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Toowoomba Turf Club

Toowoomba Provincial

Sat 01 Jan Soft 5


+5m Entire Course


Soft 5 Pen 5.1

11mm last 24hrs, 20mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 32mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 9:03PM Sunday 02 January
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 1/1 - 7:45am / Rider Replacement R.8 No.7


Tue 28/12/21 11:00am


Wed 29/12/21 03:00pm


Thu 30/12/21 09:00am


Thu 30/12/21 12:00pm


Sat 01/01/22 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 3, 4, 8

WEATHER – Overcast
RAIL – +5 Entire Course                      
Chairman of Stewards – R Hitchener
Stewards – J Childs, P Jenkins, R Hanson, D Kerwick
Clerk of Scales – A Cuckson
Judge – S Fahey, B Poelstra’
Veterinarian – Dr. G Johnston
Swab Attendants – J Crompton
Starter – T Woodham
Following the running of Race 7 Stewards inquired into an incident alleged to have occurred during the running of Race 7. After taking evidence from Jockey Travis Wolfgram and App. M Savva, in the presence of her master Mr K Kemp, Jockey Wolfgram pleaded guilty to a charge of improper conduct under the terms of AR228(b) in that during the running of race 7 he acted improperly by directing abusive comments in an aggressive manner towards App Savva. Jockey Wolfgram was fined $500, $250 of which was suspended for a period of 12 months on the proviso that Jockey Wolfgram does not breach this rule or a similar rule during this period. In assessing penalty Stewards were mindful of Jockey Wolfram’s prior good record and contrition displayed following the event and during the inquiry process.

