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Mackay Turf Club

Mackay Provincial

Fri 07 Jan Good 4


True Entire Course


Good 4 Pen Not available

Nil last 24hrs, 27mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 24mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 11:41AM Saturday 08 January
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 7/1 - 7:45am. Late Scratching R5 N7


Mon 03/01/22 11:00am


Tue 04/01/22 03:00pm


Wed 05/01/22 10:00am


Wed 05/01/22 12:00pm


Fri 07/01/22 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

WEATHER – Overcast     TRACK RATING –  Good 4          RAIL – True
Chairman of Stewards – B Cooke
Stewards – C Allison, D Macklyn and G Meek
Clerk of Scales – A Warry
Judge – S Bryant
Veterinarian – Dr B Pullen
Swab Attendants – N Paull
Starter – J Cullen
Race 9 Rockhampton JC 13/12/2021
A Spinks (COMMANDER’S WATCH) was fined $400 for using his whip on 7 occasions 2 more than permitted pursuant to AR132(7)(a)(ii). In considering penalty the Stewards took into account this was Mr Spink’s sixth breach of the rule in the previous 12 months. Mr Spinks was further reminded to ensure he fully rides his mount out to the finish line.
Stewards permitted the following weight alterations due to the current covid restrictions.
Race 1: BEST GUESS – J Felix +1kg
Race 3: STILL FEELING IT – S Fawke - + .5kg
Race 7: HARRY ROCKET – S Fawke + .5kg
Jockey C Jokic was fined $300 pursuant to AR218(4)(b) for having possession of her cellphone in the jockey’s room.
BOUDICA’S GIFT and NEW YORK WORLD were both late scratchings at 12.15pm by order of the Stewards after being injured while being transported to the course.
ROCK ‘N’ SOL was a late scratching at 12.30pm by order of Stewards on veterinary advice.
ODDFELLOW was a late scratching at 2.45pm by order of Stewards.
Following the running of race two Stewards questioned riders and the on-course veterinarian regards any concerns they had with the extremely humid weather conditions. After speaking to both parties, it was agreed to delay the reminder of the program to the times as below.
Race 3: 3.35pm
Race 4: 4.05pm
Race 5: 4.35pm
Race 6: 5.05pm
Race 7: 5.35pm
Race 8: 6.05pm
Race 1: BECOME A MTC MEMBER OPEN Handicap 1300 metres
MORENO (NZ) – Over raced through the early stages. Laid outwards over the final stages.
PLANET WARRIOR – Slow to begin. Shifted inwards over the concluding stages.
LEFKAS ISLAND – Gave ground rapidly over the final stages. When questioned regarding the performance of the mare  apprentice rider T Fenlon advised the mare failed to stretch out when placed under pressure. A post-race veterinary examination failed to detect any abnormalities. A warning was placed on the mare’s racing record.
Race 2: TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY Class 2 Handicap 1560 metres
PLUCKERCARN – Raced in restricted room passing the 500m.
ROC DE KHAPER (NZ) – Jumped away awkwardly. Rider N Day advised the gelding felt awkward in its action upon pulling up. Following the race ROC DE KHAPER became distressed and was treated by the on-course veterinarian.
BLACK SUNRISE – Passing the 200m made contact with inside running rail. Became distressed following the race and was treated by the on-course veterinarian.
NAOMI – Stood flat footed at the start and tailed off throughout.The connections were advised the mare was stood down for a satisfactory barrier trial.
LADY SNITCH – Jumped away awkwardly. Raced wide over the early stages. Inclined to lay inwards when placed under pressure in the home straight.
BATTLE – Jumped away awkwardly.
Race 3:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY QTIS Three-Year-Old Handicap 1200 metres
JUNGLE BEAT – Jumped away awkwardly. Leaving the 1100m steadied off the heels of BEAN DEADLY which shifted inwards. Apprentice rider T Fenlon was advised to exercise more care in future when shifting ground. Over raced early and middle stages. Approaching the 200m had to shift ground to obtain clear racing room. Passing the 150m had to shift ground outwards off the heels of MAGNETIC DRIVE which shifted outwards.
ANNIEMARIAH – Jumped away awkwardly.
BEAN DEADLY – Shifted inwards at the start and had to be straightened.
MAGNETIC DRIVE – Raced wide for the majority of the race. Laid outwards in the home straight.
STILL FEELING IT – Near the 800m had to be steadied when BEAN DEADLY shifted inwards. Apprentice riderT Fenlon was reprimanded under AR131(a) for shifting inwards when insufficiently clear.
Race 4: BOOK FUNCTIONS IN THE EVENT CENTRE Maiden Handicap 1100 metres
BELAQUA – Hampered on jumping.
WHOA LOLA – Raced wide early and middle stages. Apprentice rider A Donald was fined $400 for using her whip on 6 occasions prior to the 100m 1 more than permitted. When considering penalty Stewards took into account this was her seventh breach of the rule in the previous 12 months. 
ALBERTESSA – Shifted outwards at the jump hampering other runners.
JIMBO JONES – Hampered at the start.
ROUND THE FIRE – Hampered on jumping.
TEVERINA – Slow to begin. Raced wide throughout.
MORE THAN CHARGED – Shifted inwards to obtain clear running leaving the 200m.
FINAL CRIME – Shifted inwards at the start hampering other runners. Raced keenly over the early and middle stages.
SCHOOL GIRL – Begun awkwardly losing ground. Shortly after the start commenced to buck with the connections advised the mare will be required to complete a satisfactory trial prior to resuming racing.
