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Gayndah Jockey Club

Gayndah Country

Sat 05 Jun Soft 5




Soft 5 Pen Not available

12mm last 24hrs, 12mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:33AM Sunday 06 June
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised - 5/6 - 7:45am


Tue 01/06/21 11:00am


Wed 02/06/21 12:00am


Thu 03/06/21 10:00am


Thu 03/06/21 01:00pm


Sat 05/06/21 07:45am

Late Nominations

None set

WEATHER – Fine   TRACK RATING –  Good 4, Soft 5 at 11:30am           RAIL – True
Stewards – K Daly (Chairman), C Fedrick
Clerk of Scales – R Bellert
Photo Finish operator – W Smith
Veterinarian – Dr N Hitchcock
Starter – D Slack
Following a Stewards inspection of the track on arrival, the track was downgraded to a Soft 5 at 11:30am.
Race 1 - BENCHMARK 55 Handicap (1000 METRES)
The start of this event was delayed approximately 15 minutes to allow QAS staff to attend to an on-course patron.
KENTFORD – Jumped out at the start.
DOLCI – Slow to begin.
DANCING TALES – Jumped in at the start.
MOMENTUM GLORY – Crowded at the start between KENTFORD, which jumped out, and DANCING TALES, which jumped in.  Raced three-wide for majority of the event.
Race 2 - QTIS Maiden Plate (1200 METRES)
SUDDEN SUSPECT – Slow to begin.
GRANMA – When asked to comment on the below market performance, rider H Richardson stated the mare travelled comfortably to the 700 metres, however when placed under pressure soon after, failed to respond to her riding and was disappointing. She added, in her, in her opinion, GRANMA had not backed up from its most recent start at Goondoowindi on 29th May.
ALL GAIN – Raced three-wide for majority of the event.
Race 3 - OPEN Handicap (1200 METRES)
MANILA MISS – Raced three-wide for majority of the event.
MAC’S GAL – Prior to the start being effected, was inclined to lay back on the rear barrier partition.  Stood flat-footed at the start.  Representative for trainer B Park was advised a warning would be placed on the mare’s barrier manners.
ALLENA – Slow to begin.  Raced three-wide with cover for majority of the event. 
SWEET VENOM – On arrival at the barriers, underwent a veterinary inspection and was cleared to start.
Race 4 - Class B Handicap (1200 METRES)
PROMPT REPLY – Slow to begin.
OUR BOY BORRIS – Slow to begin.
QUEENOFMAINSTREET – When asked to comment on the below-market performance, rider H Richardson stated the mare failed to stretch out and, in her opinion, did not appreciate today’s soft track conditions.
DAKIEL LASS – When asked to comment on the disappointing performance, rider M Crawford stated the mare was off the bit for majority of the race, adding that the tongue tie had become displaced during the running of the event, which may have contributed to today’s performance.
Race 5 - BENCHMARK 60 Handicap (1400 METRES)
MIRALIE – Near the 300 metres, bumped on the hindquarters, became unbalanced, shifted in and lost ground. 
MODERN FAMILY – Raced in restricted room leaving the 350 metres, and near the 300 metres was tightened when taken in by MIRALIE, which shifted in after being bumped.
TACTICAL MANEUVER – Slow to begin.
DESTINATION ROCKS – Approaching the 300 metres, improved into a narrow run between FORT MYER, which was racing to its outside and MIRALIE, which was racing to its inside, bumping both runners on their hindquarters.  H Phillips, rider of DESTINATION ROCKS, was reprimanded for carelessness, under AR131(a).
FORT MYER – Near the 300 metres, bumped on the hindquarters and became unbalanced.
SHINING BLUE – Raced three-wide for majority of the event.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 5:  Jky H Phillips – Careless Riding - AR131(a)
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 3:  MAC’S GAL – Stood flat-footed at start – warning only
Riding changes
Race 1:  TEDDER EXPRESS – App L Dillon
Published subject to correction upon revision.