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Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sunshine Coast Metropolitan

Sat 16 Nov Good 4


True Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 6.4


Nil last 24hrs, 40mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:09AM Sunday 17 November
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 16/11 - 7:45am


Mon 11/11/19 11:00am


Tue 12/11/19 12:00am


Wed 13/11/19 09:00am


Wed 13/11/19 12:00pm


Sat 16/11/19 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 5



AT 3.50 PM           RAIL – TRUE  PENETROMETER – 6.4  

Chairman of Stewards – J. Williamson
Stewards –  P. Chadwick, D. Aurisch, C. Fedrick
Clerk of Scales –  I. Shultz
Judge – P. Chilton, W. Ellis
Veterinarian – Dr M. Lenz
Swab attendants – A. Challen, E. Hodges
Starter – R. Hanson
Race 1:  The Spit Mooloolaba QTIS 2yo H’ap – 1000m
BETTER GET SET – Slow to begin.
WAY BEYOND – Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.
KAORU PRINCESS – Jumped away awkwardly and bumped another runner.  A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly had been galloped on on the near  hindleg, sustaining a laceration to the outside of the fetlock and losing its near hind plate.  
ACROBATIC – Was bumped on jumping away and  tightened for room, having to be steadied as a result.
TRUST IN ALOHA – Jumped away awkwardly. Shortly after the start was placed in restricted room and had to be steadied.  When asked to comment on the overall performance, jockey L. Tarrant indicated filly proved disappointing as it failed to respond to his riding in the latter stages of the race after being slow to begin.
RISING TYCOON – Raced greenly and was wide without cover.  A post race veterinary examination revealed a slow post-race recovery.
READY TO BOLT – Whilst racing wide shifted in and had to be steadied from heels near the 800m, and was then inconvenienced by another runner approaching the 400m and had to be steadied.
Race 2: The Esplanade Mooloolaba Class 3 Plate – 1800m
PUMPKIN DIAMOND – Slow to begin.
CHICAGO NIGHTS – Improved onto heels near the 1100m and had to be checked.
FRANCISCA – Overraced for a short distance passing the 1500m.
DAWSON DIVA – Overraced in the early stages.  After passing the 700m attempted to shift out to improve and in so doing made contact with A MAN TO MATCH, causing both horses to become unbalanced.  Continued to make contact with that runner until having to be checked from heels after passing the 600m.  Obliged to alter course in the early stages of the home straight to secure clear running. Jockey  R .Wiggins dropped his whip near the 250m.
A MAN TO MATCH – Bumped by another runner and became awkward from the 700m and until leaving the 600m.
Race 3:  The Wharf Mooloolaba No More Than One Metro Win H’cap –
MEWSTONE ROCK – Slow to begin.
SKYTREK – Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.
BOLD ASSASSIN – Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.  When questioned jockey R. Wiggins explained that the gelding proved disappointing today and, in his view, pulled up distressed and that may have contributed to its performance today.  A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
CORAL BAY – Overraced in the early stages.
DRUMBEAT’S CHOICE – Apprentice S. Thornton could offer no tangible explanation for the disappointing performance of the gelding.  
Race 4:  Riceboi Mooloolaba Benchmark 80 H’cap – 2200m
DRUMADOIR – Jumped awkwardly. Near the 1900m improved onto the heels of PICKA PLUM and had to be restrained before shifting wider on the track.
HEART OF TOORAK – Slow to begin.
ADVANCE WARNING – Slow to begin. Was disappointed for a run near the 500m and had to be steadied.
ENDLESS DAYS – Overraced with its head in the air approaching the 1800m until leaving the 1600m. Laid out from the 450m and was obliged to alter course to secure clear running near the 100m.
MY GUILANO – Raced wide without cover throughout and improved forward to a position outside the lead passing the 800m.
SIR BARNABUS – Apprentice J. Murphy reported, in his opinion, after travelling strongly in the early and middle stages the horse was very disappointing when asked for an effort from the 600m. Raced wide from the 800m.
MISSED THE ALARM – Shifted out to improve near the 800m and raced wide from that point onwards.
PICKA PLUM – Laid out from the 600m, more so under pressure in the straight, placing its rider at a disadvantage.
SPEAKING BAD – Shifted out under pressure and bumped another runner near the 300m.
LORD GODODDIN – Bumped and became awkward near the 300m.  Lost its off fore plate in running.
Race 5:  Landmark Resort & Spa QTIS 3yo Colts and Geldings H’cap –
DYNAMIC VERSE – Declared  a late scratching at 12.40 pm after becoming cast in its stable and sustaining minor abrasions. Trainer N. McCall was advised that a veterinary clearance must be suppled for the gelding prior to its next race start.
HAIL MANHATTAN -  Tightened for room at the start and had to be checked.  Raced ungenerously in the home straight and became unbalanced near the 200m. 
LE PALMIER -  Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Laid in in the early stages of the race.
RAGING POLE -  Raced wide without cover.
COMBAT KID – Raced wide.
SHADOW OF TIME – Raced wide.