Race 5: SKY RACING Class 6 Handicap 1560 metres
CAVELLTON – Slow to begin. Raced wide through the early stages without cover. Rider C Spry reported that CAVELLTON felt awkward in its action with a post-race veterinary examination revealing no abnormalities.
QUIDNI – Shifted outwards at the start. Over raced through the early stages. Shifted inwards when placed under pressure in the home straight.
SOLDIERS (NZ) – Brushed the running rail when entering the course proper by the 1400m and as a result shifted wider momentarily unbalancing its rider.
ROYAL SHEEN – Near the 1400m momentarily raced in restricted room. Approaching the 1300m improved onto heels before shifting outwards to obtain clear running. The saddle shifted shortly after the start placing rider J Felix in difficulty for the remainder of the race.
SCENT OF FEAR – Shifted ground outwards approaching the 200m to obtain clear running.
Race 6: SMARTSTATE RENTALS RATINGS BAND 0 - 55 Handicap 1050 metres
GUMNUTS – Fractious prior to the start and skied its head upon jumping and was slow to begin as a result. Raced keenly over the early stages. Held up just prior to the run home.
CHESTO'S DREAM – Shifted inwards shortly after the jump.
BILBAO – Begun awkwardly. When questioned in relation to the improved performance of BILBAO trainer N Seymour advised it was its first run from his stable, had worked well in the lead up to today’s race, trialled well and he was not surprised by the forward showing.
LISTEN MATE – Contacted at the jump and was slow to begin. Raced wide throughout.
CHATILLY – Raced wide over the early stages. Shifted outwards when placed under pressure in the early stages of the home straight.
TILLY'S SECRET – Begun awkwardly making contact with LISTEN MATE
JACJAC JACQUI – Slow to begin. Shifted off heels inside the 100m.
Race 7: HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE MTC Class 4 Handicap 1100 metres
SCENIC SIGHT – Bumped with WILD WIND on several occasions over the final 200m
WILD WIND – Lay inwards in the home straight and bumped with SCENIC SIGHT on several occasions.
CARDICE – Raced wide throughout.
MAN O' ROSS – Shifted off the heels of the tiring HARRY ROCKET passing the 500m
HARRY ROCKET – Jumped away awkwardly and shifted outwards. Raced wide throughout before tiring from the 500m. A post-race veterinary examination failed to detect any abnormalities. The connections were advised HARRY ROCKET was stood downfrom TAB meetings and restricted to Non-TAB meetings until it proves competitive.
BILL 'N' TED – Jumped away awkwardly. Lost hind plate during the running.
CHAMPAGNE AT DAWN – Raced wide throughout
ATTIQUE – Forced wider on the home turn.
BUSTER MOON – Jumped away awkwardly. Held up prior to the home straight. On rounding the home turn shifted ground outwards forcing outside runners wider on the track. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding had suffered a tendon injury to the off foreleg. The connections were advised the gelding requires a veterinary clearance prior to resuming racing.
ACADEMY HILL – Forced wider when rounding the home turn. Had to steady off heels of BOLD ADVANCE which was forced wider. Held up over the early stages of the home straight and improved onto heels and had to steady near the 300m Laid inwards when placed under pressure in the home straight
DUSKY DAMSEL – Raced wide throughout.
BOLD ADVANCE – Jumped away awkwardly. Shifted wider on the home turn.
TIDEWAY – Slow to begin. Approaching the 200m raced in restricted room, lost ground and was forced to shift ground to obtain clear running when COUNTESS ROSTOVA shifted inwards marginally. Rider A Sewell was reprimanded under AR131(a) allowing his mount to shift inwards when insufficiently clear.
Summary of action concerning licensee
Race 3: Tahlia Fenlon – Shifting ground when insufficiently clear – AR131(a)
Race 8: Adam Sewell – Allowed mount to shift inwards when insufficiently clear – AR131(a)
Race 9 Rockhampton 13/12/2021 – Adam Spinks – Use of whip prior to 100m - AR132(7)(a)(ii) - $400
Race 2: Chelsea Jokic – Possession of cellphone in jockey’s room - AR218(4)(a) - $300
Race 4: Alisha Donald – Use of whip prior to the 100m - AR132(7)(a)(ii) - $400        

Race day injuries/illness
Absent jockeys
Adjourned inquiries         
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 1: LEFKAS ISLAND – Warned performance
Race 3: BOUDICA’S GIFT – Veterinary clearance required.
Race 4: SCHOOL GIRL – Bucked shortly after start. Satisfactory trial required – AR20(e)
Race 7: NEW YORK WORLD – Veterinary clearance required
Race 7: HARRY ROCKET – Stood down from TAB meetings until improved performances – AR20(e)
Race 8: BUSTER MOON – Veterinary clearance required
Adjourned inquiries
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
Race 3: BOUDICA’S GIFT – 12.15pm – By order of Stewards on veterinary advice
Race 5: ROCK ‘N’ SOL – 12.30pm – By order of Stewards on veterinary advice
Race 7: NEW YORK WORLD – 12.15pm – By order of Stewards on veterinary advice
Race 8: ODDFELLOW – 2.45pm – By order of Stewards
The matters contained within this Stewards report may be subject to an internal or external review.  The outcome of any internal review is published on the Commission’s website immediately after the release of the internal review decision to the Applicant.  External reviews are managed by QCAT, and are not published on the Commission’s website. 
This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.