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Return Date Unknown

There is still no timeline on a possible return.

Leading reinsman Chris Petroff has been off the racetrack for the past ten days following a nasty incident in which he was kicked by a horse and left him with some serious injuries.

Petroff finished some track work at Raboki Farms Wednesday week ago (May 30) for trainers Shannon Price and Scott Miller and when putting a young horse out in the paddock, he was seriously injured when the youngster spooked and lashed out.

It left Petroff reeling on the ground in agony after being struck in the abdomen and lower abdomen regions.

He underwent emergency surgery later that same day.

Obviously, he hasn’t driven since.

Now in his 25th season of driving, the highly decorated driver and taken some spills and bumps along the way but his latest injury is by far the worse he has incurred.

“I think I got lucky in many ways because it could’ve been a lot worse, it was instant pain and I knew it was fairly serious. I’ve just been resting up since the surgery took place and I’m slowly getting a little better.” Petroff said.

A visit to the specialist across the weekend indicated the healing process was taking shape but no timeline was given on a possible return to race driving.

With more than 1300 winners against his name, Petroff is hoping to be back competing sooner rather than later.

“I’m aiming for the end of the week if that’s possible, I’ll visit the doctor again later this week and seek a clearance. That’s best case scenario in my mind.

“You don’t want to be sitting out when the carnival is just around the corner, so I’m hoping that a return is imminent.”

Petroff has driven 56 winners to date this season.

Chris Barsby | RQ Web News | June 11