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Townsville Turf Club

Townsville Provincial | TAB

Tue 13 Oct Good 4


4 metres 1000-W/Post; 2 metres Remainder.


Good 4 Pen 4.4


Nil last 24hrs, 36mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:02AM Wednesday 14 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 13/10 - 7.45am


Wed 07/10/20 11:00am


Thu 08/10/20 12:00am


Fri 09/10/20 09:30am


Fri 09/10/20 12:00pm


Tue 13/10/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.




TUESDAY 13 October 2020

WEATHER – Fine TRACK RATING – Good 4 RAIL – +4m 1000m-W/Post +2m Remainder


Chairman of Stewards – P Lane
Stewards – C Warren, P Warren, D Lane
Clerk of Scales – K Deane
Judge – M Bates, J Carter
Veterinarian – Dr D Viero
Swab Attendants – A Flemming
Starter – J Cullen

Race 1: CARLTON & UNITED BREWERIES QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap 1400 metres

SOUL SEARCHER - Slow to begin.

NICHOLAS ADAM - Bumped with another runner soon after jumping.

BOTOX LADY - Bumped with another runner soon after jumping. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the filly had sustained a minor left eye injury in running.

SHARINDI - Raced keenly in the middle stages.

WHISKEY SUNRISE - App M Potgieter was cautioned for his use of the whip when his mount is out of contention.

Race 2: HYGAIN Maiden Plate 1200 metres

JOURNEY OF SONG - Connections advised that, should circumstance permit, the gelding would be ridden more positively than in its recent starts. This information was relayed to punters via on-course announcement and social media. Settled further back than expected after beginning on slightly worse than level terms.Commenced to over-race and improved onto heels when attempting to obtain cover approaching the 1000m. Bumped by another runner which shifted out passing the 150m. Raced wide for the majority. Performed below market expectations. Jockey C Whiteley confirmed the riding instructions and advised that after beginning only fairly he attempted to follow FLASH FOX as it tracked towards the inside rail however, when it was evident that runner was going to be caught wide he attempted to restrain in an effort to obtain cover and at that time his mount commenced to over-race. Jockey Whiteley added that his mount tracked into the race nicely and he expected it to finish the race off well but it did so only fairly. Trainer S Massingham concurred with Jockey Whiteley’s assessment and advised of an intention to experiment further with the gelding’s gear. A post-race blood sample was taken for analysis. Stewards will examine the betting activity for the race in order to determine whether or not to inquire further.

HIDDEN LILLY - After being extremely fractious and throwing itself down in the mounting yard was declared a late scratching by order of Stewards at 2:24pm. All monies wagered on the filly were ordered to be refunded and all successful wagers were subject to the following deductions:

0 cents in the dollar for the win
1 cents in the dollar for the place of winner
3 cents in the dollar for 2nd place
1 cents in the dollar for 3rd place

Trainer L McCormack was advised the filly must obtain 2 further consecutive barrier certificates and a veterinary certificate of fitness be provided prior to the filly again being permitted to start in a race.

WHISPER GIRL - Began awkwardly.

FLASH FOX - Commenced to lay in rounding the 1000m turn.

NORWEGIAN WOOD - Inclined to lay out under pressure down the running, bumping with another runner passing the 150m.

MODERNISM - Jockey J Stanley advised that his mount had been inclined to hang in the majority.

ZEALAND - Jockey F Edwards was reprimanded under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(ii) in that he did use his whip on seven occasions, 2 more than permitted, prior to the 100m. Following the race the mare suffered a cardio vascular accident when returning to the race day tie-ups and was subsequently euthanised on humane grounds. Post-mortem samples were taken for analysis.

Race 3: RACING @ TTC SATURDAY OCTOBER 24 BENCHMARK 70 Handicap 1400 metres

DREAM BIG - Knuckled on jumping. Obliged to ease after improving onto heels approaching the 400m. Became unbalanced passing the 200m when hampered by another runner which shifted out marginally under pressure. Held up for clear running for the majority of the home straight. Jockey J Stanley advised that his mount was inclined to hang in when under pressure in the home straight.

JEMADAR - Began very awkwardly and shifted in tightening another runner.

FUNKY MUSIC - Buffeted between runners soon after jumping. Jockey B Pengelly advised that in his opinion the gelding felt flat and did not let down as expected. Trainer G Dickson advised that it was now his intention to send the gelding for a short freshen up.

STEELZ TIME - Shifted in on jumping inconveniencing another runner.

