Stewards Report

Brisbane Racing Club@Eagle Farm

Eagle Farm Metropolitan | TAB

Wed 16 Sep Good 4


+10.5m Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 5

Nil last 24hrs, 4mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 13mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:01AM Thursday 17 September
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 16/9 - 7.45am. Late Rider Replacement R6N4
TRACK INFO: Going stick - Index - 10.9 Penetrate - 10.7 Shear - 11.3


Thu 10/09/20 12:00pm


Fri 11/09/20 12:00am


Mon 14/09/20 09:00am


Mon 14/09/20 12:00pm


Wed 16/09/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER - Fine             TRACK RATING - Good 4           RAIL +10.5 Entire
PENETROMETER - 5.0     GOING STICK - Index - 10.9 Penetrate - 10.7 Shear - 11.3
Chairman of Stewards - D. Aurisch
Stewards - W. Hadley, L. Hicks, P. Mclean, R. Hanson
Clerk of Scales - K. Daly
Judge - M. Mawhinney, A. Redding, R. Thomas
Veterinarian - G. Silvestri
Swab Attendants - K. Kilpatrick, L. Chaplin
Starter - H. Anderson
Assistant Starter - P Cousins
Race 1: TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY QTIS 3YO Fillies Maiden Plate 1200 metres
The declaration of correct weight was delayed allowing Apprentice Justin Huxtable the rider of MISS TWENTY TWO to view the photo finish. After viewing the photo he was satisfied and correct weight was semaphored on the Judge’s placings.
BAVARIAN MISS - Began awkwardly, over-raced when being restrained in the early stages and as a result was inclined to layout proving difficult to ride. Hung out rounding the home turn and early part of the home straight.
BID IN A HURRY – Leaving the 300m had to be eased from the heels of DAISY STREET which shifted out when not sufficiently clear.  M Hellyer was issued with a reprimand and advised to show greater care in similar circumstances.
CROWN LAW – Checked when tightened at the start. Hung out badly passing the 900m as a result shifted out abruptly, continued to hang out for the remainder. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer Matthew Dunn was advised that the filly must officially trial prior to racing again.
DEEP SCEIVA – Raced 3 wide early and ridden forward to obtain the lead near the 900m.
MISS TWENTY TWO – Jockey dropped whip passing the 200m.
MY FAVOURITE MODEL – Began awkwardly raced three wide without cover throughout.
NASHWAH – Near the 800m taken wider. Held up rounding the home turn and was unable to improve.
PLATINUM FACTOR – Jumped awkwardly and shifted out, weakened badly in the home straight. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer Steven O’Dea was advised that the filly must officially trial prior to racing again.
SOUL DANCER – Passing the 600m had to be restrained from the heels of MISS TWENTY TWO and continued to be restrained until passing the 500m. Held up rounding the home turn, inclined to lay out over the final 300m.
Race 2: BRC - LIKE NOWHERE ELSE IN BRISBANE Maiden Plate 1600 metres
LITTLE NATURAL – Over-raced early stages.
PRINCE HUSSON – After passing the 1000m had to be checked to avoid the heels of LITTLE NATURAL which lost ground at the stage.
SACRED SUITE – Near the 1500m overraced and shifted out abruptly continued to over-race in the middle stages.
GOMATHI – Taken wider near the 1500m.
WELL WELL WELL – Taken wider near the 1500m, over-raced in the early stages. Jockey reported the mare hung out for the majority of the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed to have lacerations in its mouth.
PACKAGE – Jockey Nozi Tomizawa was reprimanded under AR132(6)(c) for using the whip on a horse out of contention.
Race 3: 3 ASCOT GREEN Class 5 Plate 1300 metres
FASANO – Shifted out under pressure over the final 200m.
FORTIFICATION – Checked from the heels of FASANO near the 900m and as a result shifted out. Over-raced in the middle stages.
SHOGUN SUN – Over-raced in the early stages.
Race 4: MOUNT FRANKLIN Class 6 Plate 1800 metres
CLOAK – When questioned Jockey Ryan Maloney explained he had no specific instructions although it was his intention to lead today’s event. He added that after passing the 1600m it was evident RESET’S SON had superior speed to his mount, so he elected to take cover however when the pace slackened near the 1400m the gelding began to over-race. He further added that the gelding didn’t run out a strong 1800m.  Trainer David Vandyke was also of the opinion CLOAK didn’t run out a strong 1800m today.
RECKLESS CHOICE – Held up for clear running approaching the home turn.
MOMENTUM TO WIN – Passing the 1000m when pulling hard was allowed to stride forward and raced 3 wide without cover for the remainder of the event.
BIANCO NUOVO – Jockey James Orman stated the gelding was having its 1st run for the stable and in his opinion the it wasn’t comfortable going the clockwise direction.
Race 5: KIRIN QTIS 3YO Colts & Geldings Maiden Plate 1200 metres
BACK WHEN – Approaching the 900m was checked when tightened for room by RUBY’S LAD which was taken in by LUCKY ENUFF which shifted in when not clear.
LUCKY ENUFF – Hung out badly approaching and rounding the home turn. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer Maryann Brosnan was advised a warning would be placed against the gelding’s manners.  
MOB BUSTER – Checked at the 900m.
PALLADAS – Slow to begin.
RUBY'S LAD – Over-raced in early stages.
Jockey Brad Stewart was found guilty of careless riding under AR131(a) in that approaching the 900m he shifted in when not clear of RUBY’S LAD which was taken in across the running of BACK WHEN which had to be checked. Jockey Brad Stewart’s license to ride in races was suspended for a period of 13 days to commence at the expiration of a previous suspension, midnight 29th September and to expire midnight 12th October 2020. In assessing penalty Stewards deemed the interference to be mid-range.
Race 6: BRC SPRING CARNIVAL ON SALE BENCHMARK 75 Handicap 1000 metres
JAGGED EDGE – Raced in restricted room approaching and passing the 600m and again near the 400m. Held up for clear running in the early part of the home straight.
MOUNTBATTEN – Began awkwardly.
RAMTASTIC – Raced three wide without cover throughout.
VOULAIT – Raced four wide throughout.
PAPER TRADE - Jockey Nathan Day could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance today.
SWAN ISLAND – Stewards ordered the late scratching of the mare at 2:48pm when Trainer Beau Gorman encountered a float breakdown when travelling to the course.
Race 7: TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY BENCHMARK 70 Handicap 1600 metres
The start was delayed when SAYL shifted a plate behind the barriers and sustained an injury to off fore hoof. Subsequently, the gelding underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was declared a late scratching at 4:37pm. All monies bet for a win and/or place betting on the late scratching to be refunded. All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:

