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Thu 09 Mar Good 4


6 metres Entire Course


Good 4 Pen Not available

10mm last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 36mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:04AM Friday 10 March
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 9/3 - 7:45am - Late Scratching Race 7 No. 3


Fri 03/03/17 11:00am


Mon 06/03/17 12:00am


Tue 07/03/17 09:30am


Tue 07/03/17 12:00pm


Thu 09/03/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                        TRACK RATING – SOFT (5)/ Upgraded to GOOD (4) retrospectively to Race 6
Chairman of Stewards – Mr. L Collins
Stewards –Mr. G. Meek, Mr B Nalder & M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – W. Welburn
Judge – I. Schultz
Veterinarian- Dr. B. Newman
Swab attendants – J Summers/ Z Newman
Starter- C. Matthews
Race 1: JP and DP Jenkins Pty Ltd F&M Maiden Handicap- 1050 metres
1st- Poetic Luck    2nd- Miss Marseille    3rd- Hot Tempo    4th- Crown Me Lucky
HOT TEMPO – Not started since 2014. Underwent a veterinary examination and was declared fit to start.  The start was delayed when the horse was reluctant to parade with the jockey on, escaped and was recaptured. A warning will be placed on the horse regarding its pre-race manners.  Made heavy contact on jumping away.  Raced ungenerously in the middle stages.
POETIC LUCK – Made contact on jumping away.  Stewards spoke to the representative for trainer T. Button with regard to concerns with the action of its near foreleg. Stewards advised  that the horse’s nomination would be refused until such time as this matter was reviewed.
SHOO FLY SHOO – Bumped on jumping away. Lost its near fore plate in running.
MISS MARSEILLE – Jockey S. Sheargold reported his mount was inclined to hang out in the straight.
RAINBOW JILL – Raced wide without cover throughout.
Race 2: Ray White Gracemere C&G Maiden Handicap- 1050 metres  

Immediately following this event, stewards inquired into the start of this race. After taking statements from all riders and the official starter, it was stated that the starter did not effect the start of this particular race, and BLACK CREEK, which had been fractious, had made contact with the front of the barriers and effected the start.  Given that majority of horses and riders that were affected as a result, stewards declared this race a no race. Connections were advised that BLACK CREEK would require a further barrier certificate.  A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.  Subsequently, C. Jokic, rider of BLACK CREEK, was stood down due to injury, and must produce a medical clearance prior to being permitted to ride again. Riding changes were made as per the Stewards Summary Sheet.
Race 3: Mark Bunt Menswear QTIS 2YO Maiden Handicap- 1100 metres
1st- Allround Glory    2nd- Replacement    3rd- Dual Personality   4th- Smoking Lady  
REAL LUCKY – Slow to begin.
SUDDENLY SPICE – Slow to begin.
SMOKING LADY – Slow to begin.
SALTY’S BOY – Hung out for a short distance near the 900m.
FORTUNATO BAMBINO – Raced wide throughout.
EDGED IN LACE – Raced wide in the early and middle stages.
TOXOPHILY – Apprentice Z. White was charged with careless riding in that approaching the 800m she used insufficient effort to prevent her mount from shifting inwards, which caused EDGED IN LACE to be checked and BAUHINIA DROUGHT to be steadied.  This inquiry was adjourned to Saturday, 18 March, to enable Mr. T Cook to tender further evidence on behalf of Apprentice White.
BAUHINIA DROIUGHT – Placed in an awkward position near the 700m and had to be eased when TOXOPHILY shifted in. SUDDENLY SPICE, which was following, also had to be steadied.
Race 4: Ironmonger Shipping Agencies QTIS 2YO Maiden Handicap- 1100 metres
1st- Justalad   2nd- Undercover Girl    3rd- Stylish Criminal   4th- Grand Edgeroi
JUSTALAD – Began awkwardly.
CHEEKY STAR – After being fractious, reared over in the enclosure and injured jockey N. Day, who was stood down from his remaining engagements.  Connections were advised that a warning would be placed on the filly. Jockey N. Day will require a medical clearance prior to resuming riding. Subsequent to the event, all monies invested on CHEEKY STAR were ordered to be refunded, with the following deductions applicable.
6 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
8 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets
11 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
14 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
TREV’S CHAMPION – Slow to begin.
STYLISH CRIMINAL – Began awkwardly and jumped in on to GRAND EDGEROI.
GRAND EDGEROI – Bumped at the start. Raced greenly in the straight.
ARARRAC -  Raced 3 wide without cover for the majority of the race.  A post race veterinary examination revealed it to be mildly lame in the off foreleg.
HOURGLASS TIME – Raced wide without cover throughout. 
Race 5:  Knight Frank Class 3 Plate- 1050 metres   
1st- Rooi Roe    2nd- Shigeru Mahogany    3rd- The Lad’s My Dad   4th- Arquatas
THE LAD’S MY DAD – Underwent a veterinary examination following a significant period away from racing and was declared suitable to start.  Jumped inwards at the start onto BOXER.
ARQUATAS – Began awkwardly, unbalancing its rider.
Race 6: Happy 40th Renae Welburn BM 60 Handicap- 1500 metres   
1st- All Host    2nd- Murphy’s Hustler   3rd- Cold Blooded    4th- I Can I Will I am 
Following this race, the track rating was upgrade to a GOOD (4) retrospectively.
MT ZIGGARO – Began awkwardly and was slow to begin.  Over raced in the early stages and raced wide on the track until the 900m.
COLD BLOODED – Slow to begin.
Race 7: Racing Gala Ball Saturday March 11 BM 70 Handicap- 1200 metres  
1st- Eventide    2nd- Shigzag     3rd- Barcelona Bound    4th- Amber Ale 
GYPSY SECRET – Declared a late scratching at 7.46 am due to the track rating. A soft track bar will now be imposed on the horse.
FAB’S COWBOY – After all runners were loaded, the horse, which was fractious in the barriers, got its head down, effecting the start, and the false start siren was activated. The horse then galloped riderless for a considerable distance. A warning was placed on FAB’S COWBOY.  All horses were returned to the start and underwent veterinary examinations, subsequently resulting in the late scratching of MIDNIGHT CURFEW, FAB’S COWBOY and COVERT CHARMOUR.  All bets placed on those horses were ordered to be refunded with the following deductions applicable. 