Stewards approved the following overweight allowance
Race 5 – MONTANA NIGHT (Justin Stanley) +1kg
As Jockey J Woodhouse was indisposed and Jockey C Meehan was injured, rider replacements were made as per the stewards summery.
Race 1: SHERRIN RENTALS Class 3 Handicap 1000 metres
ELEGIST – Declared a late scratching by order of stewards acting on veterinary advice at 3.20pm.
I'MTWENTYFOURSEVEN – Bumped on the hindquarters shortly after the start and became unbalanced. Both trainer K Kemp and jockey N Tomizawa reported that in their opinion, the gelding raced flat today and that at this stage of its preparation it may now be looking for races over a greater distance than that of the 1000m of today’s event.
SAM'S A NATURAL – Tightened for room at the start and lost ground.  Near the 700m was steadied when awkwardly placed at heels.  Rounding the home turn was momentarily steadied.
EASY COME – Bumped on the hindquarters shortly after the start and became unbalanced. Raced 3 wide with cover for the majority of the event. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. 
RURAL REBEL – Raced 3 wide without cover throughout the event.
SHINING BLUE – Began awkwardly.
Race 2: WIN LOCAL NEWS Class 1 Handicap 1300 metres
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, Stewards considered an objection lodged by the connections of the second placed SHEPPEY, against CHARGED being declared the winner alleging interference in the home straight.  After taking evidence from all relevant parties, and viewing the patrol footage, Stewards found that whilst CHARGED shifted out abruptly in the home straight forcing SHEPPEY slightly wider on the track, they did not feel the interference suffered to SHEPPEY exceeded the ¾ length margin between the runners at the conclusion of the event and therefore dismissed the objection and declared correct weight on the judges semaphored numbers. 
MAXCALEMMA – Jockey T Wolfgram reported that his mount travelled strongly throughout the event, however when placed under pressure from the 400m, failed to respond to his riding and proved disappointing. Trainer J Smerdon also expressed his disappointment in the performance and advised that in light of today’s run he would now review the gelding’s future in his stable.
SPIRIT'S CHARM – Near the 500m was forced wider on the track when SHEPPEY shifted out to improve.
CHARGED – Slow into stride. Near the 850m improved onto heels and was steadied. Jockey G Geran reported when passing the 100m he lost the use of his offside rein, which resulted in his mount shifting out abruptly. Stewards questioned stable representative Mr W Crompton in relation to the seemingly improved performance. Mr Crompton advised that with the exception of it final 2 runs last preparation, the stable was satisfied with the gelding’s form. He advised that because of performing disappointingly on those occasions, the stable elected to spell the gelding. Mr Crompton went on to say that when racing first up this preparation over an unsuitable distance, they were not disappointed with the gelding’s performance when beaten just over 2 lengths. Mr Crompton also stated that with the addition of blinkers for today’s event and the step up in distance to 1300m, the stable had expected a forward showing and was not entirely surprised to see it win this event. Stewards noted the explanation.
MILAGRO – Approaching the 1200m was placed in restricted room and eased when DISCO DAMO shifted in when not completely clear.  Jockey M Murphy, the rider of DISCO DAMO was advised to exercise more care. Checked to avoid heels near the 900m. 
DISCO DAMO – Began awkwardly. Near the 900m was checked to avoid heels. At a subsequent inquiry App A Patis pleaded not guilty to a charge of careless riding under the terms of AR131(a) in that as the rider of YOUNG CLIFFY she failed to make sufficient effort to prevent her mount from shifting in near the 900m, resulting in DISCO DAMO be checked to avoid that runners heels. After giving consideration to the defence of App Patis presented by Jockey J Stanley whom represented App Patis during the inquiry, Stewards elected to withdraw the charge or careless riding against App Patis. Stewards therefore provided the benefit of the doubt to App Patis that on this occasion she had made sufficient effort to prevent her mount from shifting in at this stage of the race.
YOUNG CLIFFY – Laid in during the early stages.
Race 3: BARRIER REEF POOLS Fillies & Mares RATINGS BAND 0 - 62 Handicap 1210 meters
TICINO BELLE – Laid in under pressure in the home straight. 
B'DAISY – After being crossed near the 900m, improved onto heels, and was steadied.  Near the 350m was tightened for room and eased when MY GIRL SKY shifted out to obtain clear running.  Jockey S Lacy, the rider of MY GIRL SKY was advised to exercise more care.
ALERT AND READY – Near the 1100m, steadied when placed in restricted room.
JOYFUL MISS – Near the 850m, steadied to avoid heels.  Near the 500m, was forced wider on the track when ALERT AND READY shifted out to improve.
MY GIRL SKY – Held up for some distance approaching and rounding the home turn.
SWIFT MISS FOX – Raced in restricted room for some distance shortly after the start when TICINO BELLE shifted in. App D McGillivray, the rider of TICINO BELLE was advised to exercise more care.
SHEINDLIN – Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
SATINE – Began awkwardly.  Raced 3 wide without cover for the majority of the event. On returning to scale, Jockey J Murphy reported his mount did not feel entirely comfortable in its action during the event and performed disappointingly. A post-race veterinary inspection revealed no abnormalities.
POET'S GIRL – Began awkwardly.
Race 4: AMCAL PHARMACY WILSONTON Colts, Geldings & Entires RATINGS BAND 0 - 62 1210 meters
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, stewards reviewed the patrol footage to determine if EAST ESPLANADE had gained an advantage at the start.  Having reviewed the patrol footage, stewards determined that all barriers opened simultaneously, however, EAST ESPLANADE anticipated the start when bounding in the air as the gates opened and as a result began quickly.  As stewards were satisfied the EAST ESPLANADE had not gained an unfair advantage at the start, correct weight was declared.