Win Bets – OKANAGAN MISS - 23 cents
Place Bets (For Winner) - 21 cents
Place Bets (For 2nd)- COCO FASHION - 16 cents
Place Bets (For 3rd) - LADY RINGO - 21 cents
STEELZ TIME - Slow to begin.
COASTAL PRINCE – Over-raced in the early stages.
Race 8: CASCADE Class 2 Handicap 1400 metres
Stewards acceded to a request from trainer David Vandyke to scratch MCCOVEY COVE from today’s race. The gelding was subsequently ordered a late scratching at 10.02am.
BEACHBREAK – Restrained to avoid heels passing 1200m. Raced three wide with cover.
SCOTTISH MIST – From the 300m until the 150m continually shifted out to the outside of BEACHBREAK in order to improve.
ZANAZOU – Raced three wide without cover.
THE WARDSMEN – Over-raced in the early stages.
Jockey Stephanie Thornton was found guilty of a charge under AR131(a), in that leaving the 1200m she permitted ZANAZOU to shift in when insufficiently clear of BEACHBREAK which resulted in BEACHBREAK having to be restrained to avoid that heels of that mare. Jockey Stephanie Thornton had her license to ride in races suspended for a period of 8 days, to commence at m/n 20 September 2020 and to expire at m/n 28 September 2020. Stewards deemed the interference to be in the low range and considered her excellent record.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 1. Micheal Hellyer – Careless Riding - Shifted in when not clear AR 131(a)
Race 1. Nozi Tomizawa – Whip use – Using whip when out of contention AR 132(6)(c)

Race 5.  Jockey Brad Stewart – Careless Riding – Suspension of 13 days, commencing m/n 29.9.20 until m/n 12.10.2020. AR 131(a)
Race 8.  Jockey Stephanie Thornton – Careless Riding – Suspension of 8 days, commencing m/n 20.9.20 until m/n 28.09.2020. AR 131(a)
Absent jockeys
Luke Tarrant – Illness – Medical Required
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
Race 1.CROWN LAW – Hung out – Official Trial
Race 1.PLATINUM FACTOR – Poor Performance – Official Trial
Race 5.LUCKY ENUFF – Racing Manners – Warning
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 4 – RESET’S SON – Michael Cahill replacing Luke Tarrant - Illness
Late scratchings
Race 6 – SWAN ISLAND – Transport Issues - 2:48pm.
Race 7 – SAYL – Veterinary Advice – 4:37pm.
Published subject to correction upon revision