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Gold Coast Turf Club

Aquis Park Gold Coast Provincial | TAB

Sat 01 Feb Good 4


+4.5m 1400m-400m; +3m 400m-W/Post; +1.5m Remainder.


Good 4 Pen 4.6

Nil last 24hrs, 17mm last 7 days

4mm last 24hrs, 28mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:07AM Sunday 02 February
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 1/2 - 7:45am - Rider Alteration R1 N6 & R4 N4


Mon 27/01/20 11:00am


Tue 28/01/20 12:00am


Thu 30/01/20 09:00am


Thu 30/01/20 12:00pm


Sat 01/02/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

Race Day Stewards Report
Aquis Park Gold Coast
Date: 2 February 2020
Track: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Rail: +4.5m 1400m-400m; +3m 400m-W/Post; +5m remainder
Stewards Panel: P. Zimmermann (Chairman), K. Daly, P. Maclean
Officials: Dr.G. Silvestri, Dr. C. Smith (Veterinarian), J. Robinson (Clerk of Scales), S. McMahon (Judge), S. Andrews, K. Watson (Starters), K. Kilpatrick (Swab Official), L. Stokes (Secretary)
As Jockeys N. Day, A. Allen and A. Fancourt were indisposed due to injury, rider replacements were made as per Stewards Race Day Summary.
As Jockey R. Plumb was indisposed due to illness, rider replacements were made as per Stewards Race Day Summary.
Race 1 – Show Pony Social Club Maiden Handicap – 900m
This race time was amended on Thursday 30 January 2020 to a new start time of 12:51pm.
RONNIE – Fractious in the gates and blundered on jumping. When asked to comment on the horses performance today, Jockey L. Rolls could not offer any explanation for the below market performance and was of the view that it would appreciate distances further than that of todays event. A post-race veterinary examination determined that the gelding had suffered superficial abrasions to its forehead.
CATE RULES – On jumping, shifted out and bumped PINEAPPLE BOOM.
HIDDEN STORM – Slow into stride.
PINEAPPLE BOOM – Steadied near the 600m when DR WHY NOT shifted in. Rounding the home turn, momentarily steadied when JACKSPRAT shifted wider.
MINT STRIP – Steadied at the 600m. Near the 200m, disappointed for a run between SOMEBODY LOVES YOU which shifted out marginally and DR WHY NOT which shifted in and was obliged to steady and look for a runs nearer the inside.
DR WHY NOT – Shifted in near the 600m.
JACKSPRAT – Raced 3 wide throughout.
Jockey M. Murphy (DR WHY NOT) pleaded guilty under AR132(7)(a)(i) & (ii) for excessive use of the whip prior to the 100m and was fined $400. When assessing penalty, Stewards noted that Jockey Murphys record in relation to the whip rule was reasonable and also acknowledged that he was returning from a significant layoff.
Race 2 – The Wilkinson Seafood Class 4 Handicap – 1100m
COUNTESS DE GALVEZ – Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination behind the gates after it sustained a kick to its off fore leg. The mare was trotted up behind the barriers and cleared to start. As Jockey D. Griffin reported that he thought the mare felt awkward in its action post-race, it was sent for further examination by the course Veterinarian which revealed no apparent abnormalities.
LADY CLARE – Slow into stride.
COASTAL BOY – Over-raced in the middle stages.
Race 3 – Pacific West Foods Maiden Plate – 1800m
LOLLIELUCAS – Slow into stride.
KING OF THE REALM – Slow into stride. When asked to comment on the geldings performance, Jockey D. Griffin stated that the horse travelled well in the early and middle stages, however, when placed under pressure entering the home straight, failed to respond as expected and was disappointing. Trainer C. Anderson reported that it was now his intention to spell the gelding and to review its immediate racing future. Cast its off hind plate in running. Jockey D. Griffin was cautioned regarding his whip use.
ELECTRIC ELLYSE – Caught wide early. Its rider then elected to improve before reaching a position 2 wide near the 1000m.
MISSILE MANIA – Steadied near the 1000m when ELECTRIC ELLYSE shifted in.
Race 4 – Wilkinson Fresh Class 5 Handicap – 1800m
Trainer A. Willick was fined $100 pursuant to LR67 for the late declaration of Jockey R. Wiggins on LAST LIGHT.
ROYAL ATOM – Slow into stride. Approaching the 300m, improved onto the heels of the tiring SIDERO STAR. Its rider then eased around its heels. Inclined to lay in significantly in the run to the finish and proved difficult to ride. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be displaying signs of mild heat stress.
DREAM BUILDER - Slow into stride.
SPANISH HURRICANE – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.
Stewards questioned Jockey B. Looker and stable representative G. Doughty regarding tactics issued on HUSSONS PRIDE. Mr Doughty confirmed that the instructions were not to fire the gelding up early and have it comfortable as it can over-race. Mr Doughty also added that HUSSONS PRIDE is dour in its races. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities.
When asked to explain his ride, Jockey B. Looker, rider of HUSSONS PRIDE, said after settling towards the rear of the field he was able to shift one off rounding the home turn and then improved onto the heels of LAST LIGHT leaving the 200m before angling back inside that runners heels. Jockey Looker was of the view that the gelding was not responding to his riding at this point and felt there was no need to continue to pressure it as he was of the opinion that the horse had come to the end of its run.
After considering submissions from stable representative G. Doughty and Jockey B. Looker, reviewing wagering and video evidence, Jockey B. Looker was found guilty of a charge under AR129(2) in that he failed to take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure that HUSSONS PRIDE was given full opportunity to obtain the best possible place in the field. From approximately the 150m to the finishing line, he did fail to ride his mount out with sufficient vigour and purpose when a run presented between LAST LIGHT and DREAM BUILDER and went to the line without being fully tested. Mr Lookers licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of one calendar month to commence midnight 10/02/2020 and expire midnight 10/03/2020.
Jockey A. Chau (LE DUDE) pleaded guilty under AR132(7)(a)(ii) for excessive use of the whip prior to the 100m and was fined $300.
Race 5 – KB Food Co. QTIS 3yo Maiden Plate – 1400m
Jockey R. Wiggins (TRUMPED UP) indicated at scales that he wished to review the footage over the final 200m. Once doing so, Jockey Wiggins lodged an official objection 4th (TRUMPED UP) against 1st (BAMBALAM) alleging interference over the final 200m. Stewards after considering the evidence tendered by all parties regarding the objection, were of the view that whilst BAMBALAM did shift out marginally and away from IM CALLIN DIBS inside the final 100m and bumped on two occasions with TRUMPED UP, they could not be completely certain when considering the margins and therefore dismissed the objection.
REAL APPEAL – Slow into stride.
NITROGLYCERINE – Shortly after jumping was hampered between runners and eased.
TRUMPED UP – Shortly after the start, blundered. Inclined to lay in rounding the home turn. Bumped by BAMBALAM inside the final 200m.
CARIBBEAN KISSES – Over-raced in the early stages. Cast its near fore plate in running.
IM CALLIN DIBS – Shifted out under pressure over the final 100m.
Race 6 – The Aaron Wilkinson Benchmark 65 Handicap – 1400m
SCOUTABOUT – Shifted out on jumping and bumped CATALINA MISS.
CATALINA MISS – Bumped on jumping.
FABULONH – On jumping away, tightened between GRANDIOSO which shifted out and INTIMISSIMI which shifted in marginally and lost its position. Near the 150m, improved onto the heels of BUCEPHALUS which was shifting out slightly under pressure. Obliged to steady and look for runs back to the inside.
MOTION GRANTED – Raced 3 wide throughout.
INTIMISSIMI – Rounding the home turn shifted in. Stewards questioned Jockey D. Griffin regarding his ride over the final 200m. Jockey Griffin stated that he was held up for clear running near the 200m and shortly thereafter FABULONH shifted in which prevented him from pressuring his mount at that point of the race. Stewards after considering his comments, noted his explanation.
GRANDIOSO – Momentarily hampered rounding the home turn when INTIMISSIMI shifted in.
Race 7 – Chefs @ Aquis Park F&M Class 1 Plate – 1200m
KATY BOOM – Slow into stride.
DEEP ECHO – Slow into stride. Near the 700m improved onto the heels of CANUSEE and was steadied. When racing keenly approaching the home turn, improved onto the heels of CANUSEE and shifted wider bumping with OUR REGAL SPIRIT.
MILLY WILL PARTY – Began awkwardly, shifted in and bumped with MISS SWITZERLAND.

