, and it’s not a bad concept, because the big horses and the trainers in Brissy can’t get their horses in it, its for the bush. Normally when they have a race like that they allow their metropolitan horses in, but this one, they can’t get them in there.