BATTLE STRIKE – Stewards questioned rider R. Maloney regarding the tactics adopted on the horse and the overall performance. He indicated he had been given no specific instructions, however he would have liked to settle the horse in a midfield position with cover.  He added that after beginning well he travelled a short distance and recognised he was going to be caught wide and as a result steadied and elected to take a trailing position behind READY TO ROAM, which he felt had a chance in the race. He indicated  the horse responded when placed under pressure in the straight, however was inclined to lay out and was doing its best work over the concluding stages. He also added that the horse would benefit with the addition of blinkers and a step up in distance.  Stewards noted jockey Maloney’s comments.
Race 6:  Define Property Agents Benchmark 70 H’cap – 1200m
Due to storm activity in the area with significant lightning strikes, this race was rescheduled  to start at 4.12 pm, with Race 7 at 4.48 pm, Race 8 at 5.30 pm and Race 9 at 6.06 pm.
I DREAM OF GREEN -  Slow to begin.
PINNACLE STAR – Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.  Shifted out under pressure over the concluding stages and bumped another runner.
VOULAIT – Overraced when restrained near the 900m and continued to do so until leaving the 600m.
LOVE SQUIRRELS – Overraced for a short distance approaching the 700m. Bumped by another runner over the concluding stages.
PAPER TRADE – Raced wide without cover.
THE TENOR – Apprentice J. Murphy reported after travelling well throughout the event improved into the race approaching the 400m, however when asked for an effort in the home straight weakened badly. Trainer K. Schweida expressed to stewards his disappointment in the performance and added that in light of today’s performance the horse would now be sent for a spell.
Race 7:  The Wharf Mooloolaba Swiss Ace Plate – 1000m
PENNINO – Slow to begin. Improved onto heels leaving the 600m.
NATCH – Slow to begin.
CAPITAL CONNECTION – Blundered after clipping heels near the 500m. Stewards inquired into this incident and it was established at this point of the race TARZAN, which was racing to the outside, shifted in slightly whilst at the same point of the race MEET MR TAYLOR shifted out slightly. Whilst it was accepted that both horses had contributed to the incident, stewards were not satisfied that either jockey had demonstrated carelessness to the extent that would hold them culpable under the rules and took the matter no further.
REMOVAL – Held up rounding the home turn and continued to have difficulty securing clear running until the 300m.
TARZAN – Raced wide without cover.
BOOMWAA – Raced wide.
BOLD XAVVI – Raced wide.
Race 8: Mooloolaba Cup – 1600m
SABKHAT – Reared as the start was effected and lost significant ground. Whilst racing wide commenced to overrace approaching the 1200m and was then permitted to stride forward to the lead leaving the 800m. 
OUTRAGED – Stood flatfooted as the start was effected and lost ground.
THE CANDY MAN – Slow to begin.  Whilst overracing passing the 1400m was placed in restricted room and had to be steadied. Then continued to overrace when the pace slackened until approaching the 1000m. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. 
CAPITAL GAIN – Whilst overracing passing the 1400m was placed in restricted room and had to be steadied.
SPECTROSCOPE – Bumped by another runner near the 1400m and as a result laid in for a short distance despite the efforts of its rider. Restrained from the  heels of SABKHAT near the 600m and was then shifted wider on the track.  S. Thornton, rider of SABKHAT, was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances.
COOL CHAP – Overraced when the pace slackened after passing the 1000m.
Race 9:  The Surf Club Mooloolaba QTIS 3yo Fillies H’cap – 1000m
BETTER REFLECTION – Slow to begin.
NATASSA –  Slow to begin. Held up rounding the home turn and then had some difficulty securing clear running in the home straight whilst inclined to lay in. Jockey M. Du Plessis reported his mount raced greenly throughout. 
CENTREFIRE – Steadied and shifted out near the 700m to avoid heels.
BOLD EOS – Bumped by another runner and shifted out near the 700m.  Improved onto heels passing the 600m and had to be checked.
OH FIVE GLORY – Bumped and forced wider near the 700m and then raced wide without cover from that point onwards.
HOWWONDERFULLIFEIS -  Was awkwardly placed at heels near the 600m, when SUGAR BOOM shifted out slightly.  
JEWELIANA – Approaching the 400m shifted out and bumped heavily with another runner and became awkward as a result.
OUR SWAN LAKE – Bumped heavily approaching the 400m and became unbalanced. Raced wide.
INGEAR – Near the 200m was  inclined to shift in and away from JEWELIANA, made contact with BETTER REFLECTION, which  shifted  out under pressure and as a result of this, INGEAR became very unbalanced after reacting poorly to this contact.
FLIRTY DEB – Raced wide.
Summary of action concerning licensees

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Natch, All Eez, Jeweliana, Tycoon Ace, Advance Warning, Bold Assassin, Sister Patti
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners, Le Palmier, Lone Squirrels, Meet Mr Taylor, Reckless Choice, Better Reflection.
Warnings/ Bars
Race 5.           Dynamic Verse – Injury  – Vet. Clearance – LR25
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
Race 5.           Dynamic Verse – 12.40 pm  
Published subject to correction upon revision