MISS SWITZERLAND – Bumped on jumping. When placed under pressure near the 200m, put in an awkward stride.
SHEZANDI AS – Raced 3 wide for the majority of the event.
OUR REGAL SPIRIT – Raced 3 wide throughout. Forced wider approaching the home turn. Inclined to lay in, in the home straight.
CALABRIA – Raced 3 wide with cover throughout.
SINGLE AGAIN – Held up over the final 80m and was unable to be fully tested to the line.
Race 8 – The Stephen Summerfield C,G&E Class 1 Plate – 1200m
RAGING ROYAL – Slow into stride.
BARTALUMBA – Slow into stride. Raced 3 wide throughout.
TIERRA DEL FUEGO – Began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped RAGING ROYAL. As a result, TIERRA DEL FUEGO became unbalanced.
CINCO STAR – Jockey M. McGuren reported that his mount raced very keenly throughout.

1 February 2020
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 4 – Jockey B. Looker, reasonable and permissible charge – Mid. 10.02.20 - Mid. 10.03.20 AR129(2)
Race 1 – Jockey M. Murphy - excessive use of whip, 13 times 24 in total - $400 AR132(7)(a)(i) &(ii)
Race 4 – Trainer A. Willick - late rider declaration, $100 LR67
Race 4 – Jockey A. Chau – excessive use of whip, 13 times 19 in total - $300 AR132(7)(a)(ii)
Absent Jockeys
Jockey N. Day – injured – Medical Certificate
Jockey A. Allen – injured – Medical Certificate
Jockey A. Fancourt – injured – Medical Certificate
Jockey R. Plumb – ill – Medical Certificate
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race -Ichero, Missile Mania
Horses swabbed post-race - All winners
Race 5 – 4th v. 1st - Dismissed
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1 – Benjamin – B. Looker
Race 1 – Hidden Storm – J. Taylor
Race 2 – Countess de Galvez – D. Griffin
Race 3 – Ichero – A. Chau
Race 4 – Le Dude – A. Chau
Race 4 – Royal Atom – D. Griffin
Race 4 – Last Light – R. Wiggins
Race 4 – Hussons Pride – B. Looker
Race 5 – Im Callin Dibs – D. Griffin
Race 6 – Motion Granted – B. Looker
Race 6 – Bucephalus – R. Wiggins
Race 7 – Miss Switzerland – S. Galloway
Race 7 – Deep Echo – S. Cormack
Race 7 – Single Again – L. Rolls
Race 8 – Rumberella – S. Cormack
Published subject to correction upon revision