EAST ESPLANADE – Raced 3 wide without cover for the majority of the event.
GOT THE LOT – Bumped on jumping.  Steadied to avoid heels near the 900m.  Raced 3 wide with cover for the majority of the event.  After weakening in the home straight, was examined by the veterinarian with no abnormalities detected.
MR STORM (NZ) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. 
THE TYLER – Began awkwardly making contact with another runner.  Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.  Held up approaching and rounding the home turn. 
Race 5: FURNEYS STOCK FEEDS BENCHMARK 62 Handicap 1880 meters
Correct weight was delayed allowing stewards to review the patrol footage to determine if BY THE LAW was afforded a fair start.  Upon reviewing the patrol footage, it was determined that the gelding reared as the start was affected, loosing considerable ground, and therefore taking no competitive part in the event. Stewards were satisfied that if not for the gelding’s own actions, it was otherwise afforded a fair start and therefore was confirmed as a starter with correct weight declared on the judge’s numbers. A post-race veterinary inspection of BY THE LAW revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer J Hanna was advised a warning would be placed on the gelding.
WAITAKERE – Made the crossing near the 1500m awkwardly. 
BLACK MONACO – Over raced in the early stages.  Post-race veterinary inspection revealed a degree of mucus in the trachea of the mare. Trainer L Hatch advised the stewards the mare would be sent for a spell following tonight’s disappointing performance.
STAR CENTRE – Stewards questioned App. M Savva in relation to the tactics adopted on the gelding.  Of concern to stewards was whether there was an opportunity to obtain a position one off the fence near the 1600m rather than improve around the field in a 3 wide position during the middle stages. App Savva advised that she was instructed by both the trainer and owner of the mare to attempt to obtain a forward position on gelding as it races best when ridden in these circumstances due to it being very one paced in its races. She added that for these reasons whilst in normal circumstances she would have elected to obtain a trailing position ADALISSA one off the fence near the 1600m she elected to improve to a forward position however as a consequence she was forced to race in a 3 wide position. Trainer K Kemp confirmed the instructions and advised that the tactics adopted tonight were similar to that of previous runs when the gelding has raced well. Stewards noted the explanation of App Savva, particularly when bearing in mind the specific instructions issued to an apprentice rider.
ADALISSA – Over raced in the early and middle stages.
MONTANA NIGHT – Over raced in the early stages. 
Race 6: CREATE ADVICE GROUP Maiden Plate 1110 meters
CONSTRUCTIONMASTER – Slow to begin. Raced 3 wide with out cover for the majority of the event.
DECADE – Raced greenly throughout the event.
GUTS 'N' GLORY – Slow to begin. Near the 350m was tightened for room and eased.  Upon straightening had some difficulty securing clear running. 
SIR LOUIE – Slow to begin. Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
ROCK DREAMER (NZ) – Trainer J Smerdon was fined $100 for the late rider declaration.
WAY OF THE WORLD – On pulling up, collapsed and upon veterinary examination a short time after, was found to be deceased from a suspected cardiac arrest.  Blood samples were taken from the gelding for analysis.  Apprentice Z Lloyd was examined by QAS officials and deemed fit to fulfil the remainder of his engagements.
Race 7: GERRY BROWN'S SHELVING & STORAGE Maiden Plate 1110 meters
DANECINO – Jockey M Murphy reported that the gelding raced greenly throughout the event. 
FIVE CHERRYS – Near the 800m, whilst racing keenly, improved into a run to the inside of DANECINO where there was doubtful room and was checked. Near the 350m was steadied to avoid the heels of DANECINO which shifted in whilst laying in after being struck with the whip. Leaving the 300m steadied to avoid heels.
KUROSAWA – Bumped on jumping.
TYCOON JIM – Bumped on jumping.
SANDGATE ROAD – Slow to begin.  Failed to muster early speed.
ANGEL GRACE – Slow into stride.
SUNSHINES – Laid in under pressure in the home straight. 
BUBBLES 'N' MORE – Slow to begin. Raced 3 wide with out cover for the majority of the event.
Race 8: SHEPPARD EARTHMOVING Maiden Plate 1650 meters
HOUDINI HUDSON –Raced in restricted room rounding the home turn
MONACO DELUXE – Raced in restricted room near the 200m.
NIRVANA NINJA – Near the 150m, when commencing to weaken was steadied to avoid the heels of HOUDINI HUDSON which shifted in when not completely clear. T Wolfgram the rider of HOUDINI HUDSON was advised to exercise more care.
SOLVUS- Began awkwardly.
A GLASS OF BUBBLES (NZ)- Slow to begin.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Trainer J Smerdon – LR67 Late rider Declaration $100
Jockey T Wolfgram – 228(b) Improper conduct $500 ($250 suspended)

Absent jockeys
J Woodhouse – Indisposed
C Meehan – Injured. Med cert required
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 5- BY THE LAW – J Hanna – Reared at the start
Race 6 - Apprentice Zac Lloyd – WAY OF THE WORLD
RACE 2 – 2nd vs 1st - Dismissed
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1: 6 EASY COME – Dan McGillivray
Race 2: 1 MAXCALEMMA – Travis Wolfgram
Race 2: 11e DISCO DAMO – Michael Murphy
Race 2: 14e YOUNG CLIFFY – Ms Alex Patis
Race 5: 10e CHERNO ALPHA – Ms Georgina Cartwright
Race 6: 5 ROCK DREAMER – Travis Wolfgram
Race 7: 7 SUNSHINES – Ms Isabella Rabjones                 
Race 8: 1 HOUDINI HUDSON – Travis Wolfgram
Late scratchings
ELEGIST – 3.20pm (Vets Advice)
The matters contained within this Stewards report may be subject to an internal or external review.  The outcome of any internal review is published on the Commission’s website immediately after the release of the internal review decision to the Applicant.  External reviews are managed by QCAT and are not published on the Commission’s website.
This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.