Stewards Report

Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Provincial | TAB

Fri 08 Jan Soft 7


+4m Entire Course


Soft 7 Pen 6.6

17mm last 24hrs, 26mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 12:08AM Saturday 09 January
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 8/1 - 7:45am - Rider Replacement R4 N7 & R5 N11
TRACK INFO: Track Downgraded from Soft 5 to a Soft 6 @ 2:36pm AEST


Mon 04/01/21 11:00am


Tue 05/01/21 12:00am


Wed 06/01/21 10:00am


Wed 06/01/21 12:00pm


Fri 08/01/21 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – SHOWERS            TRACK RATING – SOFT 7          RAIL – OUT 4 Metres Entire Circuit
Chairman of Stewards – J Williamson
Stewards – P Zimmermann, W Hadley
Clerk of Scales – J Robertson
Judge – P Chilton
Veterinarian – Dr T Raeburn
Swab Attendants – L Chaplin, L Bobeszko
Starter – R Hanson
Race 1: RACE ZONE RACING SUPPLIES QTIS Two-Year-Old Maiden Plate 1000 metres
COMMIT TO SUCCESS – Raced wide without cover.
PUBS AND KISSES – Performed below market expectation. Rider J Bayliss stated the gelding raced flat and may have come to the end of its preparation. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer S Kendrick advised that the gelding would now be spelled.
RUBIQUITOUS – In the home straight laid in.
ADDRESS UNKNOWN – Rider T Wolfgram dropped his whip near the 100m.
ATREVIDA – Fractious pre-race, harmlessly dislodging rider M Du Plessis. ATREVIDE reared behind the barriers and fell over, underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was passed suitable to start. Trainer C Taylor was advised a warning will be placed on the filly.
CLAIRVUE LADY – Inconvenienced at the start between ATREVIDA and PUBS AND KISSES.
Race 2: SUNSHINE COAST DAILY QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Plate 1400 metre
HAPPISBURGH – Slow to begin. Held up in the home straight and went to the finish without being fully tested. Near the 300m when held up, was checked to avoid heels. Rider B Stewart was fined $300 under AR211 in that he weighed in in excess over half a kilo of his declared weight.
KEETA – Pulled hard in the early and middle stages.
LINTHORPE LAD – Slow to begin.
KUKINTA – Late scratching at 12.29pm at the request of Trainer T Cotsiopoulos, following the implementation of Racing Queensland Covid protocols.
MARLEEDOONE – Near the 100m was obliged to alter course to obtain clear running.
ROMAN QUEEN – Raced wide with cover.
VITAL SOURCE – Raced wide without cover. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a small abrasion to its off hind pastern.
SCOTTISH PRINCE – Raced wide with cover.
Race 3: AUTHENTIC SECURITY PTY LTD Class 2 Handicap 1400 metres
FOREIGN TERRITORY (NZ) – Began awkwardly. Laid out in the home straight.
EPICURIOUS – Slow to begin.
IPSO NEM FELEK – Slow to begin. Rider M Du Plessis reported the gelding did not feel comfortable in its action. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be displaying signs of tying up.
EXTREME JEWEL – Began awkwardly.
HARRY'S STYLE – Slow to begin.
LOPE FOR JOYA – Raced wide without cover.
Race 4: BUTLER MCDERMOTT LAWYERS Class 1 Handicap 1000 metres
FIREBOX – Began awkwardly, shifted out and was bumped on the hind quarters, as a result was turned sideways.
TOOROOLOO – Over raced in the early stages.
TIERRA DEL FUEGO – Had difficulty obtaining clear running between the 400m and the 200m.
TYCOON EVIE – Shifted in after the start, bumping MORION, as a result was turned sideways.
CHARLIE SPHENE – Bumped at the start.
OAKFIELD COMANCHE – Rider H Phillips reported the filly failed to handle the Soft 7 track conditions.
JULIETTE STREET – Checked at the start when FIREBOX shifted out. Raced wide with cover.
MORION – Inconvenienced at the start.
SCRUFF'N'STUFF – Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover.
SO BE VENUS – Raced wide without cover.
SENTIMENTAL MISS – Raced wide with cover.
MISS LITERATI – Began awkwardly.
Race 5: CUSTOMISED CAR FINANCE RATINGS BAND 0 - 58 Handicap 1200 metres