REGAL REECE - Momentarily help up for clear running on entering the home straight. Shifted out under pressure passing the 200m bumping with another runner.

SO YOU DREAM - Raced keenly in the middle stages.

Race 4: TAB VENUE MODE BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 1609 metres

AROHA TE MANA - Connections advised that, should circumstance permit, the gelding would be ridden more positively than in its recent starts. Ridden accordingly. Inclined to shift out under pressure down the running.

FLUIDITY - Slow to begin. Struggled to muster sufficient early speed to maintain contact with the field in the early stages.

UNSHAKABLE - Slow into stride.

SOLDIERS - Inclined to over-race in the early stages.

POETIC ATTACKS - Shifted wider in an effort to improve passing the 700m.

CHIC SOX - Raced wide early. Disappointed for clear running in the early stages of the home straight.

TRIGGER - Raced wide early.

CANDY GIRL - Raced wide the majority.

ACADEMY HILL - Raced wide early. App A Thomson advised that his instructions had been to ride the horse positively and, in his opinion, in being ridden to comply with those instructions the gelding had failed to get the trip. Trainer M Geaney advised that the instructions had been to be forward but was also of the opinion the gelding is better suited at distances shorter than that of today’s event.

Declaration of correct weight was delayed to allow to the Judges to deliberate over the official placings. Once satisfied a dead heat for second place was determined and correct weight was declared on the semaphored numbers.

Race 5: GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW FOR OCTOBER 24 OPEN Handicap 1000 metres

JACK LANCASTER - After beginning on terms failed to muster the necessary speed to maintain contact with the field. App R Shred advised that the gelding failed to respond to her urgings throughout. Trainer R Ryan advised that the gelding’s future at this point is uncertain and that he will advise Stewards when a decision has been made in the coming days concerning the gelding’s immediate racing future.

HIDDEN IN HEAVEN - Raced keenly in the early stages.

BEAU JET - Shifted out to obtain clear running on entering the home straight and bumped with another runner.

MOLONGLE MAGIC - Bumped by another runner which shifted out to obtain clear running when entering the home straight.

MICAWBER - Raced wide throughout.

Race 6: BROWN BROTHERS RATINGS BAND 0 - 55 Handicap 1000 metres

NICK’S NIGHT OUT - Slow to begin.

NINEONEONE - Shifted in on jumping and lost ground.

GOLDEN CHARLES - Began awkwardly. Commenced to lay in when crossed by another runner passing the 900m. Disappointed for clear running before shifting wider passing the 150m.

CADENCE - Raced wide throughout.

AMMATE - Raced wide throughout.

Race 7: COCA-COLA AMATIL Class 2 Handicap 1200 metres

JUST A LOVE SONG - Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Obliged to steady off the heels after passing the 200m after commencing to lay in and away from another runner.

LASSITER’S LODGE - Began awkwardly. Obliged to steady near the 900m after improving onto the heels of another runner.

COLD POWER - Began awkwardly.

MONKEY MAGIC - Shifted in abruptly approaching the 1000m hampering runners to its inside. App K Southam was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR131(a) as a result of this incident.

SAN JOAQUIN - Hampered by another runner which shifted in approaching the 1000m.

BOLD SENSATION - Slow to begin. Shifted out soon after jumping tightening another runner. Hampered by another runner which shifted in abruptly approaching the 1000m.

PHILANTHROPIST - Tightened between runners shortly after jumping.

MONTE SANTO - Shifted in on jumping tightening another runner. Obliged to steady after improving onto heels approaching the 1000m.

NOBODY BETTER - Began awkwardly and shifted out tightening another runner.

JOHN BOOKE – Trainer J Ryan was fined the sum of $100 under the provisions of AR227 after presenting the gelding to the mounting yard without blinkers.Slow to begin and tightened between runners on jumping. Restrained after improving onto heels approaching the 250m.

TEMPO - Shifted in tightening another runner on jumping. Raced wide in the early stages.


Summary of action concerning licensees

Race 7. App K Southam. Severe reprimand. Careless riding. AR131(a).

Race 7. Trainer J Ryan. Negligence. $100. AR227.

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed pre-race

Horses swabbed post-race
All wnners, JOURNEY OF SONG, ZEALAND (post-mortem)

Race 2. HIDDEN LILY. Fractious pre-race. 2 satisfactory trials required prior to next start.

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 7. MONTE SANTO was ridden by S Wiseman.

Late scratchings
Race 2. HIDDEN LILY. By order of Stewards at 2.24pm.

This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.