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Wise Misty back and Better than ever

By Isaac Murphy

Wise Misty was one of the most promising sprinters in Queensland before she was struck down by injury earlier this year.

The path back to the top has been a long one, but trainer Craig Hazelgrove has been there every step of the way to have her once again eyeing Queensland’s feature races.

Wise Misty will line up against the likes of Shot Clock, Big Bad Bob, Del Rey and a number of other star Queensland sprinters in the Best 8 tonight, where last week she overhauled dual Group One winner Jury. 

Hazelgrove is confident she can stand up again tonight.

“There’s not a lot of speed outside her and she’s got a vacant box inside her, both factors in her favour,” Hazelgrove said.

“The only one who may lead her early is Fab Fit, but I think she would still have the ability to get across from the six, sit behind her and run her down.”

Hazelgrove said he couldn’t be happier with how Wise Misty was going, her runs indicating she was ripe for a new challenge.

“She’s starting the best she ever has with a 5.48 first sectional, but she’s been coming up against dogs like Codrington Kid for Alex Green and Jury for Tony Brett who are even quicker than that,” Hazelgrove said.

"So to get a race without them in tonight is ideal.

“The one week where she cleared them she went 29.64 and if she leads tonight I think she can replicate it."

Hazelgrove said he planned to head to the Ipswich Cup Heats next Saturday, a race that couldn’t be more suitable for his inform chaser.

 “I’ve got my eye on the Ipswich Cup, she’ll go through the heats next Saturday night and all things considered hopefully book a spot in the final on the Thursday,” he said.

“She loves it at Ipswich, it’s probably her favourite track so I’m pretty excited about her chances.”

Hazelgrove said he took huge satisfaction in having his star back to her best and all things considered would be looking for further feature races following the Ipswich assault.

“We’ll definitely have a go at the Brisbane Cup and she’s in the form now if any feature race pops up I think she can figure in it,” he said.