LUCKY MACHU – Stood flat footed and lost considerable ground.
ODDFELLOW (NZ) – Over raced in the middle stages. Near the 500m, was steadied when awkwardly placed close to heels. Laid in in the home straight.
IN HER ZONE – Raced wide without cover.
IRISH RING KICKER – Over raced in the early stages. Raced wide without cover.
RYANO – Hampered shortly after the start when WOOHOO GIRL shifted in.
WOOHOO GIRL – Over raced approaching the 800m.
POINT THE WAGON – Slow to begin.
ROGUE DRUMMER – Fractious in the barriers, reared at the start and lost considerable ground. Raced wide without cover.
Race 6: MASK EVENTS BENCHMARK 70 Handicap 1200 metres
CORAL BAY – Slow to begin.
LA JUMENT – A post-race veterinary examination found mild lameness in the off hind leg. Vet certificate required prior to racing again.
VILLENEUVE LADY – A post-race veterinary examination of the mare identified the presence of blood in both nostrils. VILLENEUVE LADY shall not without the permission of the Stewards : (a) be trained, exercised or galloped on any racecourse for a period of two months; (b) start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after a satisfactory gallop of at least 1,000 metres in the presence of a Steward.
COURTING VERITY – Bumped near the 350m when LYRICAL PRINCE shifted out.
RAPIDO GRIS – Slow to begin.
Race 7: COASTLINE MINI GARAGE BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 1800 metres
FLENSBURG – Raced wide in the early stages before being permitted to stride and take up a forward position. Apprentice A Patis reported that it was not her intention to lead however with blinkers on, the gelding after being caught wide over raced.
MISSILE MANIA – Slow to begin. Raced wide in the early stages before being permitted to stride and take up a forward position. Shifted out under pressure near the 300m.
GRATSIE – Rider J Stanley stated that the gelding failed to handle the Soft 7 tack and did not run out a strong 1800m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
SPICERS PEAK – Over raced in the middle stages.
Race 8: TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY Fillies and Mares Maiden Handicap 1400 metres
IF YOU CAN DREAM – Prior to correct weight rider G Cartwright viewed the Stewards patrol films, with view of lodging an objection. After viewing the films G Cartwright was satisfied and correct weight was declared.
DOOMANI (NZ) – Shifted out under pressure in the home straight.
MY FAVOURITE MODEL – Over raced in the early stages.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 2 – Bradley Stewart - $300 – Returned to scale overweight in excess of 1/2kg
Absent jockeys
Ryan Maloney
Robbie Fradd
Matthew McGillivray
Les Tilley
Ashley Thompson
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Race 1 – Atrevida
Race 3 – Heart Attack
Race 7 – Gratsie
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 1 – Atrevida – Warning – Pre-race manners
Race 6 – La Jument – Vet certificate – Lame off hind leg
Race 6 – Villeneuve Lady – Bled both nostrils – 1st occasion  
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1 – Commit To Success – M Hellyer replacing A Thompson(a) (not attending)
Race 1 – Rubiquitous – J Lloyd(a) replacing M McGillivray (not attending)
Race 2 – Roman Queen – B Thompson replacing R Fradd (not attending)
Race 3 – Mishani Destroyer – S Cormack replacing R Fradd (not attending)
Race 3 – Extreme Jewel – B El Issa replacing L Tilley (not attending)
Race 4 – Toorooloo – B Stewart replacing R Maloney (not attending)
Race 4 – Charlie Sphene – S Cormack replacing L Cassidy (not attending)
Race 5 – Oddfellow – T Harrison replacing A Thompson(a) (not attending)
Race 5 – Annabeth – M Du Plessis replacing L Cassidy (not attending)
Race 6 – The Sinner – L Kilner(a) replacing E Atkinson(a) (not attending)
Race 7 – Empire Games – B Stewart replacing M McGillivray (not attending)
Late scratchings
Race 2 – Kukinta @12.29pm (Stewards)
Published subject to correction upon revision