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Bella Blitz hits Albion Park

By Isaac Murphy

Six wins from seven starts for Ringbark Bella is something to get excited about for Serena Lawrance, but the trainer believes her young star is ready to step up and show out over the 520 in the Aspley Leagues Club Publican’s Cup Heat tomorrow night.

Ringbark Bella has stormed onto the scene as one of Queensland’s most promising young greyhounds, barely two years of age the sprinter has been setting the track alight with her trademark early speed most recently taking her to a nine length victory in a Grade 5 Final over the 431 at Ipswich.

The one blemish on her record came at Albion Park over the 520 a distance Lawrance said she tried to tackle a little early in her career.

“The one loss she did have was at Albion Park, I stepped her up too quick over the 520 and she copped a pretty fair shove on the first corner and battled on well, I think the winner went twenty nine something that night, so it wasn’t a bad showing,” Lawrance said.

“She still wouldn’t have won because she wasn’t fit enough, so after that I stepped her back a bit and went through the grades and she’s been improving and getting stronger every time whether it was at Albion or Ipswich, so I thought the time was right to step her back up and see how she goes.”

Lawrance said tomorrow night would be a good indicator if Ringbark Bella’s future was over the 520 metres but was confident her star had plenty of wins to come regardless.

“If she’s not going to make it as a 520 dog it’s not the end of the world because she’ll still win plenty of races over the shorter course but I’m pretty sure she’ll show tomorrow night 520 is her go,” she said.

“Providing she can come out clean she’ll get her chance to show what she can do, but tomorrow will be a good little test for her against the older dogs.”

“As long as she runs it out well tomorrow night we’ll keep her over the 520, hopefully in the Publican’s Cup Final but if not we’ll find her another race.”

Lawrance said it was not often you found a dog with Ringbark Bella’s ability and at barely two years old was still honing her craft.

“She’s been a breath of fresh air you get a bit excited when you take her out because you know she’s got that early speed and to see her consistently get out in front it’s nice to watch,” she said

“She’s got a few little things with her education, she likes to get three or four off the fence but it’s not such an issue if she’s out in front.”

Surprisingly Ringbark Bella did not come from a boom dam, but Lawrance has got all she bargained for and more with the young star as well as a brother in her kennel.

“Just a Show was her mother who didn’t have a great racing career, but she produced a nice litter out of Fabregas and I’ve got another young one who we’re hoping will come on,” she said.

In exciting times for the kennel Lawrence said to look out for a few of her young pups to be popping up in a few weeks time.

“I’ve got a few young ones getting ready and the Eric Thompson (Memorial Maiden Final) is in a few weeks (October 11th) so I’m hoping to have a couple of young ones ready for that, but I won’t push them they’ll tell me if they’re up to it.”