12 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
23 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets
7 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
34 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
38 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
54 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets
25 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
65 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
31cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
45 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets
19 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
57 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
The remainder of the field was cleared to start.
BARCELONA BOUND – Stood flatfooted at the start and was slow to begin.
SHIGZAG – Shifted out under pressure over the final 100m of the event.
Race 8: Cap Yearling Sale Sun April 2 Class 1 Handicap- 1200 metres  
1st- Hidden Thunder    2nd- Chica Peeps    3rd- The Equine Bolt    4th- Sunrise Glory 
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, jockey A. Coome, rider of the 3rd placegetter CHICA PEEPS and trainer T. Cook reviewed the patrol film and after doing so lodged an objection against THE EQUINE BOLT being declared 2nd on the grounds of interference in the early stages of the race. It was established that approaching the 900m, CHICA PEEPS had established running to the inside of THE EQUINE BOLT, which was over racing and shifted in, and as a result caused CHICA PEEPS to be checked.  Stewards were of the opinion that the ground lost in this incident exceeded the margin at the finish and the objection was upheld and the placings were amended to:  HIDDEN THUNDER – 1ST    CHICA PEEPS – 2nd     THE EQUINE BOLT – 3rd   SUNRISE GLORY – 4th.  At a subsequent inquiry, due to the mannerisms of the horse, no action was taken against apprentice D. Graham.  In this incident, ONEMORENOBLEDANCER had to be steadied when THE EQUINE BOLT shifted out.
The start was effected manually for this race.
ONEMORENOBLEDANCER – Due to no senior rider being available, apprentice Q. Krogh replaced in the injured C. Jokic.
CHICA PEEPS - Made contact on jumping away.
THE EQUINE BOLT – Bumped on jumping away.  Shifted out at the start and made contact with SUNRISE GLORY.
ARNHEM BEAUTY – Raced 3 wide without cover throughout.
POETIC SHOW – Raced wide without cover throughout.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Jockey absenteeism
Chelsea Jokic – Injury - Medical clearance required
Nathan Day – Injury – Medical clearance required
Adjourned inquiry
Race 3.          Re inquiry into interference to Edged In Lace and Bauhinia Drought. Adjourned                to 18.3.17.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
Post-race- All winners and CHICA PEEPS.
Race 1.          Hot Tempo – Reluctant to parade, escaped, recaptured – Warning.
                        Poetic Luck – Concern re action of near foreleg. Nomination to be refused until                the matter is reviewed.
Race 2.          Black Creek – Barrier manners – B/cert. AR8(t)
Race 4.          Cheeky Star – Enclosure manners – Warning
Race 7.          Gyspy Secret – Late scratching due to track rating.  Soft track bar imposed –                    AR8(t)
                        Fab’s Cowboy – Barrier manners – Warning
Race 8.          3rd (Cheeky Star) v. 2nd (The Equine Bolt) – Interference in the early stages of                   the race – Upheld 
Late Scratchings
Race 4.          Cheeky Star
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 4.          Ararrac – S. Sheargold
Race 5.          Arquatas – S. Sheargold
Race 6.          All Host – A. Butler
                        Mista Busy – S. Sheargold
Race 8.          Onemorenobledancer – Q